Vivid Gamer: Bleed Review

Andrew of Vivid Gamer writes: "I’m not certain why this game is actually called Bleed – I have several guesses, though, each one more incongruous than the last. First guess: it’s because things bleed in it. Definitely it is true that things bleed in it. But is this enough for a game to be called Bleed? Perhaps not. So, second guess: the protagonist is a woman. She’s a bit angry at most things. . . . a subtle, if slightly off-colour, pun, perhaps? But certainly that is most inappropriate, so, that’s not it. Playing the game through its more punishing difficulties, I think I’ve come to a conclusion that is apt: Bleed is awfully hard, and this game is called Bleed because it makes you, the player, bleed. In your fingers and thumbs. Like. Because it’s so difficult. Yeah. That’s probably it. . . ."

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theherp801633d ago

for $5 this looks pretty fun.

rrquinta1633d ago

It sounds a little like if Cave Story and Super Meat Boy had a bleeding baby.