The College Student: PS4 vs Xbox One

Because of its $100 cheaper price, does the PS4 already win in the college student market?

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mcroddi1540d ago

400 bucks plus 50 for PSN Plus gives one a major advantage with the subscription based free game instant library.

Kydawg1540d ago

College students are supposed to be smart right? So PS4.

Hydrolex1540d ago

Sometimes not, the way Microsoft planned X1, I wondered, did they even attend college ? Horrible marketing... Do they even lift ?

Hydrolex1540d ago

on the other hand, Sony planned it so nice that made Microsoft change its plans LOL DRM and 24/7 online thing that were changed later

mewhy321540d ago

Well college students are supposed to be intelligent, but more than that they're usually strapped for cash LOL. At least I was!!! 100.00 dollars is a great deal of money for a college student, trust me. If a student can't get their parents' to buy a console for them and they only have enough to buy one, on their own, I'm going to say that they're buying the PS4 based on cost alone.

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JunioRS1011540d ago

$400 + $50...

$500 + $60...


WolfOfDarknesss1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Xbox one Alone = $500 +headphones =$ 60 + One game = $60 + XBOX LIVE membership = $65

TOTAL $685

That's really expensive .

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JunioRS1011540d ago

ooo somebody isn't getting a ps4 and is jealous of our systemmmm lol

mxrider21991540d ago

@gildarts i love how you did tax on the ps4 and not for the xbox as well as your math didnt even add up correctly without the tax and you can use tablets and smartphones for those extra add ons for the ps4 games you dont need a vita the vita is to play it as if your playing on the console not the side add ons for instance like in the division you can control a little flying robot for tactical support with the vita you oplay the actual characters pls atleast learn 3rd grade math b4 you post again

Anon19741540d ago

And let's not forget that MS is expecting you to shell out either for batteries or "charge and play" kits again. So figure $500 + $25 headset, $60 for extra controller, $50 for 2 charge and play kits and then $60 for XBL, and that doesn't even factor in games or tax.

You're looking at almost $200 difference between this and a basic, PS4 setup with two controllers, and the PS4 will have software added on through PSN+ initially. Just in terms of a value proposition, the PS4 clearly has the advantage.

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creatchee1540d ago

I've never agreed with "cheaper is better" argument. A lot of college students have iPhones, which are $100 (or more) expensive than some more powerful and/or capable Android models.

People (college students included) will buy things that they feel suit their wants and needs. Some will look at the price, but others will overlook the price. It all depends on the user.

cellur1111540d ago

People who can afford those things will overlook the price, if you don't have a lot of money or are a poor college student i can almost guarantee you will look at the price.

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yeahokchief1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Plus many of the features for Xb1 like for cable television totally don't apply to college students.

College students aren't going to be paying for cable... Not in the dorms anyways. I had cable when I lived off campus in a big house with some friends, but even then i never watched any of it because i was always too busy with either work or games.

TDLR: In college you pretty much need your gaming device to just play games because you're not going to have a lot of free time unless you major in something retarded.

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Speed-Racer1540d ago

I need to win the lottery to buy both!

yeahokchief1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Lol you don't need to win the lottery to buy both.

I could buy both and im lower/middle class. there really is no middle class imo. its upper and lower. and even for lower class, consoles are dirty cheap because the goal is to make money off the software for them to the masses.

i got my ps4 launch edition for $311 with release day shipping thanks to and my own craftiness.

i'm hesistant to jump into pc gaming though. i could totally do that too and build a nice triple monitor rig. but its conflicting because ive got wayy too many WiiU, Ps3, Vita, PSN and soon PS4 games to play not to mention GTA V.

if anything GTA V with triple monitor support will be what pushes me to build a monster rig.

it's not just the cost of the graphic card. its also the cost of the 3 monitors since nvidia cards need all the monitors need to be the same. and really if you're not going to do triple monitor resolutions then you might as well play on a console given how cheap they are and how games specs are built around them.

TomShoe1540d ago

College students buy what their friends buy.


jeffgoldwin1540d ago

Nah more like a ps3 or 360. Most are struggling with finances.

HugoDrax1540d ago

Funny you say that, but Microsoft's marketing approach can be unique at times. Example when I began undergrad back in 2001, prior to the XBOX release date, my dorm was given an XBOX 3 weeks before launch. It sat in our lobby, with 2-3 games for us to enjoy until Microsoft returned 3 weeks later to retrieve the console. Although, at the time I had my Dreamcast and PS2 in my dorm room, it was enough to convince me to purchase an XBOX at launch. So did the rest of the gamers in my dorm as well.

Good times, we use to run HALO LAN parties thoughout the dormitory utilizing our local network from within our rooms. It was essentially a system link, except we didn't have to be in the same vicinity because we were all linked to the same router. This was before the existence of XBOX Live, so HALO LAN parties were a big thing at the time.

Anyhow, all I'm saying is if they want to control the college market, they will put forth that effort. I also recall another marketing approach done by Microsoft in conjunction with DELL 2 years ago. Buy a DELL computer for college and get a free XBOX360. A friend of mine actually took DELL up on the offer, and sure enough he received his free XBOX360. Funny because the desktop crapped out on him in two weeks, he returned it to DELL and he still got to keep the XBOX360 hahaha!

LOGICWINS1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

"Let’s face it, college students don’t exactly have the best financial situation especially with how expensive going to school is these days. Between paying tuition, paying for living expenses, and other expenses like a cell phone and internet, for most college students the console war actually means something more than just hey *insert console here* is better because most of us don’t have the luxury of being able to get both systems."

If thats the case, why would a college student even be thinking about buying ANY next-gen console at launch? If price is such an important factor to these people, then wouldn't they be waiting for the first or second price drop before getting a console?

Its like saying that Applebees is a better option for homeless people than Peter Luger since its cheaper, when the reality is that neither are realistic options.

pacostacos1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

yeah if money is that tight either they wont buy a next gen console or stick with the current gen/ buy cheaper current gen. People are gunna buy w.e they prefer if they cant afford a $500 console i doubt they can afford a $400 console. Plus once you factor in games, taxes, and other stuff they both get quite pricy.

Shadowolf1540d ago

To someone with a healthy and steady income that $100 difference isn't quite as critical but to the college student saving $100 is heaven, are you kidding. You're right the college student would indeed factor in buying games and with the PS4 option he or she has quickly estimated that for the price of an Xbox One they can buy a PS4 bundled with Watch Dogs, COD Ghost or BF4 or Killzone Shadow Fall have PS+ for a year and download and play DriveClub for free on day one. Oh and cross game party chat is free for good measure. lol!

raytraceme1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

For a college student in a dorm room the xbone is not a good choice because of kinect which is basically useless in the environment.

Software_Lover1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Yeah, because every game uses Kinect!!!!!! /s

There are many other features of kinect besides dancing games. Menu control and voice control.

I'm not saying they are good options, but they are there and it wouldn't be a total waste.

I do get your point though.

duducus1540d ago

It would be difficult for transportation and set-up in a dorm though...

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