Battlefield 4 getting Caspian Border and Kharg Island map remakes?

Popular BF3 maps Kharg Island and Caspian Border were spotted in the latest Battlefield 4 trailer.

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MidnytRain1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

I never bought BF3 for myself, so this is kind of a moot point for me, but if I had and played extensively like other players, this would bother me. Remakes need to be add-ons for later. I don't pay for sequels to play old or "remastered" maps from the last game. Energy should initially be spent on NEW maps. This is what I didn't like about Uncharted 3. Too many old maps remade instead of brand new ones.

Lunarassassin1669d ago

That depends. If there are as many or more new maps in BF4 as there were in BF3 and then remastered maps it could work out to be a good move.

Lior1669d ago

I would actually want operation metro and grand bazaar and maybe a back to karckand map as well

princejb1341669d ago

operation metro and bazaar are the best maps in bf3 in my opinion

titletownrelo1669d ago

I'd really like wake island to be remade. Destroyable bridges, water wave mechanics, plus new boat warfare would be epic.

BattleAxe1669d ago

Yeah, because they've never remade Wake Island before.........

3-4-51669d ago

Kharg Island is by far the best BF3 map in my opinion. It's got a great balance to it that a lot of the other maps don't.

At least for console. Some of the other big maps are too big for 12v12, I'd assume they work well for 32v32 though.

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shibster881669d ago

Metro, grand bazaar, talah market and azidar palace would be awesome.

Hellsvacancy1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Please not Metro, I've played that map more times than anyone should have to

I still play the hell out of BF3, i'm far to familiar with the maps, I hope they show some Bad Company 2 love this time round, I'd love an Africa Harbour and Port Valdez remake

Neixus1669d ago

Just saying, you're one of the reasons Dice chose Metro. They chose the community's ''Favourites'' aka most played map. People then chose to play metro 64 to gain easy levels.

Tadaaa, look what happened! You can't really complain when you guys did this yourself.
(This is a reply to everyone who's complaining, not you Hellsvacancy)

chak_1668d ago

It's Arica, not africa.

But yeah, the map was great. Good 'ol time on BC2, I miss that game.

sAVAge_bEaST1668d ago

Oasis, Guadal Canal, or some vietnam maps,..

I want an Old school map pack, maybe with just Iron sites,like in the Vietnam map pack.

Kyosuke_Sanada1669d ago

Still waiting for some Bridge too Far, Dammage and Backstab action.

Hufandpuf1669d ago

Backstabbing and Tampa Highway would be awesome

SeanScythe1669d ago

Bring back some BF:BC2 maps! Please!

Neixus1669d ago

Oh yes, I freaking love the snow map! don't know what it's called again, but it was pretty linear and started with attackers parachuting.

I also like the map where first base is on this island, and you see helis and boats charges against you =D

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The story is too old to be commented.