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Sony to impose UK-wide limit on PS4 pre-orders

Launch day system not guaranteed after pre-order deadline; in-store systems still coming on release day (PS4)

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ABeastNamedTariq  +   416d ago
Keep the train rolling! I hope they can meet demand and make another batch of consoles after launch. Got my preorder the day after E3 so I'm all set. Crossing my fingers for an October release (a man can dream). I'm getting an Xbox too, but for now it's PLAYSTATION NATION!
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black0o  +   416d ago
and with the price differents most of the avrage customer will pick ps4 ... I can see ps4 following ps2 foot steps
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Skips  +   416d ago

Best selling overall, as of 2013...

PS4 doing well at #3...
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SniperControl  +   416d ago

Looks like good ole Blighty is gonna be blue again.
Most(if not all) of my family & mates have come back over to Sony, 8 of us have pre-ordered PS4 from Game, there are 4 still on the fence, but I am sure peer presure will bring them over as well.

Viva Playstation!
abzdine  +   416d ago
PS4 is performing really well, and imagine what could happen when the Sony blockbusters are all announced!
scott182  +   416d ago
When more big games are announced it will get even better. I can't wait to see if there is a last of us 2 to be shown or possibly uncharted 4 (or both). I am also excited to see if there will be a new god of war. And that team ico game that I drool over every time I see it. It seems like there are a bunch of games that they are taking their time to show off.... I am excited to see them.
Anarki  +   416d ago
Not looking good for Microsoft, UK was one of the more xbox dominant countries too. I live in the UK and most of the people I know are picking up PS4 over the XBOne.
black0o  +   416d ago
@Anarki Ms strongest market after the US is UK x360 beat the wii like a month ago

if MS loses market to sony let us assume 50/50 that will be a big win for sony over ms since the rest of EU are PlayStation's territories
Cam977  +   415d ago
The Xbox One is at #35 and #79, holy smokes, the PS4 is going to dominate. The 12GB PS3 is ahead of it! Anything MS says about stock issues can't be true because Animal Crossing seems to be doing ok.
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bigfish  +   416d ago
@ ABeastNamedTariq - just stick with the PS4 and forget buying an Xbox,,, just think about all the exclusive ps4 games you could buy with all that money,,
SignifiedSix91  +   416d ago
That's the exact same reason I'm not buying a PS4.
PS3PWNSALL  +   416d ago
I'm gonna spend that money on Xbox One exclusives.
Clarence  +   416d ago
Yep UK was supposedly Xbox territory. Looks like its going different time around.
tigertron  +   416d ago
Yeah, the only real Xbox stronghold in Europe was the UK, but UK gamers tend to buy whatever console has the most games and is cheaper and at the time that was the 360 at the beginning, but I think a lot of UK gamers have felt let down by the Xbox One unveiling.

I think the PS4 will enjoy PS2 levels of success in the UK. That said, the PS3 has done well in the UK.
FriedGoat  +   416d ago
People also seem to forget most of the "TV" features of the Xbone don't even work outside of America.
AceofStaves  +   416d ago
@Fried Goat - Exactly. The bells and whistles of TV integration and the digital entertainment deals mean nothing outside the USA.
ps3_pwns  +   416d ago
they are selling to many ps4's psn and ps4 online is gonna be packed with people playing multilayer games online this holiday. you get the ps4 first becauase that's what consoles are all about getting one where everyone is gonna be getting and playing games on so the holidays can actually be fun instead of getting the xbox one which will have no one playing it online lol.
showtimefolks  +   416d ago
I say after gamescom ps4 is only gonna pick up more momentum in Europe

Got mine pre ordered already, everyone of my friends who had xbox360 are now switching to PS4
Godz Kastro  +   416d ago
Really? Same story here but vice versa... Crazy ain't it.
showtimefolks  +   416d ago

Yeh I wouldn't doubt it because each amer is different. What's making the difference for my friends is both consoles are due out around the same time to where ps3 came out a year later so Many switched to xbox360

The more gamers that buy a console the more support it will get software wise so bigger sales equal to more conten and Bette services/support

That's why I care also having bigger online communities for games hat are due at launch is also a big reason
Godz Kastro  +   416d ago

I can respect that brother. I might preorder a ps4 this Friday. I have my day 1 x1. I'm gonna be objective and buy both. What video formats does the ps3 support? I'm assuming ps4 will follow suit. I def do more than just play games hence my big interest in x1 plus their exclusives look sick.
Godz Kastro  +   416d ago
If you have your preorder y do you care if they churn out more?
Psn800  +   415d ago
That is me knackerred then I will have to wait because I got to get three Ps4's my daughter & my son & me my Girlfriend will have to share until I can afford it , have to wait .
golding89  +   416d ago
Pre-order numbers are definitely in Sony's favor. Can sony completely win next gen hands down? I am not sure. but they surely have the momentum over Microsoft.
pedrof93  +   416d ago
Why are you not trolling ?
friedricr  +   416d ago
Because he has seen the Dark. The Dark Side ;).
ANIALATOR136  +   416d ago
well thats really gonna help sell the system over here...
gaffyh  +   416d ago
I already pre-ordered mine from Amazon


I heard they were running low, looks like Sony is doing what Nintendo did with the Wii and reducing the supply to create more buzz, can't blame them really, it works!
GentlemenRUs  +   416d ago
"I heard they were running low, looks like Sony is doing what Nintendo did with the Wii and reducing the supply to create more buzz, can't blame them really, it works!"

I don't think so, Just imagine how much consoles the factory's need to get made and out before the deadline!

One can only make so many in a time period.
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THC CELL  +   416d ago
Got mine pre ordered and paid for at a independence retailer
WeAreLegion  +   416d ago
All independence retailers are in 'MERICUH!!!
Denethor_II  +   416d ago
Just because you paid for it doesn't mean you'll one hundred percent definitely get it. "Oh sorry something went wrong with your order. We're happy to refund you, or we'll be getting some more in next month if you want to wait. Sorry."

It happens mate.
stevehyphen  +   416d ago
There are some things you just don't say, man. We know that's a possibility, but we don't talk about it.
Talk like that is why you're a steward and not the king.
Denethor_II  +   416d ago
HugoDrax  +   415d ago
It better not happen at my GameStop on launch day for XB1 and PS4, or there will be a riot. I know for a fact I was #2 and #4 to pre order my XB1 and PS4 launch consoles. I be dammed if they tell me "Sorry sir, somehow something went wrong with your pre order"
devwan  +   416d ago
I think it's better to go with one of the retailers Sony links to on their site - much better chance of things going smoothly.

Fair enough supporting your local indie when buying games, but when it comes to day one consoles I'll stick with ShopTo or Amazon.
THC CELL  +   416d ago
I work for game in the UK, trust me I'm.not missing anything:-) the independence store ps4 is for sale if I get it. My store I.work for only allow me one console at a discount too
Koyes  +   416d ago
I've already paid the £348.98 with ShopTo for the PS4 so I hope my order is honoured more so than those who paid later
KillrateOmega  +   416d ago
You know people are hyped about your console when you can't even meet the tidal wave of demands for it.
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xtremexx  +   416d ago
lol you know your system is good when you have to stop people from ordering it cause you cant meet the demand.
bumnut  +   416d ago
The same thing happens with every console launch, except Wii U!

Same thing happens with smartphones these days too
OrangePowerz  +   416d ago
I don`t think there was a huge demand for the PS3 (I love my PS3), there was certainly a demand for the console, but it was very easy to go into any shop and pick up a console compared to as example the Wii.
Williamson  +   416d ago
I always think of the ps2 when ever I see the ps4. Keep the momentum going sony.
Puppy_Farts  +   416d ago
This comparision, I enjoy it.
MasterCornholio  +   416d ago
LOL i still remember how much i loved that black monolith of a console.
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Infamous298  +   416d ago
Hope that the games will be diverse, what i liked about the PS2 that it have diversity of ,I hope developers will leave FPS genre with this generation
jeffgoldwin  +   416d ago
Please no ps2 comparisons. I bought that early on and regreted it. Loud fans, no hard drive, no Ethernet, no 4 controller ports, (all standard on the xbox) and inferior hardware specs. Was a let down and this ps4 is superior in all hardware specs, so this will be hands down better.

However I did have a blast with Twisted Metal, Metal Gear Solid, and Mortal Kombat.
Williamson  +   416d ago
I bought a ps2 early on as well and played so many great games, a time where being connected to the internet didn't matter...good times
GentlemenRUs  +   416d ago

The time where Single-Player and Split-Screen were the best game modes ever!

The memories...
Godz Kastro  +   416d ago
No big demand for ps3 after coming off ps2? One of best selling consoles ver? That flawed logic homey.
MichaelLito79  +   416d ago
This is the same thing that happened with Xbox 360, high demand not enough supply.
HammadTheBeast  +   416d ago
Yes. Good observation.

Many people were tired of the old Gen back then, and the Xbox came in as the first next-gen console, with Sony a year late.

Things are even now, and it will be interesting.
Muerte2494  +   416d ago
No exactly, Xbox360 had a year of the market all to themselves and blew a 10.million plus lead. Wii overtook them in price and novelty. PS3 overtook them after Microsoft started focusing more on kinect instead of games.

Playstation brand really helped propel PS3 also. Microsoft needs some new blood at the helm to get them back on track.


It's nowhere near even, ps3 has been in the lead since Sept 30th last year.
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Lunarassassin  +   416d ago
I don't think that's the kind of even he means.
I think he's talking about them releasing at the same time.
Death  +   416d ago
It's amazing you can see the 1 year lead Microsoft had and completely miss the 100 million lead Sony had.

At around 80 million sold for each, that makes it pretty close to even.
Muerte2494  +   416d ago
I never understand why people count the previous generation as if those sales are set in stone. PS2 went against Gamecube and Xbox. PS3 is against Xbox360 and Wii. Just because it sold well one generation doesn't guarantee it will sell well next gen. We're seeing signs of that already with the Wii U.


If you think the Xbox Brand carries the same clout at the Playstation brand, then you're in for a rude awakening. Sony doesn't have to prove to gamers that they're about games. They shown it over three generations. Microsoft has shown that even when they have everything going their way, they still manage to mess it up.
bumnut  +   416d ago
Its true, the exact same thing happened with 360. My friend preordered the day before me and got it on release day, I had to wait a week.

PS- Only on this site could you get disagrees for stating facts.
chrismichaels04  +   415d ago
@MichaelLito - why am i not surprised to find you on a Sony article trying to talk about Xbox. LMAO
ThisIsSolidSnake  +   416d ago
Glad i have mine pre ordered thru amazon. Here is US the lines are going to be long.Better delivered right to me than wait all night outside risking getting robbed or what have you.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   416d ago
I'll rip the throat out of anyone who tries to take my PS4 away from me. Lmao I kid, but I will be rushing in GameStop at midnight like I'm doing a QB sneak, getting in there and getting out. No time for chit-chat, there be games to play!
ThisIsSolidSnake  +   416d ago
You always hear every time a new console launches people getting robbed and shot and all that. Now with how insane the world has got the past decade just watch what crazy things people are gonna do. I'm glad I aint waiting in line at midnight.I've done that for to many times and it just sucks.And i've had enough of gamestop.This next gen im going back to the mom n pop shop i always have gone to. GS is like pre order from us and you get this "bonus dlc" you wont get without us.Then you get it thru the PS store a little later.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   416d ago
I agree with you Solid. But GS is literally down the street and around the corner from my house, so it's more a matter of convenience than anything. I've never been to a midnight launch, lol is it really that bad? I'm not in the mood to talk to too many people there anyway. If I had a mom n pop near me I'd totally support them.
_FantasmA_  +   416d ago
Take plenty of bodyguards. A bulletproof vest and some mace, your running shoes, and leaving someone at your vehicle while its on will also help ensure you get home safely because there, greatness awaits.
Puppy_Farts  +   416d ago
Got mine pre-ordered and paid in full!
pyramidshead  +   416d ago
Must be selling like goddamn hot cakes! :o
RandomDude655  +   416d ago
You're right....
Imma bout to go buy some hot cakes.
Sevir  +   416d ago
Paying mine off today today today at gamestop, ;) August 20th can't come soon enough, we'll hear the release date for sure! And at that point I'll just walk into Gamestop on midnight release and pick up my PS4, while grabbing, watch_dogs Killzone and Knack and an extra DS4 controller
LoveOfTheGame  +   416d ago
One does not simply walk into Gamestop at a midnight release.
Sevir  +   416d ago
I'm number 3 on the list at my store out of 300 that's guaranteed for launch day. I'll be walking in on midnight when that day rolls around
dredgewalker  +   416d ago
You'll be walking out of the store with a PS4 without wearing body armor and hiring body guards?!?! I gotta say you're one brave man :P
My_Outer_Heaven  +   416d ago
It's pretty clear that the most popular console will be PS4.. I hope this means more of my friends will get PS4 rather than Xbone.

Sure I worry that a bunch of loud mouthed youths will annoy us on online games with their bad, abusive and rude language but hopefully Sony will be able to monitor what is said and block those sons of bitch’s from the PlayStation network.

I want a console that a majority of my friends will play on.

Finally PS4 is having cross game chat as well as a party chat and a massive 2000 limit friend list which is huge! With that in mind, it’s safe to say PS4 will have a BIG social gaming crowd this time around.

PS3 certainly has had some truly amazing exclusives, and they’ve still not stopped releasing those amazing exclusives like Last of Us but unfortunately PS3 did not do so well for social gaming.

So I'm glad that Sony has finally made social gaming a big thing this time around.

The xross media bar is gone thank god and will become the dynamic menu which to me looks like tumblr meets Facebook meets gaming… It has social media built into it which is pretty cool, you’ll be able to like peoples gaming progress, achievements, habit’s and status’s plus your be able stream and share videos to each other with the hopeful ability of playing a friends game remotely is very cool!

360 certainly have the edge for social gaming last gen but Sony might have taken that torch from them this time around.

Sony have certainly learnt a great deal from their past, not just for social gaming but for making a console easier to develop for. PS4 is as easy to develop for as it was for PS1 according to Mark Cerny the PS4 System Architect.

I believe 360 did well mainly because it had an extra year to gather an initially large install base.

I urge all my friends to go with PS4 this time around, at least you can trust Sony more than you can MS especially when MS tried to enforce DRM on us and just because they tried to before doesn’t mean they won’t do it again. I’ve lost trust in Xbox gaming and the Kinect seems too gimmicky which to mean does not seem worth the extra £100 price tag.
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Wizziokid  +   416d ago
"PS4 pre-orders placed after Monday will not likely be fulfilled on release day"

So does that mean I have mine in the bag? I pre-ordered mine a whole ago from Amazon but unlike the US we didn't get the day one edition.
Kurt Russell  +   415d ago
I think you're ok then. I'm in the same boat. Pre-ordered mine right away but don't pay up until release (shopto)
ala_767  +   416d ago
PS4..... You certainly conquered next gen!
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bumnut  +   416d ago
Why do you say that? No need to reply, I already know the answer.
Ritsujun  +   416d ago
Someone ate too many nuts.
bigfish  +   416d ago
Release day getting closer..., i can sense the excitement building
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Ritsujun  +   416d ago
It's gonna be the tallest "building" in the world.
o-Sunny-o  +   416d ago
Start your engines! Just tell us when to go Sony. What day does it come out? ^~^ Gamescom hurry!
Lunarassassin  +   416d ago
Just glad i pre-ordered 2 months ago. Just hope that the fact i accidently selected standard edition, rather than day one edition doesn't screw me over.
Cryptcuzz  +   416d ago
Anxious to know when the release date would be for the PS4.

I certainly hope they will announce that at Gamescom and not hold it out until Tokyo Game Show.

The world wants the PS4 !!!
EXVirtual  +   416d ago
PS4... after Gamescom and TGS the demand for it will go through the roof. The PS4 reminds me of the PS2. Maybe, it'll get just as many of great exclusive JRPGs. Tales on PS4 here I come.
Akuma2K  +   416d ago
I'm glad I pre-ordered and paid off my PS4 along with BF4 Watchdogs and NFS Rivals a couple days after E3, not going to the midnight launch at gamestop by my house i'll pick it up in the morning when they open.

The demand for the PS4 is already thru the roof but once the official release is announced at gamesconn next month the demand will be in orbit....lol
Tatsuya  +   416d ago
Got my launch day PS4 from the UK, got my launch bundle from Amazon, I'm all set for next gen baby. Bring it on SONY! Both will be shipping halfway across the world.
NateCole  +   416d ago
Well Sony make more dam it. Get the ninjas on it asap.
jakmckratos  +   416d ago
If I was a dark wizard I would make my future PS4 a horcrux..then whenever someone went to play on it they would just see me the entire time on the side of the screen whispering ill wishes toward them the entire time.."NO go into the next room you fool! Ha got you that room is filled with zombies!"
Sarobi  +   416d ago
Mine is paid off~ Can't wait for the launch
Godz Kastro  +   416d ago
Thinking about preordering... I love new tech and I don't want to miss naughty dog next adventure
jessupj  +   415d ago
Good to see that company that genuinely supports the core gamers is being supported by the gamers.

Well done people.
Karpetburnz  +   415d ago
Oh yes Sony, give it to me baby.
NeloAnjelo  +   415d ago
Got my preorder in since they were available from shopto. Just don't know what and when to Trade In...? 5 DualShocks, a launch 60gb and a slim PS3, a 360, Wii... Arghhhhh. Give us the release date!
talisker  +   415d ago
When you read the title with logic, it says nothing. The opposite would be Sony NOT limiting supply, meaning they'd magically multiply consoles if demand was higher than they could produce.
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