Kingdom Hearts 3: Hayner's Voice Actor Looking to Return

GR - "Justin Charles Cowden, the voice of Hayner in the Kingdom Hearts series, has said he is 'hopefully' going to make a return for Kingdom Hearts 3 which was announced at E3 last month."

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Harkins17211692d ago

Great voice! Hope to see him to!

EXVirtual1692d ago

YES! This game seems to going well underway! I predict a spring or summer 2015 release.
This song is beast!

M-M1692d ago

It's actually supposed to release next year, but I've always said that I expect a 2015 release.

GreenRanger1692d ago

Square Enix are making this game, remember?

It won't be released this side of Doomsday.

Kalebninja1692d ago

@greenranger so ur saying because ONE final fantasy game has been in development a long time thats how its always gnna be for every series

EXVirtual1692d ago

Next year? Ya mean late next year don't ya?

chrispseuphoria1691d ago

I'm expecting Fall 2014. The KH games usually come out in 2 year increments.

Unlimax1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Do you guys think Haley Joel Osment will do Sora voice in KH3 for the 3rd time ?

hope so ..

chrispseuphoria1691d ago

Part of me wants to see him back and part of me doesn't. Sora really sounds awkward in Dream Drop Distance in my opinion. If they had someone who fit that voice better, it may sound much more appropriate for the role. However, Haley is the one who started voicing him...

It's hard to pick a side...