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5 Ways ‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ Can Learn From ‘Killzone’ Trilogy

Analog Addiction writes: "In 2004 Guerrilla Games released the first installment of their first person shooter series, Killzone. Since debuting on the PlayStation 2 the franchise has graced the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable, with an upcoming entry set for the PlayStation Vita known as Killzone Mercenary. However fans of the Killzone universe are awaiting Guerrillas first foray into next generation development, when they release Killzone: Shadow Fall alongside the PlayStation 4′s launch.

The series is almost a decade old and has become synonymous with the PlayStation brand, however it has never fully reached the “killer app” status. In previous titles Guerrilla has showcased glimpses of brilliance within the series, but we are still waiting to see this expansive universe reach its true potential. However Guerrilla need not look far from their original trilogy to find ways to improve on the Killzone brand, and in a sense looking back is the strongest way to improve the future." (Killzone, Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

S2Killinit  +   640d ago
this game is looking real nice. I wonder if the gameplay will be on par with how it looks.
avengers1978  +   640d ago
The game play in the KILLZONE series has always been good, I just want some multiplayer info.
Shadowolf  +   640d ago
Yes it has, though I would appreciate more in the story department.
Williamson  +   640d ago
Im pretty sure it has already learned from the past games since its going to release this fall/holidays with the ps4.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   640d ago
5 ways they can learn is by.

- Not following kz3 example
- Not following kz3 example
- Not following kz3 example
- Not following kz3 example
- And only taking operations idea from kz3 :P

They need to get rid of move support as it was really unfair online or they need desperate servers for move.

Mostly only casuals like kz3 as I have been around the killzone community for years and most of them hated kz3 hence why it didnt sell as well as kz2, recived worse scores and had less people playing than kz2 did.

Stealth disagrees all you want but you can't prove me wrong. Kz3 ruined tons of what was good about killzone you casuals need to go away and stop ruining good series.
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BABY-JEDI  +   640d ago
Regarding the MP. This is really promising news to me
Thanks ; )
Killzoner99  +   640d ago
Anybody who played KZ3 would never say that. Go troll somewhere else TROLL.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   640d ago
Kid I'm famous in killzone.

I'm one of the best players in kz2 and had one of the best clans in kz2. We played kz3 for a very short time because the competition was dead. Kz2 clans ran the game for a short time and got bored because the game sucked compared to kz2.

You can call troll all you want but I guarantee I have way more hours in killzone than you do. And I've been part of the community for years.

You remember
Oceans (Xi)
Epro ( emazing gaming)

Yeah I'm sither11/ vCx-redemption I've been around killzone probably more than anyone here.
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FlunkinMonkey  +   640d ago
Definitely.. that s*** got discarded after a month and i went back to KZ2. Bring back KZ2 MP and weighty controls then we're talking business.

-Clan System
-Spawn grenades
-Weighty control

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TheFanboySlayer  +   640d ago
agreed they need to bring back that epic clan support in kz:sf
Shadowolf  +   640d ago
While I can concur with the sentiment of bringing back many of the great gameplay features found in KZ2, there are some KZ3 influences that also need to be added to the Shadow Fall mix as well. For example, sure I to loved the weightiness of the weapons which was also present in KZ3, but it was not as exaggerated for better gun control to which many KZ2 fans attribute to GG trying to offer a more COD experience which was far from the case. So the gun control in KZ3 was aces in my book.

Overall, KZ2 did offer more favorable influences with arguably the best clan based system this generation. Having played the E3 demo level, I can say with confidence that the controls of KZ:SF are not as weighty as they were in KZ2 feeling more in line with KZ3 so take from that what you will.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   640d ago
lmao Here 2 Own sither11!

I remember you and ninezeros going at it on KZ forums on that KZ2 vs KZ3 debate lmao.

I have faith that Shadow fall will at the very minimal least be better than KZ3. Even Mercenary looks better than KZ3 albeit it uses KZ3's crappy engine.


That link has the only footage of Shadow Fall multiplayer so far, but I like what I saw in that video. The signature gratifying kill chime is still there and the recoil looked great for that particular weapon when ADS. So far so good for me.
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FlunkinMonkey  +   640d ago
Sither was actually original Xi and H20 to be fair, he was in many of their A teams as well.. Ppl who think KZ3 was great compared to 2 just couldn't deal with KZ2's learning curve and level of competition.
Shadowolf  +   640d ago
Not to brag too much but I was a beast in both KZ2 and KZ3 and found both to be crazy fun. Sure, KZ2 has its advantages with clan matches and so on but I'm still playing KZ3 at the moment and loving it still.

By the way a little birdie told me that clans, and customizable lobbies and matches like KZ2 will be back in Shadow Fall. So no more random COD just launch into a match crap, hey, but don't quote me on that. But my source is fairly reliable.
MizTv  +   640d ago
Go back to what made kz2 great and ill never stop playing!!!
WeAreLegion  +   640d ago
PLEASE give us local and online co-op!!!
BABY-JEDI  +   640d ago
Bring back Hakha. He's the best! Sean Pertwee is the best.
WeAreLegion  +   640d ago
The guy complains about gimmicks, including Move. Obviously, he didn't play Killzone 3 with the Move and Sharpshooter. That was the best way to play!
Jamiex66  +   640d ago
I stand corrected ;) Thanks for reading the article mate
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WeAreLegion  +   640d ago
No problem. Did you play with Move? I highly recommend it. Other than that one gripe, it was a good article. I agree that the villains are always memorable, but the heroes need more work.
Shadowolf  +   640d ago
Great article!
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corvusmd  +   640d ago
Sorry guys, I know this will get me downvoted, but since this is an opinion article I'll post my opinion. I was super excited for the first Killzone and Killzone 2, but then played them and was seriously disappointed, they gameplay was sluggish and AI was horrendous. Judging by all the HD gameplay videos it looks to be more of the same...the environments, while having moments of beauty seem boring so far, and I'm not sure what difficulty it's on, but the AI looks retarded. It looks good, but not nearly as impressive as one would hope considering its a next gen title running at only 25-30 fps (in order to conserve processing power) and it's in single player mode. From what we've seen, there's very little particle effects, just some blowing sheets and trees, or some occasional fire or smoke...but overall the screen is pretty clear. It just looks like current gen at a higher resolution...again, looks good, but not anything ground breaking. Esp when you compare it to BF4 running a 64 player multi-player with fully destructive environments and lighting and particle effects all over the place (not to mention BF's ALWAYS amazing sound)AND it's running at 60fps!!!. There is SO MUCH more going on in this game, and it looks just as good if not better in most cases than Killzone in single player.


Again... Killzone looks like it'll be good, and I'm sure it'll make a lot of people happy, but seriously...the hype is over-exaggerated for it.

Just a head's up, I DO realize that part of this video is on PC not next gen consoles...however, it is running the DX 11.1 model which will be very similar if not exactly like the XB1 version, being that next gen consoles are nearly identical to PCs at the moment....it's a pretty good comparison, esp later when you do see it running on next gen, you can't tell...
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Jamiex66  +   640d ago
If you compare most games visually to Battlefield 4 though, it's hard to find strong opposition.
corvusmd  +   640d ago
Good point, maybe I'm just jaded on the Killzone Series, I remember it being one of the main reasons that I got a PS3, then just being extremely disappointed with the gameplay and AI. It seems like the only thing they have done to it now is slap a new skin on it, and even that (compared to other next gen games) doesn't impress me that much (although I admit it is good looking, just not comparatively). If you enjoyed Killzone gameplay in the past, it's easy to admit that you can just ignore my opinion and be happy...to each their own, but I'm just failing to see the excitement in this game when there are so many other great games out there.
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Shadowolf  +   640d ago

We are all entitled to our opinion, but it is really hard to take you serious when you comment on the AI of KZ2 being horrendous. There is no way in world you played KZ2 on a level above normal or even higher and with a straight face make that statement. KZ2's AI is still some of the most challenging period. While many shooters up their difficulty by making you more vulnerable to enemy fire, KZ2 truly makes the enemies more aggressive and intelligent.

BF3's campaign AI can't hold a candle to KZ2. Like COD it is a shooting gallery experience with a cute explosion waiting around each corner. I'm talking about the sensation a player has when he or she is in a shootout stand-off in a small given area and it almost feels like you're playing against real people, that is what KZ2 is like. For everything else you're talking about I just hope BF4 brings the good with their campaign because BF3's campaign was garbage. I've played the BF4 MP and you're in good hands there indeed.
NewVegasTroop  +   640d ago
I want collectibles back!!! vektan money and helghast emblems!!!!
MizTv  +   640d ago
I know people hate him but I want Rico in the game!
I love that dude
NewVegasTroop  +   632d ago
well I don't want him back but I'll like to know what happened to him and the rest.
Ron_Danger  +   640d ago
Slightly off topic but still pertaining to Killzone...

Everybody who registered for the KZ:M beta for vita start checking your email. I just got my beta code for it! It's 1,166 mb and starts tomorrow. They are only offering it for 5 separate days during a controlled time period but it's all explained better in the email.
tigertron  +   640d ago
Be more like KZ2 than KZ3 and you're on the right track.
MizTv  +   640d ago
Rhezin  +   640d ago
Hope we see Luger! Be cool to see her as the head of the Shadow Marshalls. And bring back the Helghast artillery strike helmet from the first killzone. That weapon was SO sick.
djwille88  +   638d ago
Seriously Kz 3 was my biggest gaming disappointment EVER! Martin Conner ruined the franchise...tried to make a COD clone and pissed off most of my Killzone 2 friends..60+PSN

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