Xbox One 20 exclusives trailer has us guessing what the games are

Can you name all 20 Xbox One exclusives?

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PSVita1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Sunset over drive
Fantasia (kinect)
A Jet mototype game(*kinect)
Killer instinct
A golf game(*kinect)
Dead rising 3
Panzer dragon(name/spelling?) (kinect)
Splinter cell (maybe)
Plants vs zombies
Quantum Break
Project spark

After all that guessing I found this


SegaSaturn6691483d ago

I don't get why they're counted as exclusive if they are released on Windows though.

CRAIG6671483d ago

OK - If a game is released on PS3 and Vita is it exclusive? yes.

If a game is released only through Microsoft platforms(xbox/windows) is it exclusive? yes.

HammadTheBeast1483d ago

Double standards. I don't see why they never include Planetside 2 and DCUO as PS4 exclusives If they're including Titanfall or Spark.

rdgneoz31483d ago

@HammadTheBeast Then you'd include FF14 ARR and Warframe as well, along with every single indie game that's on the PC too.

Skips1483d ago


What if it's released on Mac and other crap like Onlive?

Like The Witcher 2?

WarThunder1483d ago


If a game is released also on PC platform then you don't have to buy a X1! So is it exclusive? NO!

S2Killinit1482d ago

we have already seen all of these at E3. except the jet ski one I think.
if its on PS3 and Vita it can be considered exclusive because it is on the same platform maker. Window though is not a platform. If anything PC belongs to Invidia and AMD, not Microsoft.

trouble_bubble1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

So Microsoft owns PC now?

You're seriously leveraging Sony Playstation devices against eachother while proclaiming some symbiosis between Microsoft XBox and a generic PC?

A MAC that doesn't even need Windows?

Steam I guess is therefore a Microsoft sleeper cell, as are Sony Online Entertainment who make PC games like DCUO?

So PC games like Eve are really spiritual MS exclusives, XBox step brothers twice removed born on a leap year?

When the PS3 had exclusive Portal2 crossplay & Steam integration with the PC, that was really a Microsoft coup that indirectly benefitted XBox because PC = MS anyways?

Where do we draw the line in this madness? I guess Playstation AllStars isn't a Playstation exclusive anymore ladies and gents. Damn Playstation crossplay. Damn LBP2 and its cross-controller DLC as well.


spicelicka1482d ago

No one gives a crap about your technicalities.

When i make a console purchase decision it's between ps4 and Xbox One, if there are games on either console that i can't play on the other console, i would include them as reasons to buy that console.

That includes Titanfall on Xbox One and Planetside on Ps4. So please indulge in your own filth and let me decide.

Gaming_Guru1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Technically speaking an exclusive means that you would have to buy a specific piece of hardware to play a particular game, and if it's on multiple platforms it's not an exclusive.

As appose to things like PSV, 3DS, Wii U, and PlayStation if they are only on branded platforms that technically they can be called brand exclusives. As with the the PC the platform isn't governed by any company, so they can't really be brand exclusive with PC / XBOX hence the existence of XBOX.

I can make a computer program right now (no SDKs required, just software engines if needed) and send it to anyone I want without authenticating through Microsoft. Planetside 2 or Titanfall are not exclusives because I can chose two or more platforms to play the game on. If I wanted to play Halo, Killzone, Mario, or Starcraft I would have to invest in a particular platform.

The_Con-Sept1482d ago

PS3/PSVita titles are still considered exclusives. But pc/360 titles are not. Why?

What does it say on your PC for the manufacturer?

I can bet you Ben steins money it doesn't say manufactured by Microsoft for your desktop/laptop. It says Dell, or HP, or gateway, or Toshiba, or asus..... The list goes on bud. If the unit that you are playing the game on isn't manufactured by the company that produced the game, for the specific devices, then it is not an exclusive.

ALLWRONG1482d ago

Windows = MS

Unless Windows is made by McDonald's on planet Playstation.

Mounce1482d ago


I know I'll get low thumbs here since it seems equally full of xbox fanboys and actual Gamers but....

That's just fucking depserate, rofl.

You can't compare PSV and PS3 to PC and Microsofts' Xbox....Yes Microsoft makes Windows that operates many PC's (If it's not Linux) but the major flaw in that argument is the perception that Exclusive meaning that the fanbase who prefer Xbox to Playstation, it is presumptuous to think it exclusive when majority Console owners of ANY TYPE, own a god damn PC. Making it so if it's on PC, and Sony fans, gamers or fanboys have PS4 and PC. It's not exclusive because they don't need to own a damn Xbox of any kind....

PC/Xbox is Not exclusive.... too many own PC that aren't involved with Xbox as a console for it to be considered Exclusive. It's just, desperate on all accounts for an xbox fanboy to dive so deeply all for the sake of trying to make a big fat list out of Non-exclusives just to boost your ego...

Seafort1482d ago

Microsoft wants nothing to do with PC gaming. They've made that plainly clear to PC gamers due to them not wanting Xbox games on PC.

I'm happy with that as they are nothing but trouble when it comes to gaming.

The only tie to MS is the Windows OS and if DirectX was compatible on another OS i would switch immediately like alot of others too.

So being on Xbox and PC deems the game non-exclusive as they are 2 different platforms as MS does not own the PC platform as it's an open platform.

My PC has no name associated with it as i built it myself.

Timesplitter141482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

The thing is, you don't buy companies; you buy platforms. Company exclusives aren't even slightly relevant. PC, PS4 and X1 are different platforms that can be owned separately.

Now why is a PS3/Vita game considered more of an exclusive than X1/PC game? Because in the real world, handhelds don't compete with home consoles. They don't have the same capabilities either. But PCs DO hold up to consoles (and offer even more). They are the most popular gaming system out there and it's safe to assume that a large majority of gamers have one. This is why games that are also on PC should be considered multiplat

r40k2131482d ago

Everyone comparing PS3/Vita exclusitivity to Xbox/PC exclusitivity, you're missing one vital point. A game on PS3 and a game on Vita is never the same game, it's a "handheld" version. A game released on Xbox/PC IS the same game. That's why you can say a PS3/Vita game is exclusive and an Xbox/PC game is not.

Flames761482d ago

Are some of you people really this slow that you just dont understand exclusive?

ShwankyShpanky1482d ago

Relish the "MS exclusivity" of PC games while you can, folks... its days are numbered.

Flames761478d ago

Try to explain this so you can understand.Its like when sony releases a game on PS3 and PS Vita its exclusive to sony.Ok now microsoft owns windows and the Xbox so the games are EXCLUSIVE to microsoft.There we go no that wasnt to hard to understand.It makes me wonder how some of you can even make it through the day

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My_Outer_Heaven1483d ago

A lot of those games will probably be on PC... and not remain exclusive for long. Mine Craft is already on PC so what the hell?

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Manic20141483d ago

The only one's to expect to be on PC are Titanfall and project spark which they are already. But as for the others i doubt as they are specifically console exclusives.

DigitalRaptor1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

No one is counting the free-to-play games as exclusives because we're better than that. Those kind of experiences will set the PS4 and XB1 apart though I can tell you that regardless of them also being on the PC platform. We're even publicising that free-to-play PC games can be brought over to PS4 easily and in a short space of time, as well as fitting right in with Sony's online policies, which is fantastic.

The thing here is, fanboys like yourself are getting excited and boasting exclusives, where several of them are available on a non Xbox platform, and using this to somehow boast a larger/better lineup than PS4.

What this is attempting, is to negate that PS4 will also have plenty of actual PS4 exclusives to match or even exceed Microsoft's number. However as well as the free-to-play culture, you also get the massive indie focus too. It is really going to be clear once both of these consoles are out in the wild about which company is exploiting the diversity of gaming, and which one is exploiting the diversity of "broad entertainment".

No_Limit1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

According to interview, the 15 exclusives is supposed to be internal developed games only, which means games like Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, and even Quantum break and Sunset Overdrive do not count.

"The executive noted that the company is planning to invest more than $1 billion for new content, including 15 internally developed titles in the coming year, eight of which will be brand new"

I guess MS will have more games to show at Gamescom, maybe even at Tokyo Game Show, and early next year as well.

Remember, there are also rumors of Crackdown 3, Lionhead's project, MS Osaka Studio, and Rare have several teams as well.

Both Lionhead, Ruffian, and Rare are European developers and what better way to show off the reveals than at a Gamescom.

bjmartynhak1483d ago

Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Quantum break, Sunset Overdrive and I add Ryse.

(Respawn, Capcom, Remedy, Insomniac, Crytek)

This is bugging a little. I want to see the real in-house games.

JokesOnYou1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Why? If I pay a studio to make me an exclusive IP or if I have a internal studio or buy out a studio to make the same game what's the difference in terms of the game itself= NOTHING. Obviously both have their pluses and minuses, not owning them obviously costs you more upfront but in between game development you are not paying their light bill's, however owning them lets you keep that the talent pool in house but again not owning them frees up more cash to "shop around" for the hot independent/3rd party studios to buy more games/content for your platform, there is no "right way", in-house is not always best because frankly knowiing you always get a pay check can lead to complacency vs being independent and knowing every game is advertisement for your next deal.

NOW considering neither Phil Spencer or Yoshida are making games they all buy studios or pay talented studios to make games so at the end of the day what matters most about a game is not who owns the studio?, NO whats matters is, is the game they are working on going to be great?

jessupj1482d ago

That all maybe true, but unfortunately MS has a habit of releasing lots of games near launch and then relying on a few key franchises a few years after.

The X1 could have the best launch line up in the history of gaming, I'll still be going with the company that is proven to support the core gamers right through out the whole generation.

I_am_Batman1483d ago

I'd say it is a strong list even though It doesn't match my personal taste that much. Halo and Forza are pretty much guaranteed quality games but I'm even more interessted in games like Quantum Break and Project Spark cause the concepts look fresh.

I'm more sceptical towards Ryse cause It didn't appeal to me with the E3 trailer. KI looks good and as a fighting game fan I should be excited but as far as I know you'll have to buy every single character for the game.

Neoninja1483d ago

Regarding KI you do not have to buy the characters individually. They're going to offer different packages and the option to have all characters.

memots1483d ago

You can buy the full version of KI that should include every character, Unless they make extra dlc with new fighters.
Its the exact same for DriveClub, You get the ps+ version or you can pay and upgrade it to the full retail version.

I_am_Batman1483d ago

@Neoninja and memots: Thanks for the information I didn't know that yet. Have they already said how many characters there will be or how much that full package would cost?