After DRM and Self-Publishing Policies Flip Xbox One Needs Price Drop to Compete With PS4?

Microsoft has already gone back on two of their major decisions (policies) related to Xbox One, first one is Always-Online DRM and the other one is self-publishing rights to indie developers. Here is the list of other things (including "reducing price tag of Xbox One") Microsoft should consider going back on to even the battleground against Sony's PS4.

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ftwrthtx1731d ago

Technically they are already close to the same price, it's just Microsoft is forcing you to buy their Kinect camera and that makes up most of the difference.

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T21731d ago

Do we actually know how much kinect is worth? 100 seems to be general consensus but...

malokevi1731d ago

Apparently it costs almost as much to manufacture as the console itself, if that's any indication.

The first Kinect retailed for some $150, if that's any other sort of indication.

Lots of indications, no definite answers. Oh, launch window, you so confuz me.

rdgneoz31731d ago

"The first Kinect retailed for some $150, if that's any other sort of indication."

That may be true, but the first PS3 retailed for 600... The PS4 is 200 less. And both are packing a lot more tech than their predecessors.

HammadTheBeast1731d ago

Apparently MS has given some bullshit price of $400 that people are touting around lol.

$80 tops.

Cupid_Viper_31731d ago

@ rdgneoz3

Not to say that malokevi is correct or not in his assumption. But using Sony (Manufacturing Powerhouse) to make a point about Microsoft is a little misguided in my opinion.

That's like saying an apple should cost the same as an orange. Surely they're both fruits, but they're harvested and handled very differently, thus why apples normally cost more than oranges.

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Blacksand11731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Do worry about the console. I see people paying $80-$100 a month for XBL & cable on X1. That's why MS went to the money system, because they fin to get paid from people watching t.v & XBL on X1.

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joe901731d ago

@eezo, all of your topics are how the Xbone is doomed and what it needs to do to try keep up with Sony,

I think you will be very suprised when the Xbox out sells the PS4,

GenericNameHere1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Well, considering the PS3 is outselling the Xbox 360 despite the latter having a year headstart and costing less (no, you can't use BUT Xbox is #1 in 'MURIKAH!! for 30+ months!! because America doesn't equal the worldwide market), I'd be very surprised to see the Xbone outsell PS4 LTD

EXVirtual1731d ago

LOL, in your dreams. I'm betti ng even the Wii U will outsell the xbone. Even the OUYA outslod it in Amazon Canada!

jambola1731d ago

well that's america for you, the xbox 1 will most likely outsell the ps4 in america, but the thing a lot of americans seem to forget is that there is a world outside america.

MizTv1731d ago

Last time I looked $500 is alot more than $400

Rhinoceros1731d ago

Only early adapters are going to like Kinect. Everyone else is going to dig their heels into the ground and act like babies about it at first. Price drop not needed.

HammadTheBeast1731d ago

If you think that the Kinect costs more than the console itself, I don't know what to say to you.

You,re effectively saying that MS is taking a $400 hit on each console sold.

Rhinoceros1730d ago


Manufacturing the kinect costs "almost as much" as the X1

JunioRS1011731d ago

@ ftwrthtx

A lot of people are disagreeing with you, but you're actually correct.

Microsoft even said the Kinect costs MORE than $100, so the box itself is more like $350 in value.

But that's exactly why I am buying the PS4, I want a powerful gaming console not a super camera and oh yeah also a mediocre gaming machine on the side.

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T21731d ago

Im not going to say price drop is necessary but it would definitely help . As is there are some problems when ppl look at xbone compared to ps4... Price may indeed be one

Godz Kastro1731d ago

Not with Kinect in the box (which i want). So your answer for me is no. I used to buy an ipad/iphone every year... I know, I know ive stopped but just saying. People are used to shelling out cash for elctronics. If the x1 is around for 8 years that is an absolute steal because I would value this over my ipad a million times over.

$62 a year...

Hicken1731d ago

It needs a clear, game-centric focus that's expressed to gamers.

It needs to live up to what it's been said it can do.

Mostly, it just needs to take to heart that it's a video game console.

XboxFun1731d ago

"It needs a clear, game-centric focus that's expressed to gamers."

Dead Rising 3
Killer Instinct
Forza 5

Not to mention the many 3rd party games released at launch.

It is a video game system and just like the PS4 it can do many other things than just play video games.

ProphetOnFire1731d ago

You'll have to forgive my reluctance to value the opinion of a person for xbox who's name includes xbox. Hardly seems like an unbiased opinion. Lol

EXVirtual1731d ago

Seeing as the kinect apparently costs more to make than the console, I don't see a price drop anytime soon. And with Larson-Green as the new boss of the xbox division, I see a multimedia future for the XB1 (Even thoughit already has one).

dark-hollow1731d ago

"Seeing as the kinect apparently costs more to make than the console"

There is absolutely no way this is true.

EXVirtual1731d ago

I said apparently, even I have my doubts. Some guy on Reddit said so, but I take everything from reddit and especially NeoGAF with a grain of salt.

Rhinoceros1731d ago

You clearly don't understand how much sensors cost.

iBlackyi1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

kinect costs more than the console itself? so they are making $500 loss with each console?LOL they want to make money and not giving free stuff for no reason.

And dont tell me: "They can afford the loss because they will make the money with their games"

On a base of 70 million sales like current gen, they would loose 35 billion $, just for being friendly, or what?

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