Guacamelee Gold Edition Is Coming to Steam

IGN: The smash-hit PS3 and Vita Metroidvania brawler Guacamelee! is officially coming to PC.

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dedicatedtogamers1601d ago

Hope the PC crowd enjoys it. Played it on my Vita and I liked it alot.

Actually, now that I think about it, the PC crowd will probably like it even more. This game is chock-full of internet may-mays that PC users are probably more likely to understand.

majiebeast1601d ago

Its a great game 1 of the best metroidvania games out there.

Corpser1601d ago

I thought it's an exclusive, Sweet!

grailly1601d ago

I'm really happy that pc gamers are going to be able to enjoy this, it's a fantastic game. Drinkbox deserves more recognition.

I'm also a bit sad because it means that I'll have to wait a bit more for drink box's next game.

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