Call of Duty: Ghost Global MP Reveal “Will Include Several World Premier Announcements”

MP1st - There may be more to the recently announced Call of Duty: Ghosts global multiplayer reveal event than initially teased, according to the latest press release from publisher Activision.

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thekhurg1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

I'm sure the first of which will be a bunch of Microsoft paid timed exclusives and other ignorant nonsense.

I really wish publishers would stop doing exclusive stuff for games on platforms. Let gamers decide what succeeds or fails based on sales, don't let console manufacturers try and sway it.

1755d ago
Blackdeath_6631755d ago

i really don't think call of duty is relevant anymore

KrisButtar1755d ago

I know people buying the new systems just for this game and they don't even have any other games on their radar

Blackdeath_6631755d ago

i know many of those people my self but i think the call of duty influence has faded. before it was common for everyone to be talking about cod and how they are the best at it i would hear people talking about the game everywhere at school,outside school even on public transport and the radio. now however if anyone says they play cod the reaction is either "meh" or just a strange look. i think the series is in decline.

Johnsonparts231755d ago

lol top selling game for the past 5 years, but ya, not relevant........?

bigc0720041755d ago

It's been the top selling game based off of hype. If you have been playing since COD4, the best one, then you continue to get your hopes up in thinking they will make the game similar to that again. BO2 is the worst waste of disk space available. I wouldn't use it as toilet paper if it were soft. It's been a bad game since mw2. Ghosts LOOKS okay, but until they show the multiplayer nobody will know. I would rather get my hands on games with some replay value.

ThisIsSolidSnake1755d ago

Going to be good for a month then will be the same old crap as all the other COD's then gets traded.

Minato-Namikaze1755d ago

If it wasnt for my girlfriend this BO2 would have gotten traded in in December.

Darth Gamer1755d ago

Then again, if a game keeps my attention for a whole month, then it did its job.

ThisIsSolidSnake1755d ago

Straight up. H-Hour Worlds Elite is going to be the best MP shooter. Most people just dont know unless they played PS2 and SOCOM 1, 2, and 3.I miss those days.When skill and teamwork and maturity was around.

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The story is too old to be commented.