Deep Down listed as PS4-exclusive in a flyer from german retailer "Saturn"

The German retailer "Saturn" is listing Capcom's "Deep Down" as a PS4-exclusive in their flyer for the next-gen consoles. In the flyer they show some exclusives for each system.

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xReDeMpTiOnx1183d ago

Interesting, I would rather wait for official word but if its true that's one exclusive that is going to turn heads not that it hasent done so already.

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Thepharaoh1183d ago

A game that impressive does show promise it could do for the PS4 what Devil May Cry or Resident Evil did for the older PlayStations

Rhezin1182d ago

yeah no kidding, I kinda miss the days of the old exclusives that Capcom had for systems. Until they went multi-platform....

Supermax1182d ago

Infiltrator looks better.

thebudgetgamer1182d ago

The game that rocked America?

thebigman1182d ago

Infiltrator was a tech demo, at least we know Deep Down is a real game

Skate-AK1182d ago

Well that tech demo is running on a GTX 680.

fenixm1182d ago

We talking about capcom. I doubt is gonna be exclusive unless is pubished by sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.