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My Idiotic Reason For Preferring The Xbox One

Dave Thier of Forbes: "As Microsoft and Sony jockey for gamers’ attention for the Xbox One and PS4 this fall, I’m leaning towards agreeing with Erik Kain when he says that the PS4 will likely be the better choice." (PS4, Xbox One)

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rbailey  +   667d ago
While everyone will have their own preference, someone who genuinely enjoys games will most likely end up with both consoles by the time everything is said and done. The only question is which console will be the one they buy first?
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n4rc  +   667d ago
Exactly.. But really, anyone trying to bash one or the other just comes off looking childish and moronic anyways..

I'm going x1 at launch simply because I preferred my 360 over my ps3 this gen.. And I'm all for what Microsoft is doing.. And Sony for that matter.. But I don't have the time to enjoy both so ps4 has to wait a bit..

I love gaming.. I don't recall ever not enjoying a console.. And I've owned like a dozen of them in the past 25 years.. Lol..
rbailey  +   667d ago
I agree with just about everything you said and especially so about people feeling the need to bash one console over another.

I plan on buying both because I enjoy games first and foremost. I will however point out the fact where if you're looking at the launch lineup as is right now, Xbox One got the better lineup hands-down.

That doesn't mean I'm going to bash the PS4 and not buy the console though. That was be just as idiotic as the author's reasoning for buying the Xbox one in the first place lol
n4rc  +   667d ago
I'll continue to say exclusives don't really matter much to me.. Most of my enjoyment comes from multiplatform games like battlefield, BioShock and borderlands. And batman just to coincidentally add a 4th "b" game Lol.

I am grabbing forza at launch tho.. And the black tusk game has some vague hype around it.. Gotta wait and see
SonyPS4  +   667d ago
Hey nothing wrong with preferring the One over the PS4. Both are great consoles designed to do the one thing we all love: gaming.

Game on, screw the fanboys man.
NegativeCreepWA  +   667d ago
My two main reasons are the controller and xbox live, those are two things I've always really liked. If I could use the PS4 controller before hand and if Sony actually laid out their PSN plans and impressed me with both, I would get a PS4 first.

Either way I'll own both at some point, just going with my preference first.
mewhy32  +   666d ago
Well I can't really say that this isn't a good reason to go with xbone. I have two 360's and a gamerscore of almost 30000. That's many many many hours of gameplay behind that. However, after what micro$oft has pulled this time with the DRM, pricing, inferior box, spy camers, and project prism, I have to go with Sony. Already pre-ordered my PS4/Killzone combo with extra Dualshock controller. IMO micro$oft has really blown it this time.
Rip-Ridah  +   667d ago
I love games, but I was done with Microsoft last gen when I was burned over & over again. I have so many PS3 titles on my shelf that I have not played yet. Every game does not have to be played that may interest you. This is why one can have massive game enjoyment on one console. Not all of us single console supporters are unreasonable fanboys. I'm fully aware of each platforms strengths and weaknesses. Some things are just too hard to overlook.
slyleo2001  +   666d ago
I completely agree with you. I got a Xbox 360 at launch and I have to say I had a blast it was good times.

But things started to change and Sony was looking like a better way to go, so My brother and my friends all traded our systems in for ps3's at Gamestop. the huge catalog of games kept me busy I still have a back log lol.

A few times I was thinking about going back for games like fable 3 and the witcher, but after reviews and I could get it on PC anyways I decided against it.

The 360 is fun and I had a great time but for me personally I have allot more fun with ps3(loved being able to buy a game online and share it with my wife and play-online at the same time). Looking forward to the new systems and see what their new ideas on the future of gaming are!
CrimsonStar  +   667d ago
Exactly the only reason im getting the xbox1 first is because of the launch line up . Ill enjoy the PS4 next summer with an amazing back log .
zekk  +   666d ago
not sure if i'll be getting both. I mean I loving gaming but I only have souch moneh to spend at any given time(got bills to pay).....and there is the whole lack of time issue....
headblackman  +   666d ago
if money is your issue and you've got bills like that then neither one of the consoles should be for you. keep your priorities in line sir.
Hicken  +   666d ago
Not necessarily.

I love games. If money was no object and there wasn't much difference between the companies, I'd get them all every generation. As much as I prefer Sony, I know there are quality titles on everybody's systems(which is why I have 360 and Wii games without having either system).

But, these days, it's about more than just the games on a particular system. The response to Microsoft's DRM showed that.

People care about more than just the games. I think they always have, and just haven't really thought about it. Nobody wants to buy a console and then only have games for the first few years.

If I had the confidence in Microsoft that I have in Sony and Nintendo, I wouldn't hesitate to buy the XB1. Because there ARE games that I'd get one for, even if they haven't been announced just yet.

But as much as I'm hoping for a Lost Odyssey 2 or something similar from Mistwalker, as much as I'd like a new Blood Wake or Crackdown(more like 1, 2 was mediocre), that's balanced against my mistrust of Microsoft as a company.

They had an opportunity to assuage some of that with their handling of the XB1, and they instead fostered its growth.
Agent-86  +   667d ago
So his Gamerscore is his reason to get an Xbox One. Yep, that is pretty idiotic especially since he pretty much admits that the PS4 is the logical choice. I have Steam plus a PSN account and achievements/trophies are very low on my list for playing games. I thought we played them for enjoyment.
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Dunpeal  +   667d ago
don't burst the fanboy's bubble. he's special :D
Agent-86  +   667d ago
Funny one! Bubbled you up for making me laugh.
iamnsuperman  +   667d ago
It is a reason nonetheless. I remember a while ago some industry guy said Microsoft may initially have the upper hand because of people wanting to keep their gamerscore and people will go to systems they had before to keep their trophies and achievements. Some people have spent a long time getting a high one. I still think it is a stupid reason to buy a console.
SonyPS4  +   667d ago
Not the greatest reason indeed. If I were to buy the One over PS4 it would be the launch lineup which I will admit is one of the strongest in history. PS4 post-launch lineup is why I choose PS4, but hey we all have preferences.
iceman06  +   667d ago
Wait...you didn't get the memo...here it is...

ATTENTION ALL GAMERS!!! Games are now not really for fun, but for some obtusely obtained, randomized score given to you for completing mundane tasks in said games. The gamer with the HIGHEST score gets.....NOTHING!!! -END

Okay, that was a bit sarcastic. Seriously, I don't knock anybody for liking to see that dangling carrot. I just assume ignore it and game to have fun. Sure, you could do both. But, at some point, the temptation of an easy Platinum from Barbie Adventure Paradise: Hollywood Design Edition will certainly creep in. THAT is rock bottom. lol
Lunarassassin  +   667d ago
I actually had a friend once that said "i might get just dance 4"
I asked him why and he just said " achievements"
That was the start of a very long argument.
Bigpappy  +   667d ago
I like the achievement system, but it is not what makes me want to stay with X1. X1 to me is just the more progressive system. It has innovation all over the place. It will feel totally new. I have out grown the 360 for about a year now. I need something that will have lots of different things to do. Some exciting surprises. With 3 OS, the digital direction, implementing Kinect as a controller assist component, Skype and other win 8 apps across systems, voice control for TV and internet along with the ability to have several things going on independent of each other is huge. People don't really understand how good this is until they go to someone's house and see them just sitting there doing it all.

Sounds really forward thinking to me.
Lovable  +   667d ago
Oh hey someone who actually knows what he wants! Crazy
Dee_Cazo  +   666d ago
Thanks for pointing out that the Playstation offers nothing new to the table in terms of innovation. I always felt it's interface alone made it seem like I was still on the PS2.

Sure it has great games but almost every single game is multiplatform, so I will always choose the system that will help push gaming into the future.
ShinMaster  +   666d ago
"innovation all over the place"

"implementing Kinect as a remote control for you TV"

PROTIP: The Xbone isn't the only next-gen console taking a digital direction.

But, you know, whatever makes you sleep better at night.
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TrevorPhillips  +   667d ago
I'm just gonna click back and check what else is on N4G that is much more interesting to read than reading this
FanboyCrusher  +   667d ago
Thanks for more flame bait Maria, seriously, leave, nobody wants you here anymore. Except for the other dumb fanboys that agree with you.
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HammadTheBeast  +   667d ago
Why don't you submit some articles then?
No_Limit  +   667d ago
Did Maria got restricted from posting again? He usually is the first or second poster on her own submission and adding her usual old anti-Xbox links and repeating her same old an-MS preaching.
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corvusmd  +   667d ago
It may sound idiotic at first, but really that's the kind of stuff it's coming down to...just preference. The policies are virtually identical. As time goes on we are seeing that the PS4 isn't really the "console powerhouse" everyone assumed it was at first, even if it is more powerful, it's not by much at all, and the way that it processes games will take more energy anyway being as XB1 will utilize DX 11.1/2 to help create better looking games with less.


We've seen both consoles play games live, and they look very similar, and in fact at this early point the XB1 is even looking better (that may change when developers learn how to properly create games for PS4), but that is beside the point, because BOTH systems look leaps and bounds above what we were getting on current gen, and those games still look amazing...next gen will probably be better than most of our TVs anyway. I think we are getting too caught up in paper specs and not looking at ACTUAL functionality. People want to say this system is better spec wise than that one, or no this one is better cause of this...true they both have their areas of advantage, but pretending that EITHER of them is weak and doesn't make amazing looking games is ridiculous. Typically people look at the PS4 GPU and say..."see it is more powerful and it has more RAM" well yeah that's true BUT the RAM on a PS4 has to bear the full load of all the sound for the games (which is huge) where as the XB1 has a dedicated sound card to do that, and the way the PS4 is structured NEEDS a more powerful GPU where the XB1 does not. XB1 is running MOST games at 60fps flawlessly and looking gorgeous, if PS4 is so much more powerful, why can't the same be said for PS4? But I digress...either way we are being spoiled this next gen, so it comes down to preference in exclusives and other little reasons like gamerscore (which does matter to me as well). Even arguing about Kinect seems pointless to me, the Gen cycle will be about 10 years, that's $10 a year for a device that can drastically improve your gaming and non-gaming experience...not to mention IMO IMO IMO IMO the extra $100 over 10 years (plus $10 more for XBL...assuming you don't get the deals for cheaper XBL) is well worth the HUGE advantage of the upgraded XBL system. This is the ONE area where I think the systems have a huge distinction, and XBL will crush PSN in raw power and system advantage...and to me and the kinds of games I play, this is HUGE (MPs/MMOs/Sandbox games). The PSN version of "Cloud" is just an offsite storage. XBL version is that and better matchmaking more dedicated servers and even cloud computing that looks to create a huge advantage on helping systems perform. http://www.youtube.com/watc... (sory Audio only)
corvusmd  +   667d ago
* (sorry had to make it two part cause I ran on too much)

Even if it's not an exclusive, the Titanfall developers at Respawn say that Titanfall won't go to PS4 due to network
http://www.respawn.com/news... or http://www.digitaltrends.co...

But if network doesn't bother you this isn't a big deal to you like it is to me....so again we are just back to which exclusives you like better...I have had a PS every gen so far, but I prefer the Xbox exclusives and have grown tired of the PS exclusives (although Order looks like it'll be cool). Not to mention I feel the 3rd Party games I like will benefit more from the XB1 architecture. I know I put a lot of PRO XB1 stuff in here and then said it was just up to personal preference...I wasn't trying to say XB1 is better for everyone if it came off that way, it just seems that XB1 keep getting kicked down, when really it's a very good system as well, I promoted those points to "level the playing field" and point out why I prefer the XB1 at this point..I'm not saying anyone is stupid if they don't, to each their own, but it is really getting down to smaller details now.
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black0o  +   667d ago
what ever make u sleep at night
S2Killinit  +   666d ago
well, for me it comes down to the games and Playstation has always had the better games (both number wise and ratings wise). Also you mentioned graphics, that is pure speculation on your part, not to mention that the xbone games were being played on PCs if I remember correctly.
corvusmd  +   666d ago
It comes down to games for me as well (and the much better network of XBL) but my opinion is the complete opposite of yours, as I like XB1 exclusives much better. At this point graphics is speculation on EVERYONE's behalf, so yes it is on my point as well, I can only go by what I've seen. Anything I said about FPS or DX 11.1 etc or otherwise is based on fact, which is why I included my sources. As far as Xbox Games being played on PC, it's actually more the opposite, most Xbox games were played on console where as most PS4 games were initially played on PC...that being said, both consoles are remarkably like PCs so this gen the difference there will be minimal anyway.
S2Killinit  +   666d ago
well, if it comes down to games, then history says you console is the wrong choice. Don't get me wrong, I mean someone may really like Halo so much that they are willing to look past everything else like support for core gaming. Otherwise you shouldn't make claims that go contrary to two whole generations of games. XBL's superiority... I'm not sure if there is much if anything to separate the services, especially now that both services are being paid for. I've had both consoles (PS3 and 360) and never felt the charging was justifiable. Your last point about which console was being played on PCs is just plain wrong. There were pictures of xbox games being played on Windows 7 PCs. Also trust me when I say you will see the difference between the two consoles when it comes to the exclusives made by 1st party Sony studios.
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gamertk421  +   667d ago
Any reason to prefer the Xbox One is not idiotic or silly.
Kita2950  +   667d ago
When the hell is the launch date!!. Articles like this one just keep fueling the console war.

A few days from now, im expecting an article like "what would happen if xbox 1 was sony's next gen console labelled ps4" or "What do u think of the ps4's power button".

Dont quote me wrong, im a sony fan but shouldnt we be speaking games or possibly, games are not of much importance now
ghostrider32  +   667d ago
N4G Bible: Old Testament

He who does not only game on Playstation shall be persecuted and stoned to death.
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FITgamer  +   667d ago
So it's just as ridiculous as the christian bible.
SonyPS4  +   667d ago
+1 for funny.
aa_net66  +   667d ago
Men this MariaHelFutura person must have xbone one nightmares...a giant vcr like machine chasing him/her rendering 60fps zombies

N.B. Incase anyone missed it, this article was posted by MariaHelFura, thus explaining the retarded headline that aims to insult anyone preferring xbone so flagrantly

I'm now certain this person is obsessed with xbone
ShinMaster  +   666d ago
The headline wasn't written by MariaHelFutura. It was written by the author of the article itself.
You guys need to learn to read.
urwifeminder  +   667d ago
As an older gamer Xb1 has me covered a great addition to go with my pc looking forward to it.
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shibster88  +   666d ago
for me this gen xbo was my fav and some people said im getting the xbox one bcause the 360 was my fav this gen, that means they havnt been up to date with thenews, and for me this gen was xbox but next gen is so gong to be ps4 because of its gaming capability good titles and more to be announced, and also you can still benefit from not having psn plus aswel as having it
S2Killinit  +   666d ago
well, for me, I don't have the time or resources to have both and it comes down to the exclusives. Since PlayStation has had the better track record, I am going for a PS4.
50PcntMoPowaFool  +   666d ago
Ps4 is the most innovative console ever!!!

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