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Scott from The Controller Online writes: "Since shortly after the launch of Bioshock Infinite we’ve all been waiting to see what Irrational Games would be doing with the DLC that was already planned, post-release. Would the new stories still feature Elizabeth and Booker? How different from the main game would the new content be? Well today the first Bioshock Infinite DLC, Clash in The Clouds, was released and those who had been waiting for more story will have to keep waiting but those who just wanted more skyhooking, vigor shooting, action will be happy with this one."

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Derekvinyard131517d ago

Ahh should I wait for a special edition with all 3 dlcs or buy the season pass, don't know if I can wait

ghostman1231517d ago

If you already own the game I'd say Season Pass. Let's EXCLUDE the Challenge Map DLC for a moment and look at the two story DLC. Each will sell for $15 each, $30 total if bought separately, but only $20 if you buy the Season Pass. Let's also look at the potential price for the Game of the Year Edition (or whatever it's called). You're essentially rebuying a game you already own and $35 worth of DLC for about $50 or so. Doesn't it make more sense to just pay $20 extra now for the Season Pass?

Derekvinyard131517d ago

I do not own the game as of now, your saying I need wait aren't you, dammit. Do u own the game? If so how long did it take you to beat it

ghostman1231516d ago

I'd say the game took me about 10 hours total to beat, somewhere around there. Amd I'm still not saying to wait, because by the time the Special Edition comes out with the DLC from the Season Pass, the regular game will be $20. I guarantee it. You can find it now for $30 if you look. The Season Pass is $20 for all DLC. When the Special Edition comes out you'll basically be paying the same price then as you would now. I don't see it releasing for less than $50 to start.