Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rejects EA, NCAA Appeal in Player Likeness Case

Today a U.S. court of appeals handed down a ruling in the high-profile case against Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) over the use of student-athletes’ likenesses in video games, gutting Electronic Arts’ claim that the practice is protected by the First Amendment.

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ftwrthtx1755d ago

EA can't seem to catch a break in court

Coach_McGuirk1755d ago

they've been catching breaks for decades..

brish1755d ago

In layman's terms, they were ripping off players likeness to make money. They should have lost because they were wrong.

This is another point to help them win next years worst company in America award.

BillytheBarbarian1755d ago

Dirty EA is getting what was coming since they started blocking other publishers from putting out competitive sports games.

MadMen1755d ago

EA how about you stop having exclusive licenses and maybe youll shine in a better light.

1755d ago