1985FM - What's Wrong With Ryse?

Ryse: Son of Rome had a larger presence than any other game at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. It's easy to understand why Microsoft views this Roman epic as a perfect showpiece to represent the company's next-generation hardware. Ryse has the graphic fidelity and cinematic appeal to stand out amongst other titles on both Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4. With Far Cry and Crysis, as well as the Crytek Engine, Crytek's capability of pushing graphics has never been questioned.

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DoomeDx1725d ago

You posted this 6 minutes after the article was submitted.

This is one of those typical cliche first-comments

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DonFreezer1725d ago

I also remember a great article about how shitty Drive Club was ps fanturds but that didn't stop you commenting about it being 35% complete. Shut your fucking mouth ps fanboys. The game is in pre-alpha. In pre-alpha not even the gameplay is finished so shut your mouth.

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S2Killinit1725d ago

hmmmmm interesting. Good to know.

MiasmaDodo1725d ago

the game looks very bland. (hack n slash & qte)

next gen games need to step it up.
not just talking about Ryse.

Jughead34161725d ago

Yea, at least in God of War, the QTE's were reserved mostly for finishing off a boss fight, which ended in the most brutal and epic kills in video gaming history.

HammadTheBeast1725d ago

I don't know, Ryse seems to have a good fix on graphics, but it seems kind of bland. All I've seen are grey and muted colors.

GoW has the whold mythological art style going for it, and I want to like Ryse, but I'll need to see more of it.

DonFreezer1725d ago

The game was showed in pre-alpha ps hypocrites. Why did you defend Drive Club when it was 35% completed and looked like shit and we can't say the same about Ryse huh?

Jughead34161725d ago

Man if this game had similar fighting mechanics to Dark Souls, I would be all over this.

zagan061725d ago

It doesn't play anything like it in fact there was no challenge at all. kinda a bummer

Jughead34161725d ago

Yea it almost seems like they decided right before E3 to change it from a Kinect game to a game played on your remote, so they had to throw something together. I know the game isn't out yet, and we've only seen 10 minutes of gameplay, but it goes to show, it's not just about graphics.

Hicken1725d ago

Well that's not gonna happen.

Would be pretty awesome, though.

zagan061725d ago

The demo I played felt more like a interactive trailer than a game.

Bigpappy1725d ago

They said they will release a real demo soon that actually shows how the game will play, and it will have different gameplay for each difficulty.

You need to go back and read the developer's interview.

That demo you might have played at E3 was more of an interactive trailer to show the game and a few of its features. The gameplay will be more complex than that.

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