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Creative Director of Watch Dogs Reassures Fans That The Game Looks Better Than The Aisha Trailer

DSOGaming writes: "Yesterday, we posted a new trailer from Watch Dogs. If you've already watched it, then you'll be definitely wondering why that trailer looked so awful. Our guess was that the game was captured from the current-gen (PS3/X360) version of the game, and that the PC/PS4/Xbox One versions would look way better. Although we don't know about the visual state of the current-gen version, the creative director of Watch Dogs decided to break his silence and reassure fans that the game will look way better than the Aisha Tyler trailer." (PC, PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

xtremexx  +   733d ago
i really don't understand that trailer. it looked really amateurish in the way the camera angles changes .etc
CaptainYesterday  +   733d ago
It looked like they let one of the interns make the trailer or something it wasn't great.
itspeaks  +   733d ago
I honestly think that you are spot on. It looks like the quality we saw from GTA 3 previews back in the day, and if you think about it an intern with less experience would create work which looks dated and less professional if only because those techniques are simpler. We have to remember, this was likely captured in engine and the process for doing so requires the user to utilize the complicated software programs properly to capture "gameplay." I can see no other explanation.
ShinMaster  +   733d ago
The pacing and camera made it look as if it was something fan-made.
skept3k  +   733d ago
I said the same thing in a different post. It doesn't make sense they would make a trailer using an inferior version of the game.

Then you look at the content and how it was produce, it looks really bad, amatuer at best.
1nsomniac  +   733d ago
I didn't understand it either, in fact I still believe it was an amateur made video using a GTA IV mod.

Not a single thing about it indicates its anything official, it's just soo bad!!
MiasmaDodo  +   733d ago
if people are upset because the PS3 version looks worse then the PS4 version; they need to check their brain

makes total sense to me
HammadTheBeast  +   733d ago
People are upset because it looks bad even for current Gen. If you look at the likes of GTA IV/V, or even Saints Row 3/4, or Infamous, you'd see that he graphics re much better than this.

I have no clue why they'd make a trailer this ugly to promote their game, it gives the impression that current Gen versions of the game will b half-assed.
1nsomniac  +   733d ago
I dont think anyone doesn't realise that at all. What they dont understand is the 16Bit textured.bmp faces & the decade old archaic stick animations.
MiasmaDodo  +   733d ago
maybe they want the Next Gen version (which cost more to make) to sell more?

ever thought about that?
1nsomniac  +   733d ago
Very good point, although it doesn't cost more to make at all, its just got an increase retail sales value that's a win-win situation for them but a lose-lose situation for us customers.
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SIRHC13  +   733d ago
I hate Aisha Tyler. So much. She ruined two Ubi E3 Press Conferences to date. In fact, I think Mr. Caffeine has more talent.

Yeah, I went there.
WeAreLegion  +   733d ago
I completely agree. Mr. Caffeine was more cringeworthy than Aisha, but I think that's why I love him. He's hilarious is the most unintentional way. ^_^

Aisha was just difficult to listen to.
CaptainYesterday  +   733d ago
I don't think she ruined the the ubisoft press conferences but she didn't really make them better whenever she was on it was very cringe worthy.
FarCryLover182  +   733d ago
She's a decent host, but most of her jokes failed to make me laugh. I just felt awkward after hearing them.
CrossingEden  +   733d ago
She's actually pretty funny and honest, so you need to calm down -_-
sAVAge_bEaST  +   733d ago
crazy ass bitch, pills.
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Nevers0ft  +   733d ago
I can't say I'm too thrilled with her as a host, but I'm fine with simply muting the audio and watching her... She's hawt!
sigfredod  +   733d ago
The Dark Side Of Gaming for some reason didn´t include the part of the statement where he even say that the 360/ps3 version looks better than this trailer, this trailer footage was taken from a PC with the wrong textures, lighting and frame rate
iBlackyi  +   733d ago
But why? How can someone be that stupid.
Agent_hitman  +   733d ago
It's amusin that t Watchdog visual is still compatible in current gen hardwares, cant wait o play this game.. On PS3 of course..
creatchee  +   733d ago
It reminded me of those GameStop preorder ads for games like Splinter Cell and Halo and Prototype that had custom dialogue and character movements, but had noticeably worse graphics than the actual game, like they were from a very early build or even a mockup of the actual game.



Or maybe custom code isn't available for next gen.
richierich  +   733d ago
Why did they release this trailer in the first place what were they thinking?
Dlacy13g  +   733d ago
Watch Dogs on current gen wont be so much about the graphics as it will be about the game play. I am not convinced this game will look better that is did in that video for "current gen"
pedroyamato   733d ago | Spam
maniac76  +   733d ago
well.... im waitn to hear wot they are leaving out of the nin version lmao,least wii u owners will have something decent this gen without big fluffy characters.
Shadowolf  +   733d ago
Ok now I can exhale.....Ubisoft please don't ever do something as careless as release a version of a popular upcoming title with the god aweful fidelity of this recent video. It seriously put a bad taste in my mouth of distrust and we really don't want to go down that lane.
bromtown  +   733d ago
That looks almost PS2 quality so something definitely went wrong somewhere. My guess would be that it's a work in progress run through at low settings to blot the trailer out that somehow got published before tweaks were made to the animation and all of the good quality lighting engines were switched on and particle effects and textures were applied.
vinamas  +   733d ago
See this is bullshit if the game that we were hyped for and voted to be best of e3 then we see it like a game for n64 u better fix ur shit up ubisoft I was gonna preorder it on the ps3 but after this trailer I might have to wait till the game releases to be sure
Excalibur  +   733d ago
So why release a NEW trailer if the game doesn't CURRENTLY look like that?

You guys do realize we buy games largely based on the material you release right?

If it looks like crap we are less likely to buy it.
You can't send out a picture of a blue ball and then tweet later that the ball isn't blue.
CertifiedGamer  +   733d ago
I am not really impressed by Watch Dogs, I'm sorry but look at the link below, and this is a mod running on GTX 570 PC. I think Watch dog looks like garbage on both Xbox One and PS4. Look at the link to understand what the graphics are suppose to look like. This is running on specs weaker than both PS4 and Xbox One. http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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despair  +   733d ago
Probably PC running on lowest settings :)
Godlovesgamers  +   733d ago
"Creative Director of Watch Dogs Reassures Fans That The Game Looks Better Than The Aisha Trailer"

Sure it does...

I bet you guys aren't going to milk this series to death either, right?

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