Next Gen Desires - Skate 4

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"I (James) love skateboarding and although I'm as talented as a fridge, the Skate series allows me to live out my kickflipping dreams. It's been three years without a Skate game, and with the PS4 and Xbox One on the horizon, I'm salivating for another one!Check out my reasons why a new Skate game is dearly needed!"

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malokevi1694d ago

Couldn't agree more. Its been so long that this didn't even occur to me. Skate is a gorgeous game, no doubt a nexr-gen iteration could be really cool.

Septic1693d ago

Yeah a next-gen Skate would look incredible. Imagine a huge city with tons of players skating.

GodGinrai1693d ago

I would just like a port 720 degrees...or skate or die! on XBLA/PSN

PCGamingNoobs1693d ago

every time i see or think of this game being mentioned for a new title i get that feeling of addiction this game brings with it. it just feels so nice to play, to sit back relax and pull some awesome tricks and huge jumps out. or just have a laugh with the bone breaker games. the rewarding feeling of nailing an awesome line tricks was something tony hawks games couldn't achieve. there needs to be a skate for next gen!