What should the next iPhone have?

What will the next version of the iPhone have that the current one doesn't?

Will it have a keyboard for those who haven't been touched - in a good way - by the iPhone's touchscreen? How about GPS capabilities? Will there be iPhones in different sizes, similar to what Apple has done with its iPod digital music player?

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decapitator3815d ago

A keyboard. A keyboard. A freaking external keyboard. Kthanks.

Massacre3815d ago win.

leon763815d ago

Just a funny thing: you two guys are the first guys in the 3 news of cell phones that come out in the previous minutes....

TriggerHappy3815d ago

decap is hre is like 24/7.i found this interesting. Hey decap, you need a break dude...:)

decapitator3815d ago

Damn, you people leave me be...:)..Anyway, am outta here, be back in a hour or son.

pharmd3815d ago

a reacharound would be nice considering how much i payed for it!

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Shankle3815d ago

A decent camera and a landscape keyboard.

captainpwn3815d ago

I've had my iPod Touch since November and Im such a pro using the keyboard. The correction feature truly works like magic. There are a few things they can add to the iPhone and that would be:

- GPS for the Google Maps app.

- They could add a nice 3.2 or 5.0MP camera on the front and the back to support video recording and video conferencing(they'd have to port iChat for video conferencing).

- 16gb and 32gb storage capacities like the iPod Touch.

- Flash support on Safari. Maybe Java, but that's highly unlikely.

Andronix3815d ago

im waiting for the next iPhone.

I would like GPS so i can use it to navigate without paying for an in-car unit.

I would like the ability to record video footage.

DriftMax3815d ago

I enjoy looking at naked woman on my phone,
and with the touchscreen things could get interesting.

captainpwn3815d ago

They've already established mini clips, but with the growing popularity of the iPhone and the fact that it has such a big, crisp display, means that the iPhone will be the #1 targeted mobile device for porn.

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