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Why Do We Pre-Order Games? What’s The Point?

Baden of WGB doesn't really get pre-ordering, writing: "Pre-ordering video games is just one of the many, many things that baffle me about the modern gaming culture. So many people rush out to brick and mortar retailers and online retailers to pre-order a game as soon as they’ve seen a trailer or read a preview that so much as utter’s some vague praise, and for what? A few “exclusive” digital items that will be released as post-launch content, and that’s about it, usually." (Culture, Industry)

xHeavYx  +   450d ago
I pre-order if there is a physical bonus that I like, like a statue. I could care less for DLC though
darthv72  +   450d ago
Yeah, sometimes pre-orders get a little something extra. I have pre-orderd a few games before and would get collectables that you just dont find anywhere else.

i never once pre-ordered a system though.
SirBradders  +   450d ago
I have this time around because i know the demand is so high, i wanna be the first and not have to wait to play some of the games lined up.

Iiits looking sweeet.
blitz0623  +   450d ago
Actually for me, the better question is what's the point of buying games at full price if you didn't preorder?
badz149  +   450d ago
in my area, the only way to get new games on the day of release is to buy imported version from local game stores. by pre-ordering, not only, I will get what ever bonuses that comes with the pre-order, I get to pay cheaper price as well compared to if I didn't pre-order and buy it when it's already in stock. so...personally I have a reason to pre-order!
Mounce  +   450d ago
Yea, I'd think the answer should be pretty obvious to this.....really simplistic question.

1. Pre-orders exit just incase stock is sold out and it ensures you get a copy at launch so you don't miss out playing a game you clearly are really anticipating.

2. Many times you get pre-order incentives so you get a win-win scenario if you were already excited for a game and were likely going to buy it but were deciding if it was going to be a launch-purchase or not, well here you go!

This should be common sense on "Why do we Pre-order"?

Who the fuck would be stupid enough to not think of what I said in 1. ? Honestly.
WolfLeBlack  +   450d ago
The point raised, though, is that you're pre-ordering something when you have no idea of whether it's even going to be playable or good, like what happened to people that pre-order Aliens or Duke Nukem Forever.
Mounce  +   450d ago

That much is obvious as to why it's up to peoples perception of they can see or predict a game to be good based on how much evidence, footage and gameplay is shown to the consumer with no fear of backlash that it sucks like in DNF or Aliens. DNF 'hid' gameplay from people for a LONG time nearing launch and the Closed Demo for Pre-order purchasers was delayed likely due to fear that Word-of-mouth was going to be negative and to hinder sales.

But I mean, games that are Sequels are nearly always guaranteed to be great and to follow through with the predecessors like MGS5 say.

(The only time a sequel ever sucking ass in my mind was DMC2).... lol
lastofgen  +   450d ago
Well, in recent times, I'd say the answer is pre-order bonuses.
dudeOplenty  +   450d ago
Agreed. The only times I've pre-ordered were for bonuses or if I REALLY wanted the game at midnight.
0pie  +   450d ago
pre-order are useless. Even for collector/limited edition since MOST of the time you can buy these editions at a slashed price a couple of months later.

Just to give you an idea, i recently bought the epic edition of gears of war 3 for 30$ at best buy.

Its basicly a marketing thing. Pre-order this game and get this dlc for free...
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   450d ago
Because we want them day one. Same goes for a console. And sometimes, super popular games like COD and GTA have a high probability to sell out.
greyhaven33  +   450d ago
If it is something I really want, I will pre-order to make sure I get a copy on release. I made the mistake recently of not pre-ordering TLOU and had to go to a couple different stores before I could find a copy
SlapHappyJesus  +   450d ago
If there is no bonus, there really is no point.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   450d ago
When you live a small town where a game isn't in high demand, you have no choice sometimes.....
ThisIsSolidSnake  +   450d ago
This is why I hate GameStop. Back to the mom n pop shop I used to go to. Those pre order DLC bonuses? You can get them without pre ordering.Gamestop just does that to keep their business going.
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betrayed gamer  +   450d ago
you do know you dont have to buy what you preorder right?. i use a preorder like a savings account that i dont collect interest on. hey i paid off such and such game. oh it looks bad. well ill cancel the preorder and get something else. for some people its just a way to save money for the game they want. at #9
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WolfLeBlack  +   450d ago
That's very true, but the thing is most games now have review embargoes that don't lift until release date, and by then it's too late to cancel your order.
betrayed gamer  +   450d ago
not really you get 48 hrs to pick up your copy more then enough time to hear some news
WolfLeBlack  +   450d ago
Depends on where you order from, I guess. On Steam obviously on launch day that's it, and they don't offer refunds in most cases. Some stores also don't let you cancel a few days before launch etc.
betrayed gamer  +   450d ago
yea i never preorder on steam. generally i preorder at gamestop due to the fact its around the corner from my house and the only other store that does games is walmart.
wynams  +   450d ago
art books get me 85% of the time
furneri357  +   450d ago
u and me both bro, high five !
WolfLeBlack  +   450d ago
TotalBiscuit (The CynicalBrit) did an enjoyable video on the subject of pre-orders, for anyone who wants to delve a little more into it.

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TheOneEyedHound  +   450d ago
I'll only pre-order on collections on games I know I'll like(ect. FO4,MGS5), other than that I don't pre-order games.
furneri357  +   450d ago
preorder are worth it when they include a PHYSICAL collectible like artbook, figures etc, preorder that include DLC n PERKS only... not worth it
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The_Devil_Hunter  +   450d ago
Steelbooks and Art Books always get me, Im a sucker for both.
Brucis  +   450d ago
I generally only pre-order a game if I know/expect to like it and I expect it to be sold out or if it comes with some sort of physical bonus (artbook, OST, etc.).
Xklaw  +   450d ago
I don´t preorder and i shall never do it... i´m patient enough to wait for the best deal.
Fireseed  +   450d ago
Usually I Pre-Order things in order to space out incremental payments in order to afford it come launch day.
Dno  +   450d ago
Because I want my copy when I want my copy.

better question is why do you freaking care what I do?
Don't preorder if you don't want to.
XisThatKid  +   450d ago
Honestly I wasn't goin to read this article and just comment with my answer to the title after reading most of this article and come to an observation that its largely focus on pre oreder bonuses and incentives and not much on the original reasons why people pre order games. Pre orders are for the core fans and such.

I personally do it because of a level of fandome. If I like a game I show my interest with a pre oreder or buy. I like the incentives in all especially if its for a BETA or something which we get alot on PS3 exclusives especially last 2 years. The number one reason people USED to pre order was to ensure you get a copy of a assumed popular or unpopular game like if I didn't pre order MAG at my local GS I wouldn't have gotten a copy. As the same for MK9 when it came out they sold out in 4 hours at my GS with a midnight launch I would have been screwed.
1. I pre order my games because I'll find out if a game is bad by personal interaction and gameplay because I am a fan pre launch.
2. To ensure my copy at launch especially when I know I may not have the money when it comes out but I'll pay for it over time or I have it now but not later.
Now I know this may not apply to all but pre order is a needed service among fans even if their is questionable incentives. There are even still bragging rights to go along with it for some peoepl.
H4zZz4  +   450d ago
I sometimes pre order if I really want the game such as GTA v. Pre ordered it for a price that I wouldn't get on release day and its just less hassle. It will be delivered to my house and so I won't have to go to a shop and buy it.
solideffect  +   450d ago
I reserve games if I have the money at the time. I don't know how much money I will have when GTA 5 comes out and maybe I couldn't spare the money. I paid it off so I know I can get it.

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