Hilariously large PSP battery

pspfanboy writes: "We love Sony's extended life battery for PSP. Although it protrudes slightly out of the system, it offers so much juice for the system that we can't complain. However, this third party effort doesn't really compare, does it? Watch as you discover the 'biggest PSP battery ever.'"

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SUP3R3901d ago

How are you suppose to play with that on the back there? Looks so retarded.

SL1M DADDY3901d ago

The largest and most fugly battery pack I have ever seen. Not needed at all!

leon763901d ago

Exactly, PSP does not need this thing! It's good the way it is!!!

Max Power3901d ago

tripod much? nothing like smacking your psp around to remove the battery. that battery is a bit much, i guess if you were planning on going camping in the middle of the wilderness but wanted to play games or movies, then i guess you wouldn't care about the rather large tumor like battery.

sumfood4u3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

That 3600v battery suxs balls! it only last 25 mins longer than the original battery u start our with! I'm speaking from experience! BTW where can i buiy the gold looking psp at?havent seen it in any stores yet!?

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