Monochroma Comes to Wii U, Possibly at Expense of Xbox One Version

Just a mere twenty-four hours since Nintendo Enthusiast contacted Nowhere Studios to find out if they would consider bringing the stunning Monochroma to the Wii U, they go and confirm it will happen! This is due to the studio thinking the Wii U is a better target than Xbox One

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thrust1633d ago

This site just went to a new low.

rdgneoz31633d ago

This is a new low? There are a lot of other things to choose from, but you pick this... The quote even says they changed from the xbone to the wiiu because they thought it was a "better target."

"We changed our plans from Xbox One, to Wii U. We always had plans to go for Play Station but currently Wii U seems like a better target than Xbox"

sknygy1633d ago

Apologies for quoting a developer and reporting fact, next time we will be sure to reverse what was said to suit your needs.

exfatal1633d ago

This game reminds me a lot of Limbo for ps3 if its anything like that i'll surely enjoy it

Moncole1633d ago

You do know Limbo wasn't only on PS3?

exfatal1633d ago

actually i didn't, i owned a ps3 and played limbo on that. never owned an xbox so never saw that they also had it. Limbo was a random buy for me, just kinda saw it on psn and clicked it. Didn't do any research behind the game.

Sorry if i offended you for not including the xbox 360

Moncole1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

I'm saying its also on PC, IOS and Xbox. Why would I get offended? I dont own an Xbox.

PopRocks3591633d ago

I played Limbo on my PC. Beautiful game.

gedden71633d ago

Well cool for me either! I love my Wii U I just want the games to come!! Next is GONNA have a TON of GREAT eShop games!!!

MNGamer-N1633d ago

This game looks awesome! I will buy it for WiiU

punisher991633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Game looks really interesting. Will definitely get it, but on PS4.

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