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Battlefield 4 vs Call of Duty: Ghosts – Riccitiello “pretty confident that EA’s got better cards”

John Riccitiello, former CEO at EA, feels this may be the year Battlefield finally tops the Activision juggernaut, Call of Duty. (Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, EA, John Riccitiello, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

JunioRS101  +   848d ago | Well said
And yet COD will still sell more copies... What a stupid world we live in.
da_2pacalypse  +   848d ago
In terms of technology, we all know Battlefield is the better game. IMO, it also has the better gameplay... and is overall the better game... But cod is like the new madden, people will buy it every year without question. Unfortunately, Cod will probably have more sales this year.
abzdine  +   848d ago
i dont buy any of these.. the king of FPS is Killzone for me. and i cannot get happier with 2 KZ coming out soon
Themba76  +   848d ago
I mean what the heck can cod bring new to the table this year a freakin mutt really? yet in BF4 we get 64 players on console and 60fps. and cod gets a dog you tell me whats better.
AceBlazer13  +   848d ago
Yh but the cod franchise has been dying lately it's still big but I think around mw3 the franchise began to decline a bit now with cod ghosts u aren't even hearing much hype compared to previous title not to mention what little hype it has is being overshadowed by the hype for next gen consoles and games like gta v,bf 4,watch dogs etc it is gonna struggle this time around.the franchise is dying slowly but surely.
andremasonbaba  +   848d ago
every year YOU!! people say battlefield will do this bf will do that but every year call of duty is the most played game over psn and xbox live check the stats dice sheeps
csreynolds  +   848d ago

Where are your stats? Saying something doesn't automatically make it true...
Johnsonparts23  +   848d ago
@Themba76 so you're using a feature that COD has had since forever to say BF is better? 60fps should've come a long time ago for BF. What other new and revolutionary things is BF doing that it hasn't done before? a skyscraper falls down? ok........ Not that COD is doing anything either, but come on.
Soupaman66  +   848d ago
But look at it this way. Both companies have employees who need he job in order to supply their families. Look at all the death threats these people have been getting. Do yo all really rather think its better for the company to shut down, firing many workers and increase unemployment than keeping the company successful without buying their product but to leave it for other consumers to enjoy? When did it start that people enjoying the games they want to get is stupid?
staticdash22  +   848d ago
Here we go again with the "woe is the developers" and "oh the poor Devs", like these dudes are struggling just the same as we are lol. I'm pretty sure a lot of them are making more than double the amount of the average citizen. Anyway, the sooner COD dies, the better the FPS genre will be. Maybe then we can finally get some innovation & real competition in the genre. With COD out the way, it will be a real interesting and competitive market with it's "cancer" being dealt with.
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Soupaman66  +   848d ago
@staticdash22 1. I bet you wouldn't be complaining of you had the job. They were lucky, quit hating and pay some attention to yourself and wonder why aren't you in their shoes if its so easy.

2.trust me, with cod out of the way, there will be a new franchise to take it's place. People always like to take down the most successful company to make themselves feel better. People are already hating EA. wait until bf makes one mistake and people are going to hate on it.
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C-Thunder  +   848d ago
That won't always be true. If this game doesn't step it up significantly, expect the next COD to do poorly. New gen will change opinions, if it playsliketheold ones and doesn't do something that feels next gen, it will fail.
glennco  +   848d ago
It is true for Hollywood, truer than ever.
Mini0510  +   848d ago
LOL you are definitely smart.
People buy whatever the f they want. Apparently it's stupid.

and BF4 might match cod sales this time.
Johnsonparts23  +   848d ago
@csreynolds Here's for 2012, where two COD's are on top.


And here's the most recent numbers by month. This is just on Live. As you can see, It's not even close and hasn't been since the games came out. Again, two CODs are above BF. And it'll happen again this year.

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ThisIsSolidSnake  +   848d ago
Ive got the PS4/BF4 PS Plus bundle but im not excited to play BF4.Think im going to be on KZ SF more than either.I do intend on trying each FPS though.But I really just want MGSV.Lauch titles alyways floeded with FPS fillers.
dcj0524  +   848d ago
Metal Gear Solid V and Battlefield 4 are my most anticapated games.
OrangePowerz  +   848d ago
I enjoy both franchises but it`s very unlikely that BF will steal a lot of the sales from Ghosts. CoD does have a focus on mainstream from launching the game very quick with limited loading screens, company logos etc. to being able to finish a match in 5-10 minutes over BF MP games that can take a lot longer.
Lawndart1981  +   848d ago
I'm a relatively recent convert to the BF series from CoD and it took awhile to get used to the completely different game play styles between the two franchises. But thats a valid point about the match length... i was used to the run and gun style of the shorter CoD natches and was very surprised by the complexity and length of a BF match.. . Youre really in a fight and your team needs a plan if they want to win.

Both games will sell very well at launch, I've got both preordered but at the moment I see me spending more time on BF4
vallencer  +   848d ago
I don't know if they will end up selling more but I believe it will be the better game. When the only argument COD had against battlefield was that it played in 60FPS. That is now obsolete because battlefield, at least on the next gen and pc, runs at 60FPS at 720p I don't think COD has any legs to stand on anymore.
T2  +   848d ago
Every time I think thats the end of it some COD kid comes out and says bf is too boring... He wants 50 kills not 20 or 100 kills not 50 ... COD is fps for kids with ADD , no doubt but there are millions of them apparently
Slasher716   848d ago | Spam
M-M  +   848d ago
It's still aggravating that COD outsells everything every year. Overshadows games, and the younger kids think that gaming is all about FPS games and that COD is the best game out there. What happened to growing up and playing Mario, Spyro, Crash etc.?
csreynolds  +   848d ago
Couldn't agree more with this. There's so much more to gaming than Call of Duty.
TheEnigma313  +   848d ago
I think battlefield will be better, but honestly I'm sick of military shooters.
typeN8  +   848d ago
BF will definitely do very well this time around..and it is the better more complete military shooter. But cod is still gonna sell more games..just the way she goes..we all know that

But I'm stoked for bf4...can't wait
objdadon  +   848d ago
Cod is addictive in a love/hate way with a formula and feel no other shooter can replicate. It keeps u coming back regardless. I've tried to put it down for good many times but always go back. Just face it.
T2  +   848d ago
Have you played bf3 ? I used to think like that too but as you develop one skill after another : tank killer, chopper gunner, medic, c4 expert, chopper pilot , tank driver, jet pilot , you never want to go back !
objdadon  +   848d ago
Yeah I like bf3 but in a different way. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush from mowing down 10 enemies in a row in fast paced fashion of cod. It is what it is and thats a good thing. Bf3 is fun in a different way. But just not enough to have me addicted.
T2  +   848d ago
ya i know what you mean, but you can do that too in bf... you can play close quarters or other maps, metro... see the reason no one plays those maps is because mowing down 10 people in a row is actually not as satisfying as strapping c4 to a dirtbike, hitting top speed, and trying to blow up a tank.
but yeah, you can mow down 10 people if you want to... i think you are addicted to killstreaks!!
Drabent  +   848d ago
Dedicated servers duh.
willie32  +   848d ago
The problem is that most gamers enjoy the insane runs that are possible on COD. My friends love getting 20+ kills in a COD match. Yet, most of the kills come via kill/score streaks. I guess the average gamer enjoys getting kills that they actually didn't earn from using their gun.
Akuma2K  +   848d ago
I stopped playing COD months ago, it got boring after while just running around and killing people...seems like there's no was substance to the game after that, nothing really that kept you interested playing.

With Battlefield the combination of infantry, vehicle and air combat keeps you playing because your not confined to just one area of combat...to me that keeps the gameplay fresh because you have multiple options on how you want to kill your opponent etc....and now that naval combat has been added to BF4 and the addition of 64 player combat I think COD:Ghosts is gonna struggle to keep up with BF4 in sales as we head into the next gen (current gen sales i think cod ghosts will get the sales numbers they're used to since BF4 on ps3 will stay at 24 player).
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n4rc  +   848d ago
I'm completely over cod.. Been going downhill fast since mw2..

But like most.. I hate it yet buy it every year simply because its where everyone is.. And that's mainly due to it being a 60fps shooter without quality competition.. Besides bf3 but its such a different game

It goes in cycles.. Cod had this gen.. But now they are done IMO.. Tons of fps all running at 60fps.. People are ready for something new and cod's offering this year is a joke quite frankly..

Ghosts will likely sell fine (no records this year tho) but its the end of their reign.. Imo
shibster88  +   848d ago
I dislike cod with a passion, im a bf player through and though, just love the more tactically you need to think and work as a team/squad its always good when you get revived and get ammo thrown at ya, aome people dont just think of them selfs, sometimes people are right dicks on bf3 you ask for ammo/health they look at you and run off, just lucky I play hardcore ;)
Lawndart1981  +   848d ago
Even as a new guy to BF I learned to play your class and everyone on your team benefits
csreynolds  +   848d ago
Riccitiello “pretty confident that EA’s got better cards”.

So am I...
Kayant  +   848d ago
They have always had IMO but the problem is cod is a very easy and forgiving game compared to battlefield and some people are unwilling to try battlefield because of this or they are unwilling to try something new because their circle of friends all buy cod each year.I don't think BF with surpass BF anything soon but it will always be the better game in the end.

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