How the Next Generation Will Make Game Environments More Realistic

OnlySP: When I play a game, I always enjoy little touches the designers put into the game’s environment. Sleeping Dogs is one of my favourite games for doing things that helped make the game feel alive. When it rains, the ground looks wet and lights shimmer and reflect off the ground. Driving at night is also a treat as the neon and bright lights hit off your car and light up the roof as you drive on through Honk Kong at night. Check out this video below that perfectly illustrates how gorgeous Sleeping Dogs looks when you combine bright lights, fast cars and heavy downpours.

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Holeran1761d ago

in my opinion the cars should at least show signs of getting wet in the rain as well as the environment because the last time I checked my car gets wet when it is raining out.

Yodagamer1761d ago

I really hope we see the return of physics in the environments even in newer games it seems like there are less than some games from the 6th gen or Maybe i just like shooting out lights too much O.o

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jessupj1760d ago

I'm hoping more more interactive environments.