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Metal Gear History: Fall of a Hero, Rise of a Legend (Video)

The history of Metal Gear Solid from MSX to PS3. Shows early concept footage of MGS1 which most people will not have seen before.

Portable Ops and AC!D were left out as they are considered non-canon. (Metal Gear Online, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Metal Gear solid: the Essential Collection, PS2, PS3)

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gaffyh  +   2520d ago
Just to explain if some people don't understand, non-canon means they weren't related to the main story.
Mainman  +   2520d ago
I dont know what this guy is talking about, but MGS: Portable Ops is canon. Portable Ops takes place after Snake Eater.
Hatchetforce  +   2520d ago
Absolutely canon. This covers how Roy Campbell first enters the story line as well as a host of other events are given their early explanation.
meepmoopmeep  +   2520d ago
Portable Ops is canon. It had a lot to do with the story line.
solidt12  +   2520d ago
Agreed. Canon. Im playing MGS3 now since I beat DMC4. After that I will go back and finish portable ops. Anyway I thought that was a great video. I would like to see one that includes portable ops though.
sandip787  +   2520d ago
metal gear is the greatest gaming series that has ever been created.
George Washington  +   2520d ago
i dont understand how nobody ever dies in those games. meryl comes back in mgs4 after being dead at the end of 1. vamp never dies. that ninja guy always dies but always ends up coming out in all mgs games. otacon pissed his pants. and i dont know wtf is going on anymore!!
sandip787  +   2520d ago
in the proper ending, meryl doesnt die. the cyborg ninja dies in mgs1, but is deepthroat in MGS2, and olga guluchovich dons the cyborg suit in MGS2 and dies.
Ocelot doesnt die.
liquid died but is back when his arm is planted on ocelots.
vamp doesnt die because, well he's a vampire. apparently when hes near water he comes back to life - eg fortunes tears, the water that he falls into after you fight him, and the ocean when you snipe him.
the boss dies in MGS3, the big boss dies in MGX.
most of the boss's die when you defeat them. emma emmerich dies.
so yeh, i do agree that people die and come back to life, and the story is confusing as hell, but thats part of the lunacy that is metal gear. it doesnt stop it from being a brilliant creation.
Panthers  +   2520d ago
In MGS1 there were 2 endings, and if you survived the shocking chair part then you got an ending where Maryl lives.
Timesplitter14  +   2520d ago
Yes I don't know how those who didn't play the MGS games manage to survive.

Greatest franchise ever
Better than any movie or game
robpolman  +   2520d ago
Portable Ops is related to the story!
Vitalogy  +   2520d ago
Awesome video capturing the MGS essence! I've had a NES and SNES and i didn't knew that i had MGS that time :S shame on me!
gaffyh  +   2520d ago
Well it is related to the story, but not as much as the main games...the ones that were the Major hits, and the ones that everyone relate MGS with. I played the potable ops games, and they're not really that necessary to play to understand MGS.
LastDance  +   2520d ago
They are if you dive deeper in to the story and dont accept it at face value...check my Forum post in Ps3 games to understand. Its titled Theories of MGS PO.
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solidboss  +   2520d ago
portable ops is cannon dumbass its after part 3
Dann7978  +   2520d ago
@George Washington
Meryl didnt die in the first one. She was still alive
dalibor  +   2520d ago
Don't forget that you can play metal gear + metal gear 2 on MGS3:Subsistence disk, i am going to buy that combo pack, all 3 MGS games for $30, you technically get 5 games counting metal gear 1 & 2.
nsky171  +   2520d ago
you don't get metal gear 1 & 2 in that combo. you are not getting both of the MGS3:Subsistence discs.
Z501  +   2520d ago
George Washington did'nt want to go through with the torture.
... and obviously Meryl is'nt dead.

When someone says non-canon you know they HAVE'NT even played the game.
Because if you played the game then you would know PO's tells alot about Fox -(the perfect soldier)
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