MGS4 PSM3 preview: It's the most cinematic, probably beautiful game in history

scans from the 12 page preview

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crunchie1013900d ago - bit of a strange place to put up scans for MGS4?

Anyway, I'm going to take Shane Bettenhausen's advice and keep myself pure and avoid all further media on MGS4 till launch.

This game is going to be huge.

PirateThom3900d ago

No one can deny Metal Gear Solid 4 is GOTY.

Storm233900d ago

Yeah, I am done reading stuff. I just want this game!

Iamback3900d ago

Wanna bet that they("experts") will give GOTY award to some generic game like.....o lets say Gears of War 2?!

decapitator3900d ago


Utalkin2me3900d ago

Well maybe they should have took more scenes out of the game and put more in game content in it 15-18 hours of gameplay is awful.

Jack Meahoffer3900d ago

"No one can deny Metal Gear Solid 4 is GOTY."

I can. MGS4 will NOT be game of the year. Period.

GTA IV will be GOTY for various reasons.

MGS4 could get MOVIE of the year with its 30 minute cutscences maybe. lol

sonarus3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

hahaha wow jack good one. funniest $hit i've ever heard in my life.

I'm sorry but i just don't see GTA4 winning game of the yr when MGS4 is around. Not saying GTA4 can't cut it, but i have a lot more faith in kojima productions than i do in rockstar. GTA4 games are great for lightg playing but game of the yr needs to shake the gaming community and not just by sales. I need to see some gaming firsts. GTA4 might win at the end of the day not saying rockstar isn't talented but if i had to choose a side i will obviously go for the game i have been anticipating since 2005.

@Iamback they can't give it to Gears of war 2. Maybe fable 2 but gears won't get it. If gears didn't get it first time with the little competition, they won't get it this time. Fallout 3, GTA4, MGS4, LBP (depends on the impact though).

Diugu3900d ago

Jack, I must say that even though I want that game badly... that one was pretty funny. hehehe

I'll disagree with you, partly, and add to that MGS4 will be GOTY and win the Oscar for best movie. hehehe

Btw, I didnt click the disagree button.

jke823900d ago

why do you guys gotta let the fanboys out. every person who talks crap about the cuts scenes obviously havent ever played the game or is a 13yr old......ya see back when games didnt have internet connectivity or super multiplayer asswhoopery games were very dependent one what we call A STORY LINE....YEAH i know games didnt used to be cookiecutter stories about aliens invadeing a world and your job to be to shoot the crap outta them..*cough* *cough* halo, gears, resistance, insert mediocre title here

so because games were so dependent on their story lines and didnt rely on pure hype, (see examples above) to get by they had to draw people in and game devs knew this hence the reason we have ff7, the metal gear series, hell resident evil games even all story line driven.... now flash back to games today (and ill use my above examples again) those games the story lines really dont matter they all have the same one (boiled down to its most basic form) aliens bad you kill them save world.... gee real unique....and thats where games like metal gear came in story drives the game the plot the goals the WHOLE experience all the mgs games relied on plot and gameplay to drag you and make it addicting not the multiplayer thats once again not generic feeling or where its just based on the this gen on both sides ps3 and 360 have all had a generic feel to them and maybe this one will change it

butterfinger3900d ago

about GTAIV's reported 7 hours of cutscenes. I don't see why that would hurt MGS4's chances against GTAIV for GOTY. Most likely, GTAIV won't really be in the discussion anymore by the end of the year. Remember when Halo 3 won GOTY last year? Oh, that's right....

jke823900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

come across a game with crap story and good gameplay that was awesome in my opinion anyway. story drives gameplay those both combined are what keep you comeing back to a and a friend every sunday get spliffed up grill up food and play ff3 till our eyes bleed for good reason if a game is epic it will stand the test of time and only a handfull out there hopefully this will be one of em

++bubbles butter finger

Jack Meahoffer3900d ago

Seriously. The previous games were innotivative. What makes you think this new one will finally get a GOTY award? 50gb of storage? Have we even seen a PS3 game benifit from the Bluray storage yet? Heavenly Sword was 6 hours long. Uncharted not much more than that.

Does MGS4 have a revolutionary physics engine? No. What is MSG4 going to do that so new? You'll be able to use surrounding textures for camo...

Hey neither of the games are out yet so no one knows for sure which will win but looking at history I place my bet on GTA IV. GTA III revolutionized the industry last generation. Not many games can claim that. Like it not. No exclusive DLC or fanboy emotion can change history. While MGS4 will be a great game and I'm buying it on day one at the end of the year GTA IV or Fallout 3 have a better chance at GOTY than MSG4. GTA IV is the favored title at this point.

themyk3900d ago

and as much as i would love to see this game get game of the year. i can almost guarantee littlebigplanet well win it. if it is as awesome as it seems like it is going to be. people love giving goty awards to original ip's. i would be a happy camper if either of these games gets it. littlebigplanet. is going to be the biggest system seller of any console this year.

butterfinger3900d ago

about LBP being a really good option for GOTY based on the fact that it is an original IP. If the game lives up to its promises, then I believe it will win without a doubt. However, I don't believe this will be the biggest "system seller" as usually those come from name brand games that people recognize, i.e. GTAIV, MGS4.

Palodios3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

It has no revolutionary physics engine? That's your best defense? I don't know if you remember, but Kojima tried that before in MGS2. Remember all the little effects like when icecubes on the countertop that would melt more slowly together than apart, or how the cardboard box withered away when it was raining outside? Do you remember what happened? I distinctly remember a couple of reviews complaining about this and saying that we'd rather have them spending time making the game longer rather than stupid effects.
Metal Gear Solid 4 will have a gripping story, an incredible stealth battle system, some of the most amazing graphics we've ever seen, and it will have an online mode to combat single-player naysayers. This game has it all, and all you can say is "where is its revolutionary physics engine?"
Its a big year for games, maybe bigger than 2007, but MGS4 will at the very least be a contender.

TheJBag3900d ago

the games may have not featured physics,or shiny impressive things for that matter.

but what will make this game GOTY?

Story. it is the final chapter of imo the best storyline of any game series ever, it is going to be so epic.
i cannot wait to see what kojima san has instore for us!

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THC CELL3900d ago

this game will touch a lot of people
This game will make x box fans Crack and get a ps3
This game will smack mart pog and there armys in there faces
This game is Exclusive to ps3

poos33900d ago

any 1 heard the TLC SONG DREAMS can come true this is what i think when ever ps3 fanboy site and trolls think mgs4 will be a spescial game i dont

Kain813900d ago

i love Kojimas MGS-series i have played all of them.

RecSpec3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

"Closer to Metal Gear Solid 2 in feel than Metal Gear Solid 3"
I found that a little interesting.

But anyways, once the first leak gets out. That is the signal to hide in your bunker until launch.

Palodios3900d ago

I did too, but I don't see any reason to be surprised. MGS3 was in a jungle setting, featured different characters, and was a very different kind of stealth game than mgs1 and 2. I really missed Solid Snake, personally.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43900d ago

...And ONLY on My Baby;)PS3!!! ;-P