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Abuse And Sexism In Gaming: Why Do It?

“Eat my face”, “Sit on my risotto”, “Cook me a cock” – female gamers have heard it all. (Casual games, Culture, Dev, E3, Industry, Mobile, Next-Gen, PS4, Tech, Wii U, Xbox One)

Ask  +   704d ago
Because guys will be guys.
SegaSaturn669  +   704d ago
Boring article. It's the same argument you've all heard before. Rather than waste your valuable time, vote down the site and move on.
dark-hollow  +   704d ago
But it's true, before you raise the "everybody get harassed online regardless of gender", just try lending your girlfriend/female friend the mic when you play any online game. The amount of "lol get back to da kitchen" and "I wanna f**k you" is staggering.

Yeah everybody is being made fun of online, but women get harassed way much more.
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Anthotis  +   704d ago
How do you vote down the site?
SegaSaturn669  +   704d ago
I'm not arguing that it isn't true. It's a known fact; there's no sense griping about the sun coming up tomorrow -- it's gonna happen.
ThisIsSolidSnake  +   704d ago
Immature guys or kids.I get the feeling this happens on COD and Halo more than anything else. "Cook me a cock?" WTF is that?
medman  +   703d ago
Immature is right. Also I guarantee these losers aren't getting any. Hence the animosity.
xtremexx  +   704d ago
“Sit on my risotto”? people say that?
Ask  +   704d ago
I have had a guy tell me to taste his pasta. I guess it could happen.
xtremexx  +   704d ago
wow *facepalm*
ThisIsSolidSnake  +   704d ago
He must have a noodle d!ck.
kalebninja  +   704d ago
@solid lmao im dying
KillrateOmega  +   704d ago
Dudes being immature, idiots? What else is new?
Enigma_2099  +   704d ago
"I'm hiding behind internet anonymity! I don't get held accountable for anything, so I can be the biggest jacka** I can be!!!"

Obvious question deserves an obvious answer. Captain Obvious flies off into the sunset. Obvious tri-fecta complete. Obviously.
ThisIsSolidSnake  +   704d ago
I never talk down a lady in real life or thru a game. I instead friend request them.
WorldGamer  +   704d ago
This is somewhat of a problem. I think the main reason is because of the anonymity of the internet in general, people feel more comfortable saying things that in normal, face-to-face interactions would be out of the question due to the inevitable consequences.

Hopefully they change that on the new consoles, making it harder for these anonymous behavior to ruin the experience for everyone.

Happens on N4G all the time, very sad indeed.
kalebninja  +   704d ago
yea man this site has some serious douchebags
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   704d ago
Another problem is alot of "celebrities" that lack any type of professionalism and maturity are being put on pedestals to represent the community. For some strange reasons this stupidity are accepted due to their social standing making gamers follow suit.

One can look at the Cross Assault debacle or even the most Killer Instinct "rape" joke. Why in Yevon's name with somebody who's supposed to be selling a product in an industry that is already under the microscope for violence (especially in schools) would make a comment so asinine to feed the media sharks and further add stigmas to the already tainted "gamer" title?

What has happenend at the turn of the millennium? My favourite hobby in past decades wasn't remotely the marred beast that it is now.
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maniac76  +   704d ago
Yep,its becuz ur just a random voice,and mofos talk shite,thats all it is,is smack talk.get ova it or star mutin mofos lol.or go to sites where peeps have profiles etc lol
AgentSmithPS4  +   703d ago
Why whine, the people that do this do not care and will not change. She suggests yoga but apparently she needs to meditate and use self hypnosis so she's not so sensitive. Games I've played allow me to mute people so it's not a big deal. I remember when two angry guys in battlefield bc2 vietnam threatened to rape my wife, my girlfriend, my mom, etc, I pwned them so badly that they didn't make much sense.
Hicken  +   703d ago
Stupid people are going to do and say stupid things. There isn't really anything that can be done about that.

Again- before somebody calls me out saying I think it's alright- I'm not condoning it. I think it's deplorable action I don't stand for, whether in games or real life.

But it's really no different from life: people will say ignorant crap when they think they can get away with it. So until there's a way to hold people accountable for their stupid remarks- and avoid some freedom of speech snafu in the process- it's gonna keep happening.
Picnic  +   699d ago
The guy in that picture looks like Jerry Lewis in The Nutty Professor.

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