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Polygon: "Dragon's Crown makes a strong first impression. It's a fun mix of RPG tropes and dynamic brawler action. But I found its over-exaggerated art style alienating and gross in its depiction of women even as it shines in building a world of fantastic monsters and environments, and the forced grind through the same stages dulled my excitement. Dragon's Crown is a wild place to visit, but it doesn't quite hold up in the light of day."

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DEEBO1454d ago

who funds this website? well i know it's not sony with all the bad reviews their games get from this site.

Dir_en_grey1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Just vote the site down and move along
Comparing the score to other sites clearly shows this review is done by some retarded troll

DEEBO1454d ago

this isn't the 1st or the last sony game to get bad reviews from this site.the guy that review last of us mark it down for hits.and what's wrong with the character design?maybe he should take off his bra and burn it at the womens rights protest.too sensitive

jimbobwahey1454d ago

It's well-known that Polygon was funded by Microsoft (for quite a large sum of money too!) so make of that what you will when seeing the scores that they hand out to PS3 exclusives.

Ezz20131454d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

this is a site who see "sony" on the cover of games
and without even play it they give them 6.5-7.5

so no shock here
also they this site is funded by Microsoft
polygon become very irrelevant and no one care about them

fossilfern1453d ago

Can people not have opinions ? Or do we live in a world where everyone has to think the same?

Corpser1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )


As opposed to those that see "Sony" on the cover of games and without playing think they all should be 9/10? The game is only out in Japan now

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Aceman181454d ago

seeing some other scores popping up and they are pretty good, in the 8s-9s. this site just tries too damn hard to go against the norm oh well.

their opinions become less valid everyday it seems.

majiebeast1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Microsoft funded them 1 million dollars before the site was even up. They have been shilling for Microsoft even defending the DRM and always online.

So far they have given.

Lastofus a 7.5 way below its average and a worse score then Remember me.
Ninokuni a 6.5.
Soul Sacrifice a 6.5
God of war a 7
Sly Cooper a 6

Arthur Gies is still hoping for that job opening at Microsoft so he can replace mayor flip switch.

For people that dont know Arthur Gies he is editor chief at Polygon and the biggest shill in the industry. He defends stuff like always online and spreading BS like the xb1 was gonna be more powerful then the PS4 because it had special sauce. Last week he was one of the first to say, yeah i knew the PS4 only had 4.5 gigs for games for months, then fell on his face when it was revealed to be BS.

Corpser1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

You failed to mention

Persona 4 golden - 10
Guacamelee - 9
LBP Vita - 9
MLB 13 the show - 8.5

Forza Horizon - 6
Kinect Star Wars - 4
Fable the journey - 4.5

All I see here are the same people that complain about every review of a Sony exclusive that is not 9/10 . And except those that are in Japan, none of you have played the game! How would you know what the fair score should be?

despair1454d ago

"But I found its over-exaggerated art style alienating and gross in its depiction of women even as it shines in building a world of fantastic monsters and environments"

I refuse to give then a hit, this alone is so funny.

Blastoise1454d ago

Awww I wondered how long it would be before we saw someone whining about the art style


TongkatAli1454d ago

I would never tell a artist how to draw, that's so disrespectful to the artist.

InTheLab1453d ago

Wonder what Sessler has to say about this...

callahan091453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

But she has no problem with the same grotesque over-exaggerated bulging half-naked men in the game. Just the women. Go figure. There is no sexism in this game. She just wants to perceive it that way. Fighting paper tigers.

Butters3601454d ago

Polygon is starting to try TOO hard to be different. When you're one only one out of the main major review sites to single out two highly anticipated PlayStation exclusives, you know something is up. Her gripe about the art style has NOTHING to so with how the game plays. Her only true complaint that is sometimes grinding and repetitive.

chestnut11221454d ago

LOL! Who still believes Polygon?

BigBoss19641454d ago

Dead Space 3 9.5 that is all

HammadTheBeast1453d ago

Wow. He says that Dragon Crown is "repetitive and dull".

And then gives Remember Me an 8.5, GG I'm done.

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