190° cancels Grand Theft Auto 4 Special Edition Pre-orders sent letters to the customers outside UK that had ordered the special edition from their site.

"Dear Customer,

Thank you for your preorder for Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition on PS3 / XB360
Unfortunately (as stated on our website, we do not ship hardware or orders over 1kg internationally and as this product exceeds our weight limit we are therefore not able to fulfil your order.

Your order has now been canceled and no money will be taken from your account.
You can still place an order for the Standard Edition of this game"

The "lucky" ones that got their order cancelled also found out, that it is already too late to order the regular edition since the webpage tells us this piece of good news:

Please Note: We cannot guarantee delivery on the day of release for orders placed on or after the 7th of April.

So the regular might already be sold out...

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sfinXters3902d ago

Guess I'll just order from somewhere else.

Vip3r3902d ago

Oh GAME, what a bunch of tools you lot are.

sandip7873902d ago

3 words - sucks to be, (adding a fourth), you

dale13902d ago

one word asda, call of duty 4 £44.99 at game £37.71 asda as with all games,when it comes to game there always o.t.t on there prices and don,t know sh*t

LastDance3902d ago

Game just opened up here in adelaide australia and it smells of stale nerds and their prices are just plain sh!t. They are about 1 and a half years behind in gaming news haha.

Tools indeed.

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