Outlast outlined – PS4′s survival horror indie game cut open by Red Barrel’s Philippe Morin

OPM: It’s an interesting proposition: a combat-free survival horror built around investigation and escape. It’s also an indie game. One of PS4′s heavily featured line up of small studios. In this case Red Barrels, a ten man team made up of ex-Naughty Dog, EA, Ubisoft and Eidos staffers. Here I speak to co-founder Philippe Morin about the game to find out more.

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THC CELL1730d ago

Looks good and something that will scare poop out of me

GribbleGrunger1729d ago

I think it looks great myself. The only thing that concerns me is the constant colour saturation because of using the camera as a viewpoint. I can see that hurting my eyes after a while. I hope there's a demo because that is my ONLY concern.

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Mr-SellJack1729d ago

Wow gr8 talent,ex EA,UBI and ND!!

Rhezin1729d ago

yeah really don't like the "combat free" part. I wanna defend myself! And not with a camera! but this caught my eye...

"It’s the same with the patients – you see one down the corridor and you don’t know if he’s going to talk to you, push you, kill you, chase you. So we wanted players to always be in doubt of what’s going to happen."

THAT is cool. Yeah, probably going to get this one.

JunioRS1011729d ago

If you can fight back, it isn't nearly as scary.

I like the idea of no combat, it almost turns it into a playable scary movie.

Seafort1729d ago

Cool. Other gamers get to play it as well as PC gamers :)

Can't wait for this in September :)

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