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Why We Need a Kingdom Hearts Reboot

With recent word from series creator Tetsuya Nomura that Kingdom Hearts III will wrap up the ongoing story but not the franchise itself, Gamers Association editor Luke Frazier's mind went straight to reboot territory. Which, in his opinion, wouldn't be such a bad idea. (Culture, Kingdom Hearts 3)

Root  +   765d ago
We need one in a way because the story has just become too complicated. If they rebooted it and kept the main series to consoles then we wouldn't have a problem.

I mean they could reboot it but just do a re telling of the story but change things here and there so the story goes a long a little bit more smoothly. When I say reboot it though and change things to make the story outcome different I don't bloody mean like the horrible dmc reboot.

Least then Sora, Donald and Goofy will still be around.
Need4Game  +   765d ago
People Demand the new & similar Game Experience they Got from existing Kingdom Hearts, not a Reboot.
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M-M  +   765d ago
The story actually isn't that complicated once you know what's going on. It's actually amazing how complicated the story is, yet it all pieces together to finish off the Xehanort saga.
Root  +   765d ago
Yeah if you play on all the games which are separated on different platforms.
M-M  +   765d ago

It's called watching walkthroughs on Youtube =).
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MrSwankSinatra  +   765d ago
make every kingdom hearts game that is not one or two non cannon an then just start where two left off with three
SpiralTear  +   765d ago
A reboot? After all those spinoffs, I just want a proper sequel.
staticdash22  +   765d ago
I AGREE 100% !! The story became way too convoluted, but I love the series anyway.
ZHZ90  +   765d ago
Rebooting KH is a bad idea, after years with spin-offs now we need sequel.

KH doesn't need to be rebooted, it needs to continue.
Hicken  +   765d ago
There's no need for a reboot. A reboot is going back to the beginning and starting over. There's zero need for that.

If you wanna get the low-down on the whole story, the closest you're gonna get is the HD Remixes, and that's close enough. Unless you wanna go back and play the games again. And there's no reason why you shouldn't.

It's not as if the franchise has lost its direction, like Resident Evil, or been in need of a new start, like Tomb Raider.
jambola  +   765d ago
He mentions a possible new tale, new heroes etc, but Nomura has said before that sora will always be the hero
Jagsrock  +   765d ago
K3 is still in the baby stages and you're talking reboot?
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   765d ago
Nah KH is fine. After KH3 they said the story wont be over just the Xenoheart saga. And the story is'nt even hard to understand.

The way the KH universe is set up I could see another series EZ. Especially if they did a pre-quel series with the whole keyblade war. Master and Apprentice system how that was established? Maybe even a saga about the first keyblade master and their journey.
XishikiX  +   765d ago
I think Kingdom Hearts is at it's best when it uses Disney/FF possible Marvel/Star Wars fan service. I find that the most amusing when Donald Duck, Goofy and Sora or whoever going around messing up worlds. But, a plot is necessary to glue everything together.

Having, a reboot though is unnecessary KH3 is finishing up the Sora Trilogy (plus spinoffs). They can start a new adventure afterwards acknowledging but not harping on what happened in the past rather than just forgetting.
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