Injustice Gods Among Us Martian Manhunter Review

The fifth and debatably most demanded DLC character has finally hit Injustice: Gods Among Us. Plenty of people have wanted Martian Manhunter since the game launched and it’s understandable because he has massive potential thanks to his plethora of powers. So, did NetherRealm Studios make the character worth the wait or does he seem uninspired?

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Magnus7011545d ago

Day one character reviews go

JoeIsMad1545d ago

81? Really? This character sucked!

Magnus7011545d ago

Eh, too early to decide. But I think that unless there are more nerfs to superman you wont see Martian Manhunter in tournaments except for the novelty value.

Stevefantisy1545d ago

Your still talking about this game its time to move on bro.

ROQFrost1545d ago

Any word on the next character they will be adding?

Black-Helghast1545d ago

Probably Zatanna and Red Hood (Robin)

latincooker2141545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

what i dont get is why this dlc not part of the season pass. do anyone know???

Black-Helghast1545d ago

Because this game's season pass isn't a complete season pass. It only gives you one Skin pack and 4 characters, everything that comes after that doesn't apply to the season pass.

Kurt Russell1545d ago

They should do a Season 2 - "the unbalancing" pass