5 Games That Need to be Made Into a Movie

GameDynamo - "I think every gamer has experienced it once. Where you're playing a game, and you get this feeling and think, "they should definitely make this into a movie or something." I've experienced it a few times and these are primarily the games I've played that gave me that exact feeling."

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logan_izer101754d ago

I don't know if I really agree with any of these except for Halo and the honorable mention Metal Gear, which I thought was already being made? Perhaps it was cancelled again?

MWH1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

why list 5 when you can list 10? the list is lacking at best.

McScroggz1754d ago

Even though I quite enjoy FFVIII, I think it's a bad choice for a movie. The cast was pretty weak, the "twist" both obvious and kind of dumb and the overarching story that was just ok. Don't get me wrong, most video game stories can be torn apart. But FFVIII doesn't have anything special going for it, especially Squall. Squall is honestly a pretty terrible protagonist that kind of gets a pass because he's somewhat of a badass.

Just my thoughts.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1754d ago

I disagree. I thought Squall was an excellent main characters. He underwent a transformation during the game and had a pretty big influence on it as well. Which is what main characters are supposed to do (not just follow people around for the thrill of it like Vaan in FFXII). It didn't matter that Squall was a jacka$$ at first. At least he had a personality, and he wasn't boring. Just my thoughts ^_^ But movie material?? eh idk.

Better list. In no specific order.

God of War
The Last of Us
Dead Space
and maybe Metal Gear.

McScroggz1754d ago

The closest type of character to Squall I've seen in a movie was Ryan Gosling's character from Drive. In both the main character had very little dialogue (though Squall's silence was at times frustratingly beyond reserved) and both developed a romantic connection with a woman already involved to some degree with another man.

It would take too long for me to try and quantify the difference, and quite frankly I don't know that I could even do an adequate job. The best way I could sum it up is I never really understood why Rinoa developed feelings for Squall nor did I like how Squall just sort of latched onto her. Maybe my memory betrays me, but it always just felt forced.

As far as character growth, that can be overrated. Well, anything can be overrated honestly. In my opinion he wasn't a well developed character to begin with, and the fact that he opened up some towards the end and stopped doubting himself didn't turn him into a great character anyways. There are definitely cool characteristics like the gunblade, leather jacket and dark hair. But all these things are superficial.

Anyways, I respect your opinion. And I really did enjoy FFVIII. As far as Vaan goes, Balthier joked about being the main character enough that I pretended Vaan didn't exist and that Balthier WAS the protagonist :D

MWH1753d ago

I disagree on your disagree, FFVIII was a mediocre game at best. and this is coming from someone who milked it with around 200 hours of gameplay, give or take, including Chocobo World.

Wni01754d ago

There's only a few games that would make successful movies. Why? Most videogames have objectively bad stories - or they have so few plot points that are instead filled with shooting/fighting/puzzles that they wouldn't translate to film.

And the ones that do... would need to have really good directors to fit them.

BioShock: Paul Thomas Anderson, (There Will Be Blood, The Master.) This ones a home run. In fact watching those two movies you will find very similar themes to BioShock. This one is the only chance videogames have of making a not just good, but a GREAT film. Do this Hollywood.


The Last of Us: Sorry, but there already is a film called The Road. Its not as good as TLoU could be, but its too similar to justify making a movie in the near future.

MWH1753d ago

if TLoU ends like The Road then you just ruined my game.

mcr6196191750d ago

If any FF will be made to movie, it should be FFX, or FFIX..

FFVIII is good, but i dont think squall will be a good lead as he was way too introvert in the beginning