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My research led me to the realization that Deadly Premonition is touted as the most divisive game of all time. The widest range of reviews, from terrible to near-perfect, came into play for this game. A lot of people didn’t like the strangeness of the characters (it’s sometimes like Monty Python meeting Stephen King for a dinner party), and I was definitely caught on the fact that the Special Agent you play seems to talk to his imaginary friend all the time. Others complain that the music isn’t appropriate during pivotal scenes of emotional distress. What I can tell you is this, if it bothers you, if it puts you on edge… Then a psychological horror game is doing its job. And Deadly Premonition does its job.

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CaptainYesterday1730d ago

If you are thinking about getting this game and aren't quite sure if you should or not go watch Two Best Friends Play Deadly Premonition and you will find your answer :)