Sony Offering Chance to Win Tickets to Gamescom Conference

"If you’re going to Gamescom 2013 and you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, then Sony’s latest competition might be worth a look – they’re offering the chance for fifty subscribers to “upgrade” their Gamescom trip by winning a ticket to see Sony’s conference live."

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iamnsuperman1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Entered. So now I got to figure out how I am going to get there. Anyone want to join me on my "epic" road trip with "wild" and "hilarious" mishaps (seems to happen in every road trip movie so there must be some basis to it)

Septic1691d ago

Ha where you from mate? I've booked my ticket and all my mates are going on a crazy road trip from the UK. It's gonna be insane. We got one spare seat.

jakmckratos1691d ago

I would totally go with you. Buttttt you probably would hate me..Im a very hatable person.