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Xbox One is designed to be always-on for 10 years

Inside sources at Microsoft have spoken to Digital Foundry about why the Xbox One hardware is so large, and what the tangible benefits of the larger footprint are for the user.

Our information suggests the Xbox One design is based on an ambitious brief, essentially impossible to test in anything resembling real-life conditions, and so the company played it safe, putting unit reliability first. A highly placed source says that the console has been designed with a ten-year lifecycle in mind and that it is designed to be switched on for that entire period.

What's more, during that time it needs to operate almost silently in order to earn its place in the living room. It's a unique hardware challenge, and so the company opted for a large design where heat dissipation comes first. Microsoft's engineers are also aware that the company's reputation for quality hardware is still in the balance after the Red Ring of Death Xbox 360 build quality fiasco, which cost the company over a bill... (Xbox One)

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GreenRanger   666d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
WeaseL  +   666d ago | Funny
"almost entirely silent in standby "
How many thing make a noise when in standby
wishingW3L  +   666d ago
NewMonday  +   666d ago
the PS4 is also designed to be always on (but not always on-line), manages to put much stronger hardware in a smaller box with no need for an external power brick like the XB1.

from tech reports the ESRAM source of heat in the X1.
HammadTheBeast  +   666d ago
Another classic Digital Foundry article based on "inside sources".
redwin  +   666d ago
Some people just live to disagree, but I wonder how long was the PS3 design to stay on for, 10 yrs? I should try it. Uh wait, it will brick and shut off if I don't update in that time..... Mmmmm, well, now we will never know. I'm gonna go and turn on my ps3 and leave it for 10 yrs in that corner where it's been for the last 7.
The_Con-Sept  +   666d ago
The PS3 and 360 waste enough power just being in standby. Now kinect is always on..... It might be miniscule amounts of kilowatts used but Dammit... The fucking kinect has to be always on. Next thing you know the controller will have to use nickel cadmium batteries only.
dedicatedtogamers  +   665d ago
How many more "inside source" articles does Digital Foundry have? And how many more times are we going to believe them? It seems like all the negative Sony "inside sources" as well as all the positive Microsoft "inside sources" both flock to Digital Foundry, and neither end up being true.

Keep in mind, folks, that Digital Foundry was the site that claimed that a 4 Gig PS4 (before news hit that PS4 had 8 Gigs of RAM) was more powerful than an 8 Gig Xbox One.

Whatever side of the "console warzz" you're on, consider that.
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Kydawg  +   665d ago
Sucks when you get a bad storm and the power surges! Bye bye red rings, hello lightning surge. That's not Mircosoft's fault though, it's an act of god.
Ritsujun  +   665d ago
Kinect2.0 down? No Xbone180 gaming for ya.
FlunkinMonkey  +   665d ago
@ redwin

"Some people just live to disagree, but I wonder how long was the PS3 design to stay on for, 10 yrs? I should try it. Uh wait, it will brick and shut off if I don't update in that time..... Mmmmm, well, now we will never know. I'm gonna go and turn on my ps3 and leave it for 10 yrs in that corner where it's been for the last 7."

I don't think it would be very wise to start comparing failure rates of the PS3 and the 360 there now would it buddy? ha.. I think you would be most displeased with the results.
Kydawg  +   665d ago
Always on, always watching, always listening. Sounds lovely. Cough "sarcasm"
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mark134uk  +   665d ago
@redwin i went through 3 xbox 360 in 2 years because of rrod ive had th fat ps3 for 5-6 years and still going
Death  +   665d ago
My tv is always on and always watching and listening. It's incredible that some of you are so afraid of technology.
Silly Mammo  +   665d ago
"Xbox One is designed to be always-on for 10 years"

But Microsoft like usual will give up on the console half way through it's life cycle.
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Syntax-Error  +   664d ago
RITSUJUN <--- Is still calling it XBOX 180? How old are you? That is sooooooo old. You're calling it 180 because they changed their policies before a system launch, bow many companies have done the same thing? Let's see, Sony did the same thing in 2006 with the PS3, but they did it AFTER launch you hipster. How quickly people forget. That $600 price tag was dropped to $450 after two price reductions and SKU eliminations because the system wasn't selling. Another company that CHANGED IT'S INITIAL PLAN AFTER PUBLIC OUTCRY. Grow up
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mewhy32  +   664d ago
That will be a lot of information for the NSA. I mean ten years worth of spy camera and mic kinect right in your living room for ten years is a wealth of information for the GOV. Yeah xbone.
ThanatosDMC  +   664d ago
They must really need to cool down the thing on standby mode too?
Gekko36  +   664d ago
@mewhy32 Jesus H Christ, you have to Be kidding with the Kinect and the NSA story still. This is getting old.

If you buy the PSEye with the PS4 you get the same issue in America. If you have an iPhone, iPad, Surface, Linux / Windows / OSX machine with a camera, YOU GET THE SAME PROBLEM.

There is a word for people opposed to connectivity...HERMIT!

Get a grip and get laid for christ's sake!
QuanManChu  +   666d ago
To go with the new camera and the standby mode as well as wake on motion system, you can opt to install the heavy breathing app. It will make the console sound like a asthmatic stalker whenever you walk by it when it is in standby mode...enjoy... XD
Peppino7  +   665d ago
I have a feeling it'll red ring die waaaaaay before that 10 year mark.
Mike134nl  +   666d ago
"What's more, during that time it needs to operate almost silently in order to earn its place in the living room." end quote
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Got_BANNED_   666d ago | Spam
gaffyh  +   666d ago
@Got_Banned - He's quoting it because it's just stupid if it wasn't silent in standby, and they fact they have to mention it is just ridiculous.
IcicleTrepan  +   666d ago
It's silly because 'standby' is being taken out of context here. When they say standby they mean the system is still on, communicating to Xbox Live and downloading updates etc. it's a special low power mode that their hardware can do. PS4 doesn't have this ability, but they are taking a different route with the more powerful hardware, while MS has less powerful hardware but extra features with lower power modes.
Got_BANNED_   666d ago | Spam
gaffyh  +   666d ago
@Icicle - PS4 has this ability as well, because you can buy games on your phone, and they will be downloaded on your PS4 when you get home. So it does have a low power state, which means it can download updates whenever as long as it is connected to the internet.
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badz149  +   666d ago
@Icicle Trepan

lol how clueless can you be? 'standby' is 'standby' while 'ON' is 'ON'! there's nothing in between! while in 'standby', the system is OFF, ready to be turned ON!

"When they say standby they mean the system is still on, communicating to Xbox Live and downloading updates etc."

err...you do know that the PS3 with PS+ accounts can already do THAT, since like 3 year ago, right?

"it's a special low power mode that their hardware can do. PS4 doesn't have this ability,"

WHAT?? seriously dude, you don't know what you're talking about!
ban_ban7   665d ago | Spam
Ausbo  +   665d ago

so what if playstation has been doing it for 3 years. Live has been doing it this entire generation
Cable2kx  +   665d ago

Since when does the Xbox 360 turns itself on and download patches and games you have in your download Que? I must have missed that update
BitbyDeath  +   666d ago
All you'll hear is the quiet hum of Kinect as it records you
opinska  +   665d ago
Moron... Your mom records you lol
buynit  +   666d ago
Well to be fair..

How many things can do what it does and have a lot of power? What can we compare it to? A cell phone?
HammadTheBeast  +   666d ago
Any laptop out there which make 0 noise when on standby.
GrumpyOla  +   665d ago
At this day and age these features should be a given. It would be a disaster if they had the same problems as the current gen did.
Insomnia_84  +   666d ago
My PS3 doesn't make a sound while on stand-by mode.

Microsoft trying to wow the their fanboys with meaningless words that, to those who don't know much about these stuff, sound like something big.
Elit3Nick  +   666d ago
two different types of "standby", on PS3 essentially just the power is on and it turns on when you press a button, with the Xbox One it is still on, downloading updates so you won't have to
gaffyh  +   666d ago
PS3 has two different standby modes. One is just standard "waiting for controller connection" which is completely silent. The second is the remote play/scheduled update mode, which runs the PSU in a low power state, but you can hear a slight hum if you go near the PS3.

PS4 and Xbone both have additional low power chips on board, unlike PS3/360, so might be able to do a similar thing more silently.
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Mkai28  +   664d ago
Yet the standby mode in the PS3 is pointless, you can't download anything in this mode so what's the point? It gives you an vain option to shut off after it downloads fully on..I could do the same and say the 360 downloads anything while on standby, but instead of staying on low power mode it just cuts off..
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Major_Glitch  +   666d ago
"Xbox One is designed to be always-on for for 10 years." And on midnight of the last day of the tenth year, that Xbox One will explode killing everyone in a 10-mile radius.

In all seriousness though, that's pretty cool. It's good to know overheating won't be an issue with the x1.
JokesOnYou   666d ago | Off topic | show
RavageX  +   666d ago
You don't. Words are words. They always say that(they being console makers) yet the only one I know of that hasn't had an heating issue is Nintendo.
evercast  +   666d ago
Time warner cable boxes. That's about it.
Tatsuya  +   666d ago
well another great news about the Xbone or not,. Consider this a trend in the coming gen with this pos. I'll never support you Microsoft.
Slasher716   666d ago | Spam
S2Killinit  +   665d ago
when it spies on you, it makes a lol sound. Its laughing at you for being a sucker
thedon8982z  +   665d ago
Now that was funny...LMAO!!!!
S2Killinit  +   664d ago
LOL and then when it finds something really juicy about you it goes "...mmmmmmmmm" followed by a Mr. Burns "Excellent"
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-Superman-  +   665d ago
If i had more money, i would bought both consoles but because its limited, then i take PS4
I don´t trust Microsoft. They rip off too many time...
xDHAV0K24x  +   664d ago
cool story bro!
Mounce  +   665d ago
I'd not know if X1 is silent or quiet unlike a 360-Launch....

But I would certainly laugh my ass off if it were the same launch noise-problem wise.
Jyndal  +   665d ago
Makes you wonder if Sony took the 'silent aspect' into consideration with the PS4. It may end up sounding like a B52 when it's turned on.
braydox21  +   664d ago
remember the ps2 starting up sound? had to turn the tv down every time.
T2  +   664d ago
It makes you wonder ? No it doesnt , Sony always makes good hardware and they already stated you can stop a game then resume exactly where you left off and plus already auto updates so yeah , nothing to see here
rela82me  +   665d ago
Oh boy, this is a positive xbox article, let's bring up everything we hate about this console in order to make us feel better guys!
staceyshea   665d ago | Spam
1Victor  +   665d ago
@ weaseL my lawn mower does as well as my muffler less motorcycle. OT I hope this is true and not just PR babble
@ death I wonder how old are you because my father tv is always watching him sleep and he's 69
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MazzingerZ  +   665d ago
Hahahahaha...that must be a typo
TheXgamerLive  +   665d ago
Wheezy. You do realize why your an idiot, dont you?
killcole  +   664d ago
"developers working with the hardware tell us that in its idle and low-activity states, the unit is entirely silent" Erm...
BallsEye  +   664d ago
My 360 slim doesn't make any sound at all when it's on. Only if disc is spinning but I got all my games installed.
Thepcz  +   664d ago
it probably sounds like a vacuum cleaner when its in standby
KillrateOmega  +   666d ago
"A highly placed source says that the console has been designed with a ten-year lifecycle in mind and that it is designed to be switched on for that entire period."

This seems a little ridiculous, but then again, I have seen people who just leave their Xbox 360s on for days on end, so...
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slimeybrainboy  +   666d ago
Well if you're using you're Kinect for TV, poeple will be using it pretty much all the time.
kreate  +   666d ago
What happens after 10 years?
LoaMcLoa  +   666d ago
Complete self-destruction
TheGrimReaper  +   666d ago
The first X1 which will reach the 10 years will send a signal to the cloud.
The cloud will distribute this signal to every X1 and in return they will release all the energy accumulated until this time to create a big EMP which will be illuminated in bright red!
This will be a true RRoD for modern society!
And out of the ashes an allmighty MS representative will arise to announce the next Xbox!
Anyone who won't buy this shall live in agony, because MS Azure cloud has infiltrated every connected device. And every device will be without function unless it is connected to a Xbox through the cloud.
Start believing!!!


Seriously: Nothing will happen!
What do YOU expect to happen???
#3.2.2 (Edited 666d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(3) | Report
kreate  +   665d ago

i expect .... the next gen consoles wont last 10 years.

at least the fat ones, when slim ones are released, idk about those since there's no news yet.
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TheGrimReaper0011  +   664d ago
So you're the reason I couldn't name myself TheGrimReaper! =P
Nice theory though XD
BallsEye  +   664d ago
It leaves.
pacostacos  +   666d ago
so its big to prevent overheating!? im okay with that
YodaCracker  +   666d ago
Right. Who buys a console because of its physical appearance?
RadioActiveTwinky  +   666d ago
As a pc gamer. I personally like to sacrifice looks for better airflow. If it means better airflow awesome. computer hardware number one enemy is Heat.
amiga-man  +   666d ago
Of course it's size is to stop overheating I didn't need M$ to tell me that, the big ass fan and external power supply are all geared towards solving heat issues, but there is no way on earth they have come up with an elegant solution,

in fact they show how poor their hardware design is by using the most obvious solutions to the problem, I wont be getting an xbox so it makes no difference to me, I am no engineer but if you asked me for solutions to keeping heat down I would make it big with a big fan and external power supply so there is no denying as a design it is as basic as it comes


Right. Who buys a console because of its physical appearance?

I work at a primary school the kids were always talking about their xboxes when I asked them what they thought of the new one they said they wern't buying it because it looked $hit lol
#4.2 (Edited 666d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(22) | Report | Reply
ironwolf  +   666d ago
Primary school children are sooo well known for their sense of aesthetics, their taste and their wisdom.

Clearly though, you go by their judgment.
amiga-man  +   665d ago
Clearly though, you go by their judgment.

What a strange thing to say, their preference has nothing to do with my judgement, I was just replying to a question from YodaCracker,

primary school children tend to follow the crowd their reasons for owning things are very different to mine, so I have no idea what your on about.
strifeblade  +   665d ago
i am sure you will have loads of fun playing with primary school children on the ps4 lol
amiga-man  +   664d ago

which part of I work with them did you not understand?

Grow up for gods sake.
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ThisIsSolidSnake   666d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
Red_Devilz   666d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
blackmanone  +   666d ago
What happens in ten years when the Xbox Two is out? Can you only play your old games if you buy the XBT?

Serious question.
#7 (Edited 666d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
cyguration  +   666d ago
Prepare for fanboy rebuttal.

If the 10 year cycle is real I would have been doubly afraid for the games under that old DRM policy, because does that mean you'd have 10 good years of being able to use your games on an XB1 before being shepherded into using the XB2?
_-EDMIX-_  +   664d ago
you guys disagree with them but did any of you guys have an idea of how this is supposed to work under the original DRM policy? SO WHEN THE GENERATION ENDED MICROSOFT IS JUST GOING TO KEEP THEIR SERVERS OPEN FOR LIFE TO FOR YOU TO KEEP PLAYING YOUR GAMES?

none of us have a single idea of how the system was supposed to get supported after next generation was over. none of us know what they're going to do I believe that poses a real legitimate question.

I know what will happen to my playstation 4 and PlayStation 3 games ( and every other system for that matter) with the Xbox 1 it still questionable about it support for the future if you consider this cloud computing is this big deal what happens when these networks are down?

so you're telling me in order to enjoy this game FULLY I technically need their servers to be on? Doesn't that mean they can limit hinder and close an entire game when they feel just? Well Microsoft Game Studios games anyway.

this tells me that they were seeking full control ie if they feel they want to push sales to Halo 6 they could simply stop " cloud computing" for Halo 5 ie multiplayer matches in other things that they claim is cloud computing required.

now it's just a theory but you have to question how they intend for games to be supported in the future when they close servers I don't believe they plan to leave them open on for life.
Halochampian  +   664d ago
Since next generation is using x86 architecture, I would be surprised if there wasn't backwards compatability. Or the ability to re-download them to the new hardware.

I sense a more unified store front in the future that will dynamically change to what hardware version you have. I think it would be cool to see. Guess we'll have to wait and see if Sony or MS does this.
MiasmaDodo  +   666d ago
This sounds good because with all those media features and the TV being watched on the console as well I was worried about system crashes.

I had 2 360s that red-ringed so I was def worried
cabbitwithscissors  +   666d ago
Even cars have 1 year, 3 year or max 5 year warranties or whatever number of kilometers comes first and we're expected to believe that this system will last for 10 years ? If so, they better put a 10 year warranty on this product if they really believe that it's gonna be running and working for 10 years straight.
ShwankyShpanky  +   666d ago
Yeah, this could probably only come from an anonymous "source" and never in an official statement.

"Designed with 10-year life cycle"... (sold with 1 year warranty)."
Bigpappy  +   666d ago
good point
BattleTorn  +   665d ago
How long of a life-cycle was the PS4 built for. (I'm gonna guess close to 10 years)

Now, what duration of warranty does it come with?

See what I did there :/
Salooh  +   666d ago
Ofcours it will , this is not news for me because X1 won't work without kinect and kinect is always on , what matters is how you see it , i for one see it as a spy machine . Even Ads and watching tv are freaky in X1.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   666d ago
But it's not always on.

"Inside sources"
MysticStrummer  +   666d ago
Not always on... but it's designed to be always on...

*ominous music*

Could be trouble.
Hicken  +   666d ago
Eurogamer's "inside sources" need to be taken with a rather large grain of salt at this point.
MysticStrummer  +   666d ago
Yeah they've lost a lot of whatever credibility they had.
corvusmd  +   666d ago
More good news for XB1, it's good to see that they were looking far ahead when they designed the box, making it durable for the future. Well done guys
Hueynewton2012  +   666d ago
LOL so you believe everything you fucking read? and why having a games console on for ten years benefits you? Lemme guess your launch xbox 360 is still working too right? LOl fucking sheeple moron.
ovnipc  +   665d ago
90% of lunch ps3 got ylod so dont talk crap. If the xbox you change the xclamps and chnage the thermal paste once a years, and clean the dust yes it can i still have 2007 console. Works great. Never rrod.
QuantumWake  +   665d ago
What's with the bad language? lol

Relax man.
IRetrouk  +   665d ago
@ ovnipc

Lol you need to go check the failure rates again
blackmanone  +   665d ago
Where did this 90% of ps3's ylod come from? I know one person's that crashed, but everyone else I know hasn't had any problems.

Ovnipc, since the information is on the internet that completely discredits that I assume you're just trolling.
BattleTorn  +   665d ago
It is good news. Hopefully my Xbox won't be super hot after under an hour of being on. My PS3 almost never is warm to the touch like my 360 almost always is.
SilentGuard  +   666d ago
The emphasis on quality build and long life is one thing MS seems to be doing right. They will do whatever they can to avoid another RROD fiasco, and it's evident in the design. A large box with lots of room, external power supply, designed to lay horizontal; all points to increase life. It won't win a beauty contest, but if it lasts ten years than its worth it. After a few years they can see about a redesign that may be smaller with an internal power supply.
InsaneGam3r  +   666d ago
I'm buying X1 because the clouds can solve your life problems :D

Hurry up Xbox I'm tired of waitting......
iBlackyi  +   665d ago
clouds? xD

First at all its "The Cloud" and secondly which problems can it solve? Does it repair your system when its broken? lol :P
#14.1 (Edited 665d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
blackmanone  +   665d ago
Pretty sure he was joking.... Or he's truly insane :)
asiatico  +   666d ago
Always on always watching
braydox21  +   664d ago
every one who owns one will have their own big brother episode and MS will sell them to companies like Vault-tec to use in human behavioural experiments in their vaults which they will build when MS try to destroy the world with only the gamers supported by PC,PS and Wii, in which there will be a massive war with Microsft trying to destroy everyone with DRM tactical missiles and SOP....A AI constructs in which they would control and brainwash the reamaining zealots and those too mainstream into fighting the freedom fighters by having them scour the comment threads rooting out ANTI MS sentiments and repeatedly pressing the like button on MS propanganda videoes.

Only those who have seen the truth will be able to see and fight the darkness that is growing hurry now its not too late fight with your wallets FIIIIIIIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps: this comment is mean't as a joke try not to take too much offense remember smiles make the world brighter :)
edonus  +   666d ago
This is what I have been saying the X1 is not a toy, it isnt something you take out and play with then put away. The X1 is complete upgrade to your digital entertainment life.

Remember when the ONE had its drm policies all games installed and you never had to switch discs. This meant you would rarely ever even touch the X1. And if you are going all digital like I am you still never will.

Once its hooked up it never turns off. That is really cool.
JohnJoakly  +   666d ago
Once your hooked in/;up it never turns off. That is really (un)cool. *fixed.
Kayant  +   665d ago
The drm was just a way to control the used game market and limit ownership if you look at it deeper because all games where going to be available digitally day one anyways so why did physical discs need to become digital copies if they were already available in a digital format?
DigitalRaptor  +   665d ago
LOL @ the excuses to try and downplay the competition.

PS4 and Wii U and Vita and 3DS and PS3 and 360 have the ability to be always on.

PS4 has the same standby mode as the XB1. It charges your controllers and downloaded updates and selected content whilst in this mode.

Netflix and all those other free apps are free to access, not behind some obtuse paywall. You will also be able to multitask and snap to apps and put games in sleep state and resume whenever you want. You will be able to snap to browsing the web. We don't even know if the PS4 Eye supports voice recognition, but if it does (because it can), there's a huge USP out the window.

PS3 had a PlayTV add-on which allowed you to watch TV through your PS3, record shows and store them on your HDD. To think Sony will have zero TV integration features on PS4 is naive indeed. Additionally, if I want to switch to TV, I can use a remote that is within 5 feet of me at the very most.

To ever further apply damage to your arguments, remember when PS4 would also allows you to never switch discs. It's called buying your games digitally. I think most people prefer options to a proposed method of controlling the market.

However, there's a heap of brand new features on a completely overhauled OS and with a brand new overhauled DualShock, with a brand new overhauled camera. Still proposing the PS4 as something of a PS3.5 is completely retarded and desperate at this point.
#16.3 (Edited 665d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Supermax  +   666d ago
I never turn my cable box off the x1 will be always on as well.im leavening my ps4 on as well to download updates and games wile I sleep.
Hueynewton2012  +   666d ago
Let me ask Microsoft and all its corporate shills this....... Then why in the fuck couldn't my xbox 360 (2 of them) last for more than six months??

LOL this is utter bullshit, someone on this site name ONE piece of hardware that MS manufactured that lasted a long period of time without serious issues? what the Zune LMAO? LOL this is getting crazy and i was actually considering buying from them again.........
ovnipc  +   665d ago
You think ps3 last that long? 90% of fat ps3 got ylod both consoles have problems just that xbox been on the market earlier. Fanboy
IRetrouk  +   665d ago
Dude you really really really need to check you figures.
blackmanone  +   665d ago
IR, why would he do that? It just gets in the way of trolling.
IRetrouk  +   664d ago
Lol true, some peps will believe him though lol
Grown Folks Talk  +   665d ago
While not constructed completely by their own hand, the original Xbox was very durable. You could throw that sumbich off the roof & play online right after you hooked it back up.
blackmanone  +   665d ago
Amen to that. Xbox was a BEAST. Not since my SNES (nothing could break that) did I feel that I owned a solid piece of tech.

EDIT: Scratch that, I just checked and my original gameboy is still kicking, too, after more than a few nasty spills.
Funky Town_TX  +   666d ago
Why is news?
ovnipc  +   665d ago
No console will last 10 years. No ms or sony. In 3 years we will get a slim version less power comsuption, mpst people after 4 years will upgrade anyway, and a blyray drive will fail after 4 years thats another good reason to go digital. I been fixing consoles for 5 years I seen xbox and ps3 fail after 3 or 4 months dvd drives, no ylod or rrod. Ylod and rrod take 3 years or more to fail on old consoles.
That_Ninja_Gray_Fox  +   665d ago
PS2 did. How old are you 10?
IRetrouk  +   665d ago
What? 3 years for a 360 to rrod? Try less than 6 months, 5 times i might add, the slims are brilliant but the original units where complete cow patt.
no_more_heroes  +   665d ago
How is it that you people are so unlucky with failing game consoles?

Starting to wonder if you guys ever turn them off lol!
braydox21  +   664d ago
why is your spelling so bad? if having trouble with spelling type it out in word first (or any other type of writing program) then use spellcheck you will have less spelling issues :) happy face
aquamala  +   664d ago
how can these consoles last 10 years when a hard drive's expected life span is 5 years?
That_Ninja_Gray_Fox  +   665d ago
Xbox One isn't gonna last 10 months. 10 years lol wow. Who do they think they are? Getting confused with the PS2? The Xbox one didn't last 5 or 6. The 360 wont make it to 10. More dumb fukcing arrogant statements from microsoft.
Izzy408  +   665d ago
The irony in your comment is TOO DAMN HIGH.
braydox21  +   664d ago
wait when you say the Xbox one do you mean the first xbox or the 3rd xbox?

they've changed their policies just change the name of the xbox now it will save many from confusion
BLAKHOODe  +   665d ago
This article only reminded me of my past problems with the Xbox. My "original" Xbox had a bum DVD-drive in it. My first Xbox 360 got struck by lightning (I know, not Microsoft's fault), my 2nd Xbox 360 got the E08 problem. I was lucky enough to never get the RROD..

So now I wonder what the Xbox One will bring.
That_Ninja_Gray_Fox  +   665d ago
Nothing worth paying big bucks for.
iBlackyi  +   665d ago
Xbox: Overheating problems
Xbox 360: Overheating problems. Almost every Xbox360 owner had already the ROD

I hope they will fix it... Sony is a hardware company so they wont have that much problems as Microsoft had in the past.
christocolus  +   665d ago
Some ignorant fanboys dominating another positive xbox one article...smh
corvusmd  +   665d ago
Seriously!!! And watching some of their "reasons" is just laughable. You can tell they are getting desperate to trash talk anything even slightly positive about the XB1...looks like they are getting scared and insecure now...they picked sides really early and don't want to have to backpedal when it turns out that XB1 actually ISN'T the devil incarnate that they want it to be. They just can't stand to see someone with a different opinion be happy...huge sign of insecurity. Most of their reasons are "xbox 360 died and had RRoD issues" Ok...but then MS fixed that, let's not pretend PS3 didn't have their issues either, and as it turned out, most X360s to die were user error for keeping them in a small tight space and then playing them all day (apparently an issue PS3 didn't have). I played my 360 a TON more than my PS3s but had two PS3s die, and never had a 360 die....just luck of the draw I guess...and I know how to take care of my stuff. "I had 5 x360s die" ...uh so it was such a good system that you played it to death 5 times and re-bought it each time? (the BS on this one wreaks bad on this one). Not to mention, most comments are about a system that isn't even out yet, and despite the fact that 360 fixed it's RRoD issue really early on (and it wasn't as bad as most want to believe, it just had a catchy name unfortunately for MS) and the team that fixed it made systems that had EXTREMELY low issue rates, so if anything...MS saw the problem, took it to heart and fixed the issue...and this same team designed the XB1. Looking at the machine, half of it is well placed vents and it's big with room to breath, and has several fans...so at this point it looks like it's going to be extremely good at venting hot air (like PS fanboys). Once again, PS fanboys with nothing productive to say, all just speculation based on what they WANT to happen, no facts...then when something bad and FACTUAL about the PS4 is released, they will be the first to cry and say that it's not true, and support that with "some guy at gamestop said that it isn't true two months ago"....desperation mode is kicking in hard for PS fanboys, it's rather entertaining how logic and facts go out the window...well at least the are passionate and really don't want people to be happy with their sworn enemy. Nothing makes them angrier than happiness, it must be horrible being so jaded on video games that you need to suck out everyone else's happiness.
IRetrouk  +   665d ago
Actualy micro replaced each one, you really think i would buy a defective console five times??? And what is it that makes you so sure im lieing and a fanboy of sony? I still have the last replaced 360 i also have the gears slim, had a resi evil 360 and an elite.
my gamerscore is 80 odd thousand and i play most multi plats on the 360, also rrod was as bad as reported so why youre trying to downplay it is anyones quess, you go on this long winded rant that doesnt really prove anything you say and actually makes you look like a fanboy, you went on a defensive rant and are calling anyone that had problems with the 360 either liers or fanboys lol, i had genuine problems with the 360 that left a bad taste in my mouth but at least microsoft looked after me, all you have to do is check my gamer card on xbl to at least see that i own one, the only person that looks jaded is you. On topic the slim 360 is very reliable and i have no worries that the one will be reliable, i said i would buy the one if they changed the used game policy, they did so i will.
christocolus  +   664d ago
Guys im totally with you on this..i think we will just have to wait and see how things unfold.the xbox one will do very well and will deliver as promised.Ms needs the console to do well not just because of those buying the console(gamers) but because as a company their primary aim is to be succesful and they will do all they have to to make that happen. those who feel sony is all about the gamers are wrong. every company has its shareholders in mind first and foremost and that includes sony. all i see is that they have used the negative publicity against ms and the xbox one very well in their favour.but all that will change. i do wish both consoles do well but above all i just wish that fan boys will stop being so ignorant and annoying and would atleast try to read up facts before posting some crappy comments cos trust me after lunch a lot of people will become very quiet and appreciate ms and the xbox one alot more.
Mkai28  +   664d ago
This has standby mode that has standby mode, changing the subject when it's not necessary..
inf3cted1  +   665d ago
...until it gets RROD 2 years later.
tubers   665d ago | Trolling | show
Maywell  +   665d ago
Actually, it's designed big so MS could bring the "mini" version twice or more times and they will say it is "refreshed".

Even the first Playstation still can be played after 10 years or more. There's no such reason like that.
Kydawg  +   665d ago
Oh, that's why it's so large and poorly designed! To disperse the heat more efficiently, I get it now.
LAWSON72  +   665d ago
Yet the PS4 is way smaller and stays cooler than PS3 according to FCC files
leonlion  +   665d ago
Standby for 10 years, I must be OCD but I always turn off stuff I'm not using at the wall.
#29 (Edited 665d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Tornadobounce  +   665d ago
Meh. Whatever.
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