Dragon's Crown: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku: "When I look at Dragon's Crown now, I see a worthy successor to the games that first brought arcade action into the realm of role-playing. I see countless hours filled with chaotic dungeon-crawling, overcoming repetition through an endless parade of like-minded adventurers. I see a beautiful game that's definitely worth exploring further. And yes, I see the exaggerated characters, but I don't mind them so much. If you do, best move along."

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majiebeast1758d ago

Atleast they got a different reviewer then the guy that threw a hissy fit over the art work.

Agent Smith1758d ago

"And yes, I see the exaggerated characters, but I don't mind them so much."

A Kotaku reviewer that doesn't whine?!

majiebeast1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Miracle do happen some times. But tommorow they will be going back to headlines like.

Male gamers attack female reviewer over Dragons crown review, male gamers hate women.

Can you imagine if we had reviewers for art.
The art is completely sexualized with the naked woman i give it a 6.5.

fermcr1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

I'll wait for Dragon's Crown when it's offered with PSN+ ;)

MWH1758d ago

it's quite surprising that I yet to read a review that mentions the striking art resemblance with Vanillaware's Odin Sphere. I think it deserves little recognition for being Dragon's Crown spiritual successor of sort.

rextraordinaire1758d ago

Or any recent VanillaWare game. Looks a lot like GrimGrimoire too.

TIBACCA1758d ago

segamon - Got one coming up!
Here's a quote from the review that that went up earlier that you may appreciate.

"...Vanillaware’s infamous, living, stained glass art style which should be all-too familiar to those with previous experience with their older releases, both Odin Sphere and Muramasa, will likely be the ones that come to mind."

You're welcome.

MWH1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

thanks tibacca, your effort is appreciated.

imho, I think it's a good thing if a reviewer mentions the classic which the newer game was inspired by as a testament of recognition at the same time an opportunity for those who didn't get the chance and a reminder to those who may wanted to experience it.

last but not least, pleasing veterans such as yours truly.