Sony Announces World's First Digital Noise-cancelling Headphones

Another product to add to the 'world's first' category, Sony claims these MDR-NC500D headphones are the world's first digital noise-cancelling pair.

With 99% of ambient noise cut out supposedly (although that's based on 'Sony's measurement standards' apparently), they use digital technology with Artificial Intelligence, with an internal processor adapting the level of cancellation dependent on the outside noise.

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decapitator3850d ago

Sony does it again, yet another innovation to add to their long list of accomplishment. I am interested to see how the reviews turn out for this, I might pick it up if its good.

ArduousAndy3850d ago

noise cancellation headphones are already out on the market. I saw one advertised on tv just the other day.
heres one
thats another. Theres nothing world first about it.

Bleyd3850d ago

Which one of those headsets that you listed does digital noise cancelling? Regular noise cancelling has been around for almost forever with things like ear muffs, cotton, foam ear plugs, etc.

AuburnTiger3850d ago

They're the first "digital" noise canceling headphones. Knowledge is power!

Fishy Fingers3850d ago

Think I'll wait for some independent reviews, but these certainly have my attention.

Same its only 99% though not 100. You be surprised what the miss' can get into that 1%.

decapitator3850d ago

Same here man, thing looks impressive.

RealityCheck3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

The article didn't have a price estimate.

Edit: Ok, after a brief search it's actually on Sony's website (sonystyle) and it's $399.99. Great technology but price makes it unattractive for now.

Massacre3850d ago

Damn, price is too steep but I'd hit it if it was a little cheaper.

Phil Harrison Mklll3850d ago

Does it cancel out the BORING xBox Slaves droning voices??? :D

GameOn3850d ago

I don't think they work on text Phil.

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