Humble Deep Silver Bundle Now Available

Hardcore Gamer: In a very pleasant surprise, a new Humble Bundle has launched full of Deep Silver games. This allows you to pay what you want for Saints Row 2, Saints Row the Third, Risen 2, and Sacred 2. Paying more than the average of about $5 presently nets you SR 3's Full Package with all of the DLC and Dead Island: GOTY Edition.

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aquamala1756d ago

nice bundle, I already have all these except Risen 2, still worth a few bucks

Murad1756d ago

The only ones I didn't own were Saints Row 2 and Risen 2, but an amazing bundle for those who never bought these games originally.

ifritAlkhemyst1756d ago

lol. All those people who bought these games during the steam sale. Good thing I didn't! $1.00 for Risen 2 is worth it.