Nintendo missing Wii U price cut opportunity with Pikmin 3's release

Gimme Gimme Games writes that cutting the Wii U's price along side a major first party release like Pikmin 3 would have been a good idea but it doesn't appear to be happening. They suggest other first party games that could be coupled with a price cut to increase Wii U sales.

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iamnsuperman1596d ago

That would have been a bold but good move. Nintendo really need to cut the price now before the launch of two new systems over shadows the price cut (launching any system gets attention. A price cut a month before a new console release is a bad move. They need that big unit increase that comes with price cuts

XboxFun1596d ago

They will probably slash the price when the new systems actually release to the public.

guitarded771596d ago

If they can price drop and release SM3D, WWHD, MK8 and/or SSBU a week before the next gen consoles come out, that would be a good bold move.

PopRocks3591596d ago

It will be in vain if they don't get the mass market to go for it though. I believe a $50 price drop coupled with a barrage of TV commercials for each new game that comes out can give the Wii U a necessary push.

Right now the Wii U needs some uniqueness, a marketing push so that it catches peoples' attention. Without that attention, no games or price measure will help it.

darthv721596d ago

cutting the price by at least $50 is a good start. they really need to up the marketing with not only adverts for new wii-u games but also advertise that it plays all the previous wii games as well.

It may not be much but having the bc of the wii library for games like NSMB and LOZ skyward sword and more is a selling point to those who may not have a wii yet and are looking at the wii and wii-u.

byeGollum1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Why would nintendo cut their price, when it's the cheapest of the the three next gen consoles?

V0LT1596d ago

Might be the cheapest but for $50 you get a heck of a lot more.

byeGollum1596d ago

Depends on what you consider more, tech specs or games.

Th4Freak1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

@Gollum The problem is that it has inferior tech specs and it doesn't have games...

PopRocks3591596d ago

What are you guys talking about?

That's like arguing you get more if you pay $100 for the Xbox One, which only comes with Kinect and supposedly lower specs. It's not about the specs, it's about if the games and features appeal to you.

andrewer1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Gamers nowadays don't care about stuff rather than power and tech (the disagrees prove it). For example, the Wii U could be even more expensive that I would still buy it, because no Playstation or Xbox will deliver the games I want to play and only Nintendo offers. But kids now don't get what it is to love a game the way gamers used to. Real shame.

N4g_null1595d ago

and it gets worst and worst.

Axonometri1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

I would like to get a Wii U for kids and family. I just come to the conclusion each time I think about it, that it comes too close in price to the PS4. It also is right around the same price as a new tablet, and there sure are a lot of inexpensive apps for the kids on tablets. Too many options clouding the purchase intent right now.

Khordchange1596d ago

who says they wont? They do have a earnings conference tommorow

TripC501596d ago

No need for the price cut, not yet. Keep selling at this price as long as possible Nintendo, then at the last second drop the discount bomb.

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The story is too old to be commented.