GameTap: Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer Hands-On - GTA multiplayer you say? GameTap reports first impressions

GameTap writes: "I've often asked myself what I would do without a cell phone. In Grand Theft Auto IV, just as in real life, the answer is simple: not much. Just as Rockstar Games created seamless transitions in past GTA titles, jumping from the single-player campaign to the new multiplayer component is a phone call away. You can drive in a 100-MPH car chase with five cops on your tail. Walk down the street and admire the light shining through the arches of a bridge. Or jump off a 20-foot skyscraper. Just hit a face button, toggle to "multiplayer," and the game jumps online and entirely new modes. The cell phone is the portal to almost everything in GTA IV: information, missions, key characters, and now online multiplayer.

During our hands-on test time at Rockstar Games in New York the publisher revealed for the first time four new multiplayer modes (from a total of 15), including Team Deathmatch, GTA Race, Cops 'n Robbers, and Hangman's Noose, which it plans for an April 29 release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Among those modes are options for traditional adversarial games (deathmatch or team deathmatch, for example), or co-op games such as Cops 'N Crooks and Hangman's Noose, where teamwork is essential."

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the_gaming_guy3901d ago

Wow, this will really screw my exams up...whose idea was it to release at the end of April? LOL.

resistance1003901d ago

I know what you mean, at least Ubisoft and Konami had the right idea, by releasing HAZE and Metal Gear Solid 4 after my exams

ironmunk3901d ago

This sounds fantastic, simply the number of different options is mind blowing.

With the sandbox experience I think this will be a MP game like no other with almost endless crazy things people will try and do.

roll on the 29th!

Fallen_Angel3901d ago

cant wait less then 3 weeks to go now

dork07833901d ago

MY GTA4 is coming home TO MY house WOW I'm gonna get SOoooo Baked before I play this game lol 420!

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