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Nintendo says making games for smartphones would “decrease brand value”

“Performance is temporarily getting better, you can’t get a true feel for Mario on smartphone or tablet, and this would also lead to a decrease in brand value over the long term,” states Nintendo. (3DS, Wii, Wii U)

pat_11_5  +   660d ago
Good old Nintendo. I don't think it would be the same if they made iPhone games.
jeffgoldwin  +   660d ago
They already have all the emulators for free on android and pc, so they might as well release them legitimately.
duducus  +   660d ago
No one would buy them then...
PopRocks359  +   660d ago
You realize Nintendo makes money off of hardware and not just software, right? Releasing their games on the iPhone/App store is a ridiculously stupid business decision and Nintendo knows it. The benefits are so unbelievably short term, and considering Nintendo's recently reported profits, they don't need to resort to needless get-rich-quick schemes that will ultimately hurt them more than help.
jeffgoldwin  +   659d ago

Actually they make very little to no money on hardware. Software and online sale far outpace it.
TongkatAli  +   659d ago
They could just put the scraps like old GBA games on the phone market even that would get huge sales and also put those games on the e shop.

Don't punish people for not wanting to get your hardware. They could easily do what i said and make a huge profit.

You're going to play their games on a LCD screen forever and you're going to like it, LOL.

EDIT: Well... not forever until they give you permission and you buy their new handheld in 2016 or 17

I know they will make a 3DS 2.

Pop I'm talking about scraps, old games none of their new stuff. No it wouldn't hurt them it would put more money in their pockets.

People already pirate Nintendo games this would be a way to get back some of that money cause not everyone pirates on smartphones.

Selling to 4 markets is better then selling to 2. This would actually make their franchises even more popular and have a bigger market getting familiar with Old Fire Emblem games and Pokemon games. It would make people buy more 3DS if you really think about it.

Its all about how they execute it.
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PopRocks359  +   659d ago

Since when? Last time I checked Nintendo is one of few companies that sells their hardware without selling at a loss or, in Wii U's case, close to that.

Nintendo makes PROFITS off of hardware. They have zero reason to stop selling it in favor of some software profits for the next year or two on the iPhone/App store, especially if the latter gives customers even less reason to purchase their current handheld/home devices.


They are already putting their games on 3DS and Wii U Virtual Consoles. How is it no one can understand how that is a bad decision in the long term? You're asking Nintendo to give people even less of a reason to buy their consoles and therefor console exclusives.
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AbortMission  +   659d ago
I was thinking Nintendo should go all software and set up an all online account that manages all your Nintendo games. From your Nintendo account, you can download all your Nintendo games onto a smartphone, PC or gaming console (through PSN/XBL). They would basically offer all of their games from the NES, BG to the Wii/Wii u on PC. But seeing how antiquated Nintendo is with online, I doubt this would happen
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Summons75  +   660d ago
Good at least some people have good thoughts still. Just look at recent cell phone games. Deus Ex cellphone - sucked, Halo cellphone - sucked, KOtOR cellphone edition - not even close to being as amazing as the original.

Cellphone games are not and wil never be real games
GribbleGrunger  +   660d ago
In other words, 'we need to sell our own hardware', but I don't blame them for that at all. It makes perfect business sense.
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young7yang  +   660d ago
I agree with Nintendo!
SlavisH2  +   660d ago
Eventually they will need to swallow their pride mobile has a much larger base. Its going to be very very hard to justify a next handheld. imo
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Dan_scruggs  +   660d ago
You seem to think there is more money in smartphones then there really is. Nintendo needs to keep their IP's on their own systems. They stand to make much more money that way. If that market is so lucrative then why have Sony and Microsoft not flocked to that world to release content. Why have Uncharted and Little Big Planet and Gears of war not shown up on the Ipad? They haven't for the same reason Nintendo's properties haven't. Exclusivity is far more powerful than a quick buck.
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jeffgoldwin  +   659d ago
Yes and no. Some multiplatform games make a killing in sales.
Broburger  +   659d ago
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DOOMZ  +   659d ago
They need to do a Sega, ASAP!
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   659d ago
Nintendo is right; it would hurt their brand.

So many people just want them out of the way, as if they are a roadblock to the Industry or a Roadblock to their profits.

I like all of the Console makers:
MS- for Online
PS- For its movie-like games & Quantic Dreams

But without Nintendo game play would suffer and people may think that them still making software disproves my point, but the no.
Nintendo's Hardware has usually been the inspiration for some of its best games.

Analogue Sticks- NES Gamepads- Wii-Motes... (See History)
andrewer  +   659d ago
worldwidegaming  +   659d ago
Obvious that this is just someone seeking to put nails in nintendos coffin.
Sorry, but who would be that stupid to fall for that one.

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