Deal of the Week: Max Payne 3 Sale on PSN

There is an amazing deal on the Playstation Store for Max Payne 3 that you would be a fool to miss!

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mafiahajeri1724d ago

For 8 dollars max Payne 3 is a steal.

DoomeDx1724d ago

4.99 on the steam summer sale a few days ago. Thats a steal haha

mafiahajeri1724d ago

I borrowed it from a friend that's a steal haha

Master-H1724d ago

I torrented it , that's a REAL steal haha

aceitman1724d ago

I stole the idea from someone and made the max payne game. that's a steal haha

joe901724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

mafiahajeri you are no better than Master-H

both of you didn't pay any money to play the game, in fact Master-H is better than you as he may of enjoyed the single player and might buy it for the multiplayer, you just damn right played that game for free giving not 1 penny to R*.

mafiahajeri1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

I was just trolling him, lol. I bought it. Heck I paid a premium price to get it early xD

I love to support devs especially R* I buy all their games. Supporting these devs just means we will get better games in the future.

mafiahajeri1724d ago

You killed it aceitman... You killed it.

aceitman1724d ago

im still alive haha.and I stole ur soul nick309.

FamilyGuy1724d ago

Defiance also got a price drop to $10 is is a full game that released only a few months back. I'm very tempted but so many to catch up on already with others releasing very soon.

Need more time -_-

jayswolo1722d ago

I'll be posting an opinion piece on the State of Defiance soon....$10 should have been it's launch price.

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