What is the best Need for Speed?

Need for Speed games have managed to capture the essence of just about the entire spectrum of the automotive world. From million dollar supercars screaming through small towns and forests, to Japanese tuners threading their way through highway traffic. For all of its successes, the series has had a few stumbles along the way and produced some games in the franchise that are simply better than others. With a brand new Need for Speed title, Need for Speed Rivals, set to debut later this year, we thought it'd be a good idea to round up our top three Need for Speeds...

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xReDeMpTiOnx1789d ago

I think need for speed most wanted was the best one IMO

iamnsuperman1789d ago

Totally agree. That was the pinnacle of the series for me

Retroman1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

are you serious??? must not never played first 7 NFS on ps1 ROAD AND TRACK PRESENT THE NEED FOR SPEED,NEED FOR SPEED 2,NEED FOR SPEED 3 HOT PURSUIT,NEED FOR SPEED HIGHSTAKES,NEED FOR SPEED PORSCHE UNLEASHED,NEED FOR SPEED RALLY,PS2 NEED FOR SPEED HOTPURSUIT 2,ps2 NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND after underground all hell went down since then. no recovery since. criterion tried twice but failed!!! ghost games RIVAL look promising.

Kurt Russell1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

NFS 2 was incredible... so so fast at the time. And Hot Pursuit (original) was one of the best split screen games on PS.

Iceman_Nightmare1788d ago

if you mean Most Wanted 2005, not the 2012 remake.. I agree.

NukaCola1788d ago

I got Most Wanted on the Vita and it's by far my favorite handheld racing game.

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Godlovesgamers1789d ago

"What is the best Need for Speed?"

The one you have the most fun playing.

Next question...

shivvy241788d ago

Yea I agree , I really like nfs most wanted !

MKDA_Scorpion1788d ago

The Original Most Wanted, the new one was terrible compared to the old one. Hot Pursuit 2 was really good, and NFS Underground 2 was probably the best. Free Roam, didn't just jump into cars and start races, and required constant customization on the cars + a really good OST.

LordStig1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

For me, Shift 2 was the best. I loved that professional racing and in-depth car tinkering, Followed by the first most wanted then underground2.

ironfist921788d ago

Shift 2 was visceral and intense, absolutely loved the experience.

However in terms of the arcade titles, Under ground 2, followed closely by Most Wanted (old one, not the boring new one)

LordStig1788d ago

The new most wanted felt slow and the handling didn't feel responsive but its car roster was very good.

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