Nintendo releases another Miiverse update; adds tags and raises message character limits

GameDynamo - "Nintendo announced another Miiverse update today, which gives users of the its social network the ability to tag their posts and further raises the character limit for user-to-user messages, doubling it from 100 to 200 characters."

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PopRocks3591757d ago

Um, the raising of the character limit happened over a month ago. The update primarily concerns the new tags.

guitarded771757d ago

I'm firing up the Wii U now that I'm home to check it out. Really interested in the "Accomplishment" tagging. Hope it is used enough to get Nintendo to make an actual accomplishment system for Nintendo Network.

LOL_WUT1757d ago

I noticed just now in the Earthbound community I thought they were hand picked lol. I this idea now if only we could draw using the whole screen ;)

gamer421757d ago

They raised The messaging character limit in This update.Post and comments character limit update was last month

PopRocks3591757d ago

Ah, so it was accurate, just vague about the context. That makes more sense. Thanks for the correction.

MNGamer-N1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

It's cool to see the rapid evolution of MiiVerse. Just don't f*** it up with a whole redesign or something like that (facebook), I generally like they way it works and looks now...

gedden71757d ago

MiiVers is probably one the greatest things to happen in social Gaming!!!! LOVE IT!!!

LOL_WUT1757d ago

Its pretty barebones they need a whole lot of work to do still let's not try to hype it up. ;)

deafdani1757d ago

You have to admit, it's pretty damn good for being only 8 months old and Nintendo's first foray into social gaming. It will only get better and better over time, Nintendo has shown that they care deeply about Miiverse, and have already updated it quite a lot. Today's Miiverse is much, much better than it was when the Wii U launched.

And because of the Gamepad, I expect Nintendo to have the upper hand in this kind of twitter/facebook-like social network over Sony and Microsoft. Yes, Sony will also have awesome social features with the "share" button on the PS4's controller, but the community won't feel so connected in written form as it does on the Wii U. It just can't, because typingand drawing with the Gamepad's screen is vastly superior to using a regular controller to write on a virtual keyboard.

Miiverse is one thing that I believe will give Nintendo the upper hand over the other next-gen consoles, at least in the social area. Sony (and likely Microsoft) will be more focused on the video and voice-chat side of things, while Nintendo focus on the written side of things. All superb approachs, IMO, but I'm deaf, so naturally I'm more excited about Miiverse for pretty obvious reasons.

furneri3571757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

wish miiverse was also on 3ds...

Venox20081757d ago

big chance that it will be on the end of the year

furneri3571757d ago

awesome , thanks for the information pal

gamer421757d ago

With the amount of people with a 3ds, miiverse will be huge!

furneri3571757d ago

huge like the earth itself !

deafdani1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Huge like yo momma!

(Sorry, couldn't resist! Don't take me seriously). XD