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golding891762d ago

I'd hate to say it but these consoles will "eventually" have the same fate as the ps2 and xbox. Although, both will be supported for a very long time to come. Still keeping both of them.

1761d ago
TomShoe1762d ago

PS3 will still be supported well into it's later years.

As for Xbox? Based on the Kinect direction they went in, it remains to be seen.

XboxFun1761d ago

Both of them will be supported. people who think PS2 was supported so late by actual Sony are mistaken. It was third party support that kept PS2 going and it was mainly only sports titles and loads of shovelware.

With the 360 having a large install base world wide we should still see support for the console long after the Xbox One releases.

pixelsword1761d ago

Just make a list of games to snag when they're $15.

ThisIsSolidSnake1761d ago

PS-Has a future.

xbox-Does not have a future.

1761d ago
ThisIsSolidSnake1761d ago

There is no good reason why you should be hating on the PS4.
There is no good reason why you should be getting a Xbox One.

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