Xbox One Teases 20 Exclusive Games but do Gamers Care?

GamersBliss writes: "Today a trailer was released revealing 20 exclusive games that are being brought to the Xbox One. Of course, this is great news for anyone who is purchasing Xbox One and should be celebrated. The lineup of games exclusive to the Xbox One is very strong. This grand lineup of games will suit the taste of pretty much any and all gamers to some degree because of how diverse it is. While the PS4 has been pretty silent for the past couple of months Xbox One is becoming more and more the center of attention for both good and bad reasons. After hearing the good news, today gamers are still complaining and some for good reason."

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TheSuperior 1694d ago

I care a lot because i like what i see. I dont mind the whole Xbox One and PC exclusive because thats microsoft exclusive. The thing that bothers me most is the Kinect still. How much focuse they put on it and how many of the exclusive games will honor that aspect of the Xbox One. No matter what i dont want to jump around my small bedroom like a fool just to relax and play a game. FYI microsoft thats not relaxing.

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majiebeast1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Microsoft exclusive really? Microsoft gets nothing from the PC version of the game and if i pay dont them for my windows license they get nothing of that. Its not exclusive its simple as that.

PS4+Vita are games you pay Sony so yeah its exclusive with Titanfall you pay EA not Microsoft.
If it was say Fable 4 for Xbone and PC it would be Microsoft exclusive.

Funny how i have a pc running linux get educated troll.

JBSleek1693d ago

Are games that are on PS4 and Vita no exclusives? Just wondering on your logic.

voodoogts1693d ago

PC is Microsoft. Windows.

dark-hollow1693d ago

%99 percent of PC gaming is done on windows platforms, windows, is their product, and the majority of gamers have windows to play PC games. (Unless you're the very small minority who prefer gaming on Mac or Linux.

"If I don't pay them for the windows licence"

If you don't then that's piracy and it is shameful.

aquamala1693d ago


MS gets paid (licensing fees) for every Xbox game, they don't get paid for PC games. PC is an open platform, I make a game, put it on my website, people download it and play, MS doesn't/can't get a cut.

dark-hollow1693d ago


I agree and I didn't say they get a direct cut from games sold.
PC is an open platform, but ask any PC gamer which their OS of choice when they want to game? 99,999999% will say windows without any doubt. Which have the overwhelming majority of support of games compared to Linux and Mac. So if you want to play almost every PC game out there, you gonna get windows.

FanboyCrusher1693d ago

Microsoft hasn't given core gamers the attention they need for 3 years now, possibly 4. Why on Earth would we bash them FOR ANY REASON for doing something they've lacked. This is good news, in fact it's great news. If you want to be a demanding little diva go somewhere else.

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JokesOnYou1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

"Xbox One Teases 20 Exclusive Games but do Gamers Care?"

-If gamers didnt care X1 wouldn't have higher overall exclusive game preorders than the ps4 according to analyst data: 

Top 3 launch exclusives:  

KZ: SF 30.3  
Knack 7.7  
Driveclub 3.0  
Total: 41.0  

Forza5 18.8  
DR3. 15.0  
Ryse 13.2  
Total: 47.0

dcj05241693d ago

Exactly. If I make a game, get through steam green light and people buy it does microsoft get a cut? (Hint: they don't). If I buy battlefield 3 on Orgin does microsoft get ANY money? I'll answer for you:No. If I buy Titanfall on Orgin does Microsoft get money? You get the point. If I buy Dragon's crown on the VITA does Sony Computer Entertainment get money? Yup. So what would we call Dragon's Crown, a VITA exclusive? A PS3 exclusive? No, a playstation exclusive. Only money microsoft get from PC games are from Windows Live. Does this make everything clear? Was that so hard to understand?

HammadTheBeast1693d ago


90% of PS4 pre-orderers are waiting on the PS+ edition of DriveClub because it's cheaper to upgrade off of that to the full copy.

There goes that 7 point lead.

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DragonKnight1693d ago

"I dont mind the whole Xbox One and PC exclusive because thats microsoft exclusive."

I didn't realize that MS owned the PC market.

OT: This was a stupid question. Gamers care about games. If they didn't, they wouldn't be gamers. Really stupid question.

HammadTheBeast1693d ago

I don't know how they can count Mine craft as an exclusive,..

JBSleek1693d ago

They own almost 100% of the PC market aside from Linux which might command 1% of marketshare. If we don't classify Mac as a PC which no one does.

majiebeast1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

If i dont pay Microsoft for my use of windows they dont get any money.

Microsoft fanboy logic. PC isnt a microsoft platform thats the end of it.

darthv721693d ago you have got some personal issues to work out if you have that much resentment towards MS.

Let it go.

DragonKnight1693d ago

@JBSleek: MS own an OS that's part of the PC market, they don't own the market itself.

Welcome2Die1693d ago

What they really mean is this:

>If its not on PS3 its an M$ exclusive.

tokugawa1693d ago

in the real world, and to "gamers" a good game is a good no matter the platform or who it is exclusive to..

only on n4g does exclusivity determine if it is good or not smh

dark-hollow1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )


OK so hear me out, if games like for an example Titanfall aren't exclusive to microsoft because it will also release on PC, right?

So why the exclusivity deal and every other PC/Xbox only deals with third party developers doesn't exclude the PC? Why would they pay developers for their games to remain on a platform that you claim they don't own?

It's because they do profit from that. Every serious PC gamer have windows, the majority of PC games runs only on windows while Linux and Mac are getting few scraps here and there. Admit it, they OWN the PC gaming market, the overwhelming majority of PC gamers have windows. Otherwise they would exclude the PC from the exclusivity deals, because as you claim, they don't "profit" from it.


You are just citing reasons why windows is the number 1 choice for gamers, that irrelevant. The fact remains that windows is the extreme majority. Most PC gamers have windows. Windows became synonymous with the PC gaming. When you hear there is a new game will release on PC then it most certainly be on windows. So yes, if you want to play %99 of PC games, you gonna get windows.

"Every PC game is released on an open platform"

That must be the stupidest thing I've ever read on this site! Do you really think when developers code their games they make them for this magical "PC open platform"? No, most developers code their games to run on windows, and if you didn't know already (I bit you don't since you made this statement) you can't run windows coded games on any other OS but windows unless the developers themselves released a Mac/Linux support.

So yeah, try playing the majority of games on this "PC free platform" without the need for windows.

DragonKnight1693d ago

@dark-hollow: You can't be serious. You really can't be serious if you believe that because most games are made on Windows then that means MS own the market. Windows has been around a long long time, for the longest time it was the only viable choice. You're mistaking ownership for the only real choice. Linux doesn't have mass market appeal and is really not for the average consumer, Mac was never taken seriously by anyone except for people making music or videos.

You need to stop. MS do not own the PC gaming market and they do not gain profits from every PC game released on the open platform. Just stop.

DragonKnight1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

@dark-hollow: You literally don't know what you're talking about. The PC is not a Microsoft platform. PC's were not invented by Microsoft, royalties for all Windows based programs are not paid to Microsoft, Microsoft do not own a monopoly on personal computers. Quit while you're behind.

Windows is only used as the majority OS because it has had decades of mass market exposure and because it's the default OS that comes bundled with store bought PCs. It is a business decision to put a game on Windows, which has more exposure, than on Linux or Mac for reasons specific to those operating systems, nothing more. Microsoft do not own the PC platform. When someone says the PC platform is an "open platform" they are saying anyone can make anything for PC without having to pay anyone a fee to do so. Right now, I can make a game and put it on the PC and I don't have to give Microsoft a cent of it. Why? Because Microsoft doesn't own PC gaming. They own Windows, an operating system, that is all. And even then, if someone designs a program for Windows, Microsoft still doesn't get a cent because Microsoft doesn't own the PC platform.

Get that through your head. Microsoft DO NOT own the PC platform. At all. Windows is the default gaming OS thanks to decades of exposure, but you can be damn sure if there were a legitimate, superior option that had equal exposure then Windows would have heavy competition.

Hicken1693d ago

... a game being only PC does not mean it's a Microsoft game, as Microsoft sees no money for it. You don't need to pay Microsoft in any way to play the game(I didn't pay MS a dime for the version of WIndows on ANY PC I've ever owned, and I didn't pirate it for it to be that way).

DC Universe is not a Microsoft game because it's also on PC. When you buy the game(or, since it's free to play, any content for the game), Sony gets money, NOT Microsoft. Microsoft didn't pay any money for it to be developed, or for its exclusivity.

Microsoft gets nothing for every sale of, say, Arma, even if the game will only ever work on Windows-based PCs.

PC is its own platform, just as the three consoles and two handhelds are.

trafalger1693d ago

if people care about games how come nobody here is talking about them?

i have a ps4 preordered but the xbone looks pretty cool and it has some games not (at least not confirmed) on the ps4 that interest me. forza, dead rising 3, titanfall, and project spark to name a few.

just because i like the ps4 doesnt mean we cant also like the xbone. sure theres reason to question if they will all remain exclusive and how many exclusives they get down the road but so far things look really good.

using the argument that most pc gamers also use windows doesnt mean much. what matters most to console fanboys is the xbone, wii u, ps4 and how they compete with one another. including games selection.

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DragonKnight1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

@timotim: Ok, show me the ownership deed. Show me documented proof that Microsoft owns the PC market. Link me to a page that says "P.C. Personal Computer is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation."

Go ahead, I'm waiting.

**EDIT** Also, show me links that show Microsoft receiving any kind of cut for all programs developed for the PC market. All of them. Not their own programs, all third party software.

Campy da Camper1693d ago

MS doesn't receive a cut of all programs but if you purchased a PC that runs on windows then the got a check. If you go to best buy and buy a PC and it has windows your msrp includes a fee payable to ms. So yes they make no money per application because they got paid up front.

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dark-hollow1693d ago

Till now, the amount of announced non kinect only exclusives is on par with the ps4, so what's the harm of also making kinect games? you know, the big black camera that comes with every xbone console!

Kinect was huge success for Microsoft, me and you and lots of people here may not like it, but there is a huge base of costumers who does. So don't expect them to suddenly stopping the kinect support.

And as I said, as long as they have also a great amount of exclusives for their core audience, then there is no harm in that.

Excalibur1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

How do you figure it was a huge success?
Because it sold 15-20 million units?
How about looking at it's attach rate, it was 1:1, you call that successful?

My GF bought one for my 360 because she liked the exercise programs on the Wii and thought they would be better on the 360, she bought one program played it for a week and for the next six months it sat there collecting dust, I packed it up a year ago and haven't touched it since.

I/she fell into that same 1:1 attach rate and I'm quite sure we weren't the only ones.

Bigpappy1693d ago

dark-hollow. You are so on point with your arguments. Everything you say is logical and obvious. I guess you must have been here long enough to know that some of these guys just are full of hate for M$. Some because think there is this war going on, and other that lust hate them for who they are. Some of the hate is so bad that you have a guy denying that windows in M$'s platform. He just can deal with the fact that the think he relies on the most is made by the company he hates so much.

Rhinoceros1693d ago

Guys the kinect isn't about Killer Apps, it's about making gameplay more dynamic. You're still treating it like a peripheral when it's not. The Kinect 2.0 is meant to AUGMENT core gameplay functions and navigate the UI. Sure, there will be JUST DANCE and Kinectimals and all that crap. Developers WILL utilize it more, now that it's mandatory. It has the possibility to be great so just sit tight.

Rhinoceros1693d ago

People who call themselves "Hardcore Gamers" are acting like the goddamn Taliban. We're all gammers.

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Excalibur1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

There is only 3 games on that whole list that I'm remotly interested in and that is

1. Untitled Halo, because I've played evey other Halo game.

6. Dead rising 3, because I've played all the other Dead Rising games and DLC bits.

14. Titanfall because the gameplay intrigued me.

I wouldn't mind checking out Ryse but nothing I've seen make it a Day one purchase.

That said i won't even remotely entertain the though of buying a system and playing any of them until Microsoft comes to their senses and make a Kinect free system.

SmokingMonkey1693d ago

InFamous Second Son is my most anticipated next gen title so far.

I only want Titanfall out of all these, hope it comes to PS4 or I will miss out.

slimpickens1693d ago

Right now Ryse is my most anticipated along with Dead Rising3 and KI. Titanfall looks great but honestly Infamous while gorgeous just doesn't catch my attention. I'm sure it's great but for some reason I just prefer Xbox games.

SmokingMonkey1693d ago

Cool, see that's how it's done people.

Lot of hate on this site, and especially on articles like this.

I'm glad they are bringing back KI, I loved fighting games back in the day. I

hope they bring back Samurai Shodown.

Tres211693d ago

i was wit u cuz im an xbox guy but that infamous is 1 of the main reasons i want the ps4 so bad & he's a fire dude how can u not lik that come & @ smoking monkey yes samurai shodown would be great.

Picnic1693d ago

But even so Deep Down looks very interesting.

BLAKHOODe1693d ago

Titan Fall will be on Xbox 360, too, which is most likely where I'll be trying it.

TheOneEyedHound1693d ago

It looks like a 360 game, not trolling.

Ksar1693d ago

If core gamers care about games ? Of course !

4logpc1693d ago

Why wouldnt they care?

Put aside all the fanboy crap and you will see Microsoft has a great line up of exclusive content coming to the Xbox One.

dark-hollow1693d ago

It's moving goalposts.

First they say they want games, then they say they want exclusives, then they say they want new IPs exclusives, so when you finally offer them what they always claimed to want they say "well, I don't care about these games"

Tres211693d ago

u also 4got it might hav a feature i dont want that comes with a camera i didnt ask 4 that will be better at spyin on me than my gps cellphone.

jessupj1693d ago

I personally don't care, or care very little because I seem to be one of the few here that is looking more than 2 feet in front of me.

I don't know about anyone else, but I plan on keeping my next gen console for quite a few years.

So can someone here remind me what happened to the frequency of exclusives released on the 360 in the later years? (hint: they dried up). And can someone also remind me whether or not Sony continued to release amazing exclusives as well as new ips right through out the whole generation? (hint: they did).

So I'll be going with the company that has a proven track record of supporting their core customers indefinitely instead of abandon them half way through.

Fell free to disagree with facts.