PC Speedup Tips - Two Proven Ways

"No one wants to be stuck with a PC running slow. There are so many things that people have to attend to day-in and day-out that an additional 15-30 minutes for computer loading is simply too much time to be wasted. Having said that, the only solution is to take certain steps to help speed up your system. And in case you didn't know, the best place to start with that mission is with your hardware and your operating system."

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Yi-Long3900d ago 1; it's basic knowledge, and 2: doesnt really give any options about software to help you with managing your registry etc...

You'd think the author would at least include links to some usefull software (freeware or whatever), that can help you overcome your slow PC problems.

mbmonk3900d ago

Can I bury an article like dig? :)