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Fishy Fingers3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Cheers for the Scan's NoUseMerc, they're really appreciated!

:) post a comment and i'll bubble you up!

Bill Nye3539d ago

It really bugs me how digital photographs of a magazine have become synonymous with "scans".

Fishy Fingers3539d ago

The term "scans" has just become synonymous with images of magazines. Its the quickest, easiest way to describe them.

SL1M DADDY3539d ago

Agreed. I was just about to post thanks for the pics but lets not call cell phone pics scans. The poor quality is getting to me. Doesn't anybody here have a Printer/Scanner/Copier these days? lol

Danja3539d ago

pics weren't so clear either...

bad scans

Bolts3539d ago

Worst scans, ever. If you're gonna scan then do it right this looks like someone just took a crap on the pages then scan it on to their comp.