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Submitted by Abriael 926d ago | news

Capcom’s Deep Down is an Actual Game, Can’t Say if Exclusive or Not, More info on Panta Rhei Shared

The Deep Down demo at the presentation of the PS4 left a lot of questions both on the game and on the Panta Rhei engine itself. Some of those questions were answered by Capcom’s Deputy General Manager of Technology Research and Development Masaru ijuin. (Deep Down, PS4, Xbox One)

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NYC_Gamer  +   926d ago
I guess no check was signed to make it exclusive as of right now
Abriael  +   926d ago
Lol, touche.
dedicatedtogamers  +   926d ago
For what it's worth, not being willing to confirm or deny its exclusivity means - in my eyes - that it is probably exclusive or in the process of being locked down as an exclusive. Remember, CAPCOM is a mostly-multiplat company, but they DO make exclusives, and most other games have already been confirmed as exclusive or multiplat. For instance, immediately after the Final Fantasy 15 presentation, it was confirmed 14 was exclusive but 15 was multiplat. And Dead Rising 3? Immediately confirmed as an exclusive.

Few people thought it was incredulous that Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One exclusive. In the same way, why is it so hard to believe that Sony might have secured its own exclusive from CAPCOM?
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Ritsujun  +   926d ago
DTG's logic's hilarious.
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Fireseed  +   925d ago

The difference between DR3 and Deep Down is that MS is the publisher for DR3, and Capcom is the publisher of Deep Down. If the game is being published by the console manufacturer I can guarantee you that it will NEVER be seen on other consoles. HOWEVER a game published by either it's developer in this case or a 3rd party publisher has at least a chance to be seen on other platforms. For example Mass Effect was never published by MS, so it was logical that it would eventually end up on the PS3. That is why it's hard to believe, because as long as Capcom is the publisher it has a chance to come to other systems.
Ritsujun  +   925d ago
LOL@Fireseed, did he come from a different world?

Mass Effect 1 XB360 ver. was published by MICROSOFT Game Studios.
Mass Effect 1 PC and PS3 ver. were published by Electronic Arts.
Fireseed  +   925d ago
By referring to Mass Effect I meant Mass Effect as a franchise. The IP was never purchased by Microsoft when they financed the 360 version. Probably shouldn't have assumed people knew the specifics of what I was getting at.

But regardless my point still stands, if it was published by Sony then it has a chance to be exclusive. But if it's published by Capcom you can guarantee it will eventually be on all platforms. You do not as a company invest millions of dollars into a new proprietary engine and make it exclusive.
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Ritsujun  +   925d ago
"For example Mass Effect was NEVER PUBLISHed by MS, ... "

Whatever you say, Twister.
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Cuzzo63  +   926d ago | Well said
The Deep Down demo ran in real time at the PS4 presentation and displayed between 10 and 20 million polygons per frame.  It had a variable frame rate above 30 frames per second and a total texture capacity of 2 GB. It ran 30 different shaders at the same time.The demo can run on a PC with an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 570, 8 GB of RAM, and an Intel Core i7 CPU. The development machines used at Capcom have Geforce GTX 680 and GTX 590 GPUs.The peak performance of the PS4 is lower than that of an high end PC theoretically, but due to the ease of development and to the streamlined architecture there are areas in which it can be superior. The same can be said about the Xbox One which has a similar architecture and potential.

(Waiting for the PC fanboys to come in and kill dreams with their tech talk denouncing what the devs said.)
a7xgemini  +   926d ago
Well Said!! I don't even have anything to add...
nirwanda  +   926d ago
Wow I was convinced the demo was prerendered.
Fireseed  +   926d ago
You know what sucks is that I have a GTX 670 in my rig right now and I can guarantee you the games I play can't handle anything near that level... crap.
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fr0sty  +   926d ago
@Slasher, at no point did they say it wasn't an exclusive. Only that they couldn't confirm if it was or not. In other words, the negotiations are ongoing. They probably have to get the game farther along in development before they'll have enough to show Sony, MS, etc. to see if they are willing to pay up whatever amount they want for exclusivity/multiplatform. They also likely are paying close attention to pre-orders for both consoles.
Bonerboy  +   926d ago
Hooray my PC can run this then! (Providing it comes to PC, here's hoping) This game looks stunning and has intrigued me since its unveiling.

There's nothing more annoying than the vast bounty of almighty "Tech-Lords of N4G" (of all platforms) spreading their "by the numbers know-it-all-isms" as though they designed the bloody things.
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SephirothX21  +   925d ago
PS4 streamlined capabilities will improve performance some bit but when it comes to rendering polygons on screen, its all about gpu speed and buffer size. The PS4 gpu is in between a GTX 580 and GTX 680. The cpu is poor relative to an i7 but the communication between cpu and gpu will be fast which is good for the speed of binding data from the cpu to the shader pipeline.
kingduqc  +   925d ago
Oh, it's this "Optimization" Talk again.

Tell me why a 8800GT released in November 2006 for 200$ run games at higher frame rate with the same visual quality then ps3?

Bioshock run at 1280*720 at 30 fps on console and 60fps at 1920*1200 on the 8800gt

Call of duty 4 run at 1280*720 at 60 fps on console and 55 at 1920*1200 on the 200$ card in 2006

Farcry 3 on consoles run in 1280*720 at 25-30 fps and on this 2006 card in 1280*1024 with an average of 45 fps.

There is no magical Optimization, ps4 will run games just like a 7850 will, considering the AMD 9850 will release at around the same price as the 7850 in october and gain 20-30% on the previous gen of card (AMD skipping 8xxx series for those who wonder) I don't see your argument being valid.

I don't denounce what dev said, but I like to point out facts. Dev are getting paid to say nice things about the platform they work on, don't eat their words like it's free bacon.
kupomogli  +   926d ago
Sony doesn't pay for exclusives.

I think they should because they've lost a lot of would be exclusives by not doing so.
dcj0524  +   926d ago
Yeah, Metal Gear Series, Final Fantasy, Tekken, Resident Evil.If MGS V was PS4 exclusive that would be a major selling point.
slimeybrainboy  +   926d ago
I would rather them just fund the creation of great first party studios.
pwnsause_returns  +   926d ago
Sony doesnt need to pay for MGSV as an exclusive anymore. gamers who buy a PS3 or will buy a PS4 tend to be MGS fans.
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kupomogli  +   926d ago
Don't know why I got disagrees when it's true.

Plus it's a compliment that Sony doesn't pay for exclusives. They don't need to buy exclusives so they keep the money on giving us good games.

The problem with that though is that when the PS3 launched, games that would have been exclusive and were originally announced as exclusives, GTA4, Devil May Cry 4, Stranglehold, Assassin's Creed, etc, were all announced as multiconsole afterwards.

You know how much Sony would have dominated this past gen if it secured the rights to those games? Especially GTA? GTA4 was going to be exclusive until Microsoft paid $75 million for it to be multiconsole. Coming from the PS2 to PS3, I'm sure anyone would have been willing to make a good deal with Sony for their first big games to remain exclusive.
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NeverEnding1989  +   926d ago
SONY doesn't buy exclusives? Ever hear of Heavy Rain? How about Starhawk, Twisted Metal, Wipeout, Playstation All Stars, Heavenly Sword, PixelJunk series, SOCOM, Journey, Flower, White Knight Chronicles, or anything by Insomniac Games (Spyro, Ratchet and Clank, Resistance). Some exclusive games SONY buys, just to name a few.

And "First party" exclusives are almost entirely just studios that SONY has bought out. Again, SONY using the checkbook.

The reason we've seen GTA, Final Fantasy, and Metal Gear, among others, slip away is because SONY can no longer afford to keep these games exclusive. This isn't SONY of the 2000's. Take a look at their quarterly reports or even their stock from the last few years for proof.

SONY would love to afford to buy exclusives, as they've clearly done many times in the past.
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CrossingEden  +   926d ago
um, what? yes sony does pay for exclusives or exclusive content, hint hint, watch dogs/AC4 exclusive dlc isn't a love letter to sony fans, unless you call sony handing ubisoft a check a love letter
TheRealHeisenberg  +   926d ago
Maybe change it to Sony doesn't pay for too many exclusives anymore? That would be more accurate I guess.
dedicatedtogamers  +   926d ago
But what's the point of an exclusive if it sells the most on your console anyway? Fanboys made much ado about FF13 going multiplat and yet it sold nearly three times as much on PS3 as it did on 360. You think Metal Gear 5 being multiplat is going to hurt the PS3? After MGS4 (and the recent Legacy Collection) still being exclusive to PS3? It's like Mass Effect: yeah, it came out on PS3 eventually, but on which console did it sell the most? 360.
Ausbo  +   925d ago
how do you know sony has never payed for exclusives? Those deals are never discussed with the media or public. Im sure both microsoft and sony have both payed for exclusives. Although Microsoft has probably done this a lot more, its stupid to assume sony has never done the same.

Because lets face it, no one knows except sony and the dev.
ALLWRONG  +   925d ago
"Sony doesn't pay for exclusives."

MazzingerZ  +   925d ago
Well, believe it or not some devs just prefer to work with SONY, myself as a consultat tend to choose certain customers that are easy to work with hence I can deliver better services that look better in my CV even if that means less money during the assigment because I know in the long term it pays-off
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BABY-JEDI  +   925d ago
Better to fund your own studios IMO
; )
kupomogli  +   925d ago

There's a difference between Mass Effect and these that were going to be PS3 exclusives. Mass Effect was on the 360 for five years before it was released on the PS3(the first game.)

GTA4 on the other hand was exclusive but bought out and was then multiconsole at the same time. This is a series that sold the most on the PS2 yet GTA4 sold more on the 360. As an exclusive, the PS3 would have been the only place to play GTA and the other games that were turned multiconsole, guaranteeing sales that otherwise would have went to the competitor. That's why Sony should have secured them as exclusive.


The games you listed are games that are either first party or are developed through Sony's publishing program. Much like Microsoft, Nintendo, EA, Activision, Capcom, etc, developers come to the publishers with a little bit of work put in to a potential game to receive development funds. Development funds to pay the employees, to pay for licenses on which programs they use for the game, etc.

Paying off a developer means giving them a large sum of money plus funding the development of the game. Not just funding the development.

Once the game is developed, it has to sell enough where the publisher makes all their investment back before the dev starts getting additional royalties which is normal for third party games. Probably less royalties than if they funded the games themselves.


How do we know that Sony just didn't offer additional funding so the employees can make exclusive content?

You have to assume that a lot of these employees have down time after a game has finished development. Could be a way for them to have less down time after the main game is completed. Or if people are being laid off after a games completion, giving them a little bit longer to work before they lose their jobs.


For those that were mocking my comment. Google this and see what you come up with.

"We don't buy exclusivity."

While Jack Tretton does state that they don't fund development in his speech, we know that's false, but that's also not buying exclusives. That money is a loan/investment which the developer makes no royalties until Sony starts to receive a profit.
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avengers1978  +   926d ago
I don't think a game show cased first by Sony at the PS4 will be a XB1 exclusive, it may be multiplat, or PS4 exclusive, but not XB1
showtimefolks  +   926d ago
i could careless about exclusives from 3rd party, i believe exclusives should come from console makers them self.

I hope this is a great game and the more people that get to play/enjoy the game the better, for it to be exclusive doesn't or will not give me extra pleasure

xbox one
Bigpappy  +   926d ago
If some one wants this exclusive, the check will be huge. The get a game to push that level of graphics is not cheap.
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OmegaSlayer  +   925d ago
Can't say clearly means it's not exclusive and it's ok.
Third party devs should stop making exclusives because it's not good for the business.
webeblazing  +   925d ago
funny cause i said it most likely be exclusive before and got massive disagrees. did people seriously think this was going to be exclusive. ps fanboys try to use every game to their advantage, even ignoring common sense
Keregan  +   925d ago
I guess there is no need for them to make it exclusive, especially if Capcom feels the demand is there on the Xone. If this game have the potential of a "Witcher or Elder Scroll" i don't see why they'll pass over the opportunity to sell 3/4/5 millions more copy for the sake of exclusivity.
Prcko  +   926d ago
and displayed between 10 and 20 million polygons per frame.
ooo my god.....
Not sure why you got disagrees for that lol. That is mind blowing that it has that many polys per frame. The visuals in this game will melt our faces off.
Abriael  +   926d ago
Too many polygons, obviously. Can't beat the glory of 2D :P
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levian  +   926d ago
I've been waiting and waiting to hear some news about this title. I know it'll be a solid three years at least before its out, but this game has me really excited.
SpideySpeakz  +   926d ago
I bet it won't look like that when the game launches.
_QQ_  +   925d ago
It never does,but let these guys dream.
thebigman  +   925d ago
The demo was actually built using weaker specs than PS4(and Xbone for that matter), so expect it to look better than this
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HammadTheBeast  +   926d ago
Maybe Capcom gave Dead Rising 3 exclusivity for Xbox, and Deep Down exclusivity for PS4? I don't know. Hopefully more at Gamescom.
sobotz  +   926d ago
I would buy PS4 just for this game, if it's turned out PS4 exclusive.
CrimsonStar  +   926d ago
lol they didn't give anything away . MS gave a nice fat check to Capcom to get DR3 , and its almost surprising they didn't with deep down . I bet it will be multi because Sony would be crazy not to have claim this already as an exclusive title .
Williamson  +   926d ago
Its hard to predict capcom these days since they're all over the place with some poor decisions, but I doubt this will only be ps4.
Abriael  +   926d ago
Yeah, same here. IMHO if it was exclusive they would have said so from the start.
HammadTheBeast  +   926d ago
Well, the game site only lists PS4, and one of the developers said there's only plans for PS4 at the time (same response he gave for DR3 on Xbox 1).
Furesis  +   926d ago
@HammadTheBeast just like FFv13 and look what happened
PersonaCat  +   926d ago
Well FFv13 was exclusive all the way until it was renamed lol :p In Square's mind that somehow nullifies the exclusivity I guess.
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cunnilumpkin  +   926d ago
it will look nothing like that trailer either

not even close

bet on it
wishingW3L  +   926d ago
it's always like this... Developers show impressive trailers but then the final game looks nowhere near as good. Example: FF13, Killzone 2, Bioshock Infinite, Uncharted 3, etc.
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Virus201  +   926d ago
Don't forget about Aliens: CM
THC CELL  +   926d ago
Yea shame you can't state killzone 2 looked better troll
sobotz  +   926d ago
Aliens: CM is the definition of video games fraud itself.

Don't forget Far Cry 3, the underwater scene at E3 showed a COD-like fish AI, meanwhile in the actual games, there's no small fish at all
HammadTheBeast  +   926d ago
Uncharted 3 looked better than the initial gameplay, the trailers for all these games have been CG, so I have no clue what you're talking about.

Killzone 2?

Enough said. *Tips Hat*

You should probably mention Gears of War, and Alan Wake though.
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HappyTrigger  +   926d ago

There was actually a difference between the E3 trailer and the final game of Uncharted 3.
Qrphe  +   925d ago
I can't speak for Bioshock Infinite but there were no significant graphical changes at any point for FF13. Also



Those are cutscenes, Uncharted's cutscenes are pre-rendered in ND's PS3 farm.
HappyTrigger  +   925d ago

Nevertheless, there is still quite a bit of downgrade from what was shown at E3 and then the final game. The gameplay itself however of course stayed the same.

Not trying to stir something up. Just pointing it out.
nirwanda  +   926d ago
Things like animation will change but as far as graphics go if its running on the in game engine it should look pretty close, don't forgot the engine will be going though optimization too.
modesign  +   926d ago
dont forget those words when halo5 shows gameplay.
Abriael  +   926d ago
That's not necessarily true, especially since the demo (not a trailer) was still in development and not optimized
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TheGrimReaper  +   925d ago
from the article:
"The Deep Down demo ran in real time at the PS4 presentation and displayed between 10 and 20 million polygons per frame. It had a variable frame rate above 30 frames per second and a total texture capacity of 2 GB. It ran 30 different shaders at the same time"

BUT they don't tell us that it ran on a PS4 :P

"The demo can run on a PC with an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 570, 8 GB of RAM, and an Intel Core i7 CPU. The development machines used at Capcom have Geforce GTX 680 and GTX 590 GPUs."

Just looking at the specs, I'd say it ran on a PC. But:
"The peak performance of the PS4 is lower than that of an high end PC theoretically, but due to the ease of development and to the streamlined architecture there are areas in which it can be superior. The same can be said about the Xbox One, which has a similar architecture and potential."

We'll have to wait and see if Capcom can achieve this on NextGen consoles...
It looks too good to be true imo (I am getting almost the same feeling as when I've seen the Killzone 2 footage :/)
Whitey2k  +   926d ago
It should be exclusive y should dead rising be exclusive I think deep down shouod be ps4 exclusive and dead rising as x1 exclusive
CrimsonStar  +   926d ago
lol the reason Dr3 is an exclusive is because MS gave Capcom a wheelbarrow full of money to them . If Deepdown was a Sony exclusive they would have claimed by now , because there would be no point not to claim that game after that trailer .
kingrev  +   926d ago
Maybe is just PS4's commercial strategy (presuming it's an exclusive after all), they been holding back many info like they did with the console reveal,so they could show it at the right time and get the hype going, maybe at Gamescom or TGS they will reveal many games and announce exclusivity and all that so you never know...
RadioActiveTwinky  +   926d ago
If anything it will maybe just have "exclusive" content or something. Other than that, you guys are right about Capcom being all over the place. I just want those crazy good visuals for damn sure. Only reason I am even getting a ps4 cause it was cheaper then a GTX 780. Ill get that next year.
My GTX 570's are starting to scare me now that I know a damn ps4 is going to carry 4 times the RAM then the GTX 570.
cunnilumpkin  +   926d ago
a gtx 570 is WAY more powerful than the ps4's laptop gpu

ps4 is a downgrade visually from what you already have

now, in terms of games that's for you to decide

95% of all games are on pc, and the remaining 5% of quality titles will be split between xbox1 and ps4

personally I am waiting at least a year to decide, launch games always suck anyway

from article;

"The demo can run on a PC with an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 570, 8 GB of RAM, and an Intel Core i7 CPU. The development machines used at Capcom have Geforce GTX 680 and GTX 590 GPUs."

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ABizzel1  +   926d ago
"a gtx 570 is WAY more powerful than the ps4's laptop gpu"

Lies, pound for pound the 7950m (a weaker version of the PS4's GPU) and GTX 570 are pretty much neck and neck. The difference is the 7950m (and likely PS4) has a SIGNIFICANTLY reduced power draw compared to the 570, and the PS4 has 8GB of GDDR5 to work with vs. his PC's 1 1/4 GB GDDR5 (dedicated to the 570) and likely 8GB of DDR3.

On top of that the PS4 can have games designed to take full advantage of the hardware, something his PC will never have as well as Sony's first party exclusives. The only advantage his PC could have would be CPU.

PS4 = 7950m+ or 7970m-

On paper the PS4 should sit somewhere between a GTX 570 - GTX 580.

"The demo can run on a PC with an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 570, 8 GB of RAM, and an Intel Core i7 CPU. The development machines used at Capcom have Geforce GTX 680 and GTX 590 GPUs."

I agree with you on this. There's no way it's going to look the same. Maybe CG cutscenes.
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yewles1  +   926d ago

You bring up an interesting point, let's compare:

The 7950m is 700MHz with 20 CU's, 1.792TFLOP/s.
The PS4's GPU is 800MHz with 18 CU's, 1.843TFLOP/s.

It's comparable to a mobile GPU... 0_0 oh wait--
KUV1977  +   926d ago
They didn't say the shown gameplay ran on PC and PS4 will be weaker. They said the shown gameplay IS on ps4, so why would it look worse upon release?
wordonthestreet   926d ago | Spam
josephayal  +   926d ago
the game is def coming to Xbox One
BABY-JEDI  +   925d ago
I think this is highly likely going by Capcoms track record & the dev mentioning the XBone though this maybe another timed exclusive?
1nsomniac  +   926d ago
Its interesting to know a comparable PC spec is "NVIDIA Geforce GTX 570, 8 GB of RAM, and an Intel Core i7 CPU"

Very slightly higher than my current gaming PC Which runs every game currently out, with maxed graphics at 1080p. Nice!
RadioActiveTwinky  +   926d ago
I wouldn't say a comparable gpu to the ps4 is a GTX 570. I would say its more of a GTX 660 TI with 3gb or 4 gb. Unless you are talking about the GTX 570 2gb edition. Only reason why is cause the default GTX 570 comes with 1.25 gb.
cunnilumpkin  +   926d ago
ps4 uses a mobile/laptop gpu, it is NOTHING like a gtx 570 which needs a 500 watt power supply

a gtx 570 will CRUSH the ps4

get real people

also, look at a gtx 570;

its half the size of the ps4, thing is 10 inches long, with the heat it generates, you could NEVER EVER put a card like this or any other high end card in a crappy little console plastic, hardly any ventillations case, that's why all consoles have crap gpu's....well, and sony and ms are cheap as hell and use garbage parts honestly think your going to get a card like that in a system that cost $400?? seriously??

get freaking real, here's what the ps4's gpu looks like;

note, its the tiny little square

freaking people are delusional
#12.2 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(24) | Report | Reply
1nsomniac  +   926d ago
lol instead of making stupid comments that clearly by your explanation you don't even understand, try reading the article!
RadioActiveTwinky  +   926d ago
That is why i compared it to a 660 ti. Which only need/require less then 300 watts.
A single gtx 570 at 1.25 gb is just below it considering that gpu was released in 2010. If the rumors are true about being able to have games that run with 3 gb then my single GTX 570 will do ok. All it means is that the new entry level gpu may no longer be a gtx 560 ti, but a gtx 570. Personally i dont like having entry level cards on my PC. I always like having a step or two above it. Thats why ill get a GTX 780 next year.
Im getting a ps4 because to me they carry the better 1st party titles. I still get the battlefields on my PC. I have been since 90's. I just recently got into consoles because of God Of War 1 and Halo C.E..
Muerte2494  +   926d ago
The GTX 580 is only 1.58 (TFlops)
PS4 is 1.84 (TFlops)

At the most the GTX 580 carried only 3GB of GDDR5
PS4 has (allegedly) 6GB of GDDR5

These are the facts
Nice try at trolling
Abriael  +   926d ago
I quote "The peak performance of the PS4 is lower than that of an high end PC theoretically, but due to the ease of development and to the streamlined architecture there are areas in which it can be superior. The same can be said about the Xbox One, which has a similar architecture and potential."

Who knows better, you or a professional developer working on the hardware?
#12.2.4 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report
FamilyGuy  +   926d ago
You're comparing size... physical size of graphics cards.... LMAO

You do realize that computer hardware shrinks, becomes more powerful and uses less power as technology advances right?
You're also comparing an off the shelf graphics card to one that's been custom built and optimized for Sony's console.

You and the statements you make, how much in denial you seem to be, all sound far more ridiculous than people "thinking they're gonna get a card like that in a $400 system".
Sony consoles have always sold at a loss at launch, the PS3 specifically sold at a huge loss.
They are definitely being more conservative this gen but comparing the cost of off the shelf parts with hardware cost, from a hardware manufacturing company, that also cuts deals to buy enormous bulk amounts at a much smaller price than anything a consumer could get is just absurd.

YOU MAKE NO SENSE, all of your arguments are heavily flawed.

You went from:

It's CGI and fake

It's fake and nothing looking like that will ever release on the PS4

The PS4 isn't powerful enough to have a game that looks like this

It's not gonna look as good on the PS4 as that trailer

Just get over it, it's real, it's going to release and you can quit crying because it's more than likely to release on PC as well.
#12.2.5 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report
Nekroo91  +   926d ago
didnt you learned anything about the current gen?! Hardware doesent mater..its all about coding, you think you could play a game like the last of us on a pc with 512mb of ram and a 7 year old gpu?! are you kidding?!
XtraTrstrL  +   926d ago
I had a feeling Panta Rhei was using some of the Pixar OpenSubDiv type approximating subdivison surfaces. It's good to hear they're also already incorporating partially resident texture use in this engine. They really are readying up for next-gen here.
nirwanda  +   926d ago
Yep, the devs that grasp these features combined with scalable tessellation will get close to cg movie quality.
Roper316  +   926d ago
Doesn't matter to me either way as I stopped buying Crapcom's 1/2 games with ripoff DLC to access the other 1/2 of the game.
nirwanda  +   926d ago
Just don't buy DLC simple.
But don't let that stop you buying a good game if it turns out to be a good game.
iBlackyi  +   926d ago
There is a fucking reason why Sony showed this game at their PS4 reveal back in february... i bet on a timed exclusive.
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Abriael  +   926d ago
They shown quite a few multiplats at that reveal.
iBlackyi  +   926d ago
yes but not new ips. when someone shows new ips its normally for their console only.
Abriael  +   926d ago
@iBlackyi: sure there were new ips, like watch dogs.
Hicken  +   926d ago
But Watch Dogs was already known. Deep Down was not.
CrimsonStar  +   926d ago
So with that logic MS has BF3 , MGS5 , COD , etc as timed exclusivity then right ?
nick309  +   926d ago
Knowing capcom, they will ask for alot for exclusivity, when that happens, ms can convince them to release it on X1 with money.i dunno if we will same many third party exclusives this gen, unless each company releases alot money, most third party will rather go multiplatform.
Rask  +   926d ago
I'm pretty sure it's going to be released on PS4 AND Xbox One.
modesign  +   926d ago
everyone bubble down cunninlimpkin. he is a pc troll and a bad one at that.
pyramidshead  +   926d ago
Definitely looking forward to more details on this game.
stuntman_mike  +   926d ago
It,s gonna be multi plat. I highly doubt it would be exclusive, we are talking about capcom afterall.
XboxFun  +   926d ago
I doubt this game will be exclusive to the PS4. It would have already been confirmed by now.
Jamaicangmr  +   926d ago
It was realtime?
Holy Crap i thought it was CGI... Now this is exciting.

"It’s possible to use Partially Resident textures both on PS4 and Xbox One. It’s the same technology as the Mega Texture used in Rage by id Software and the DirectX 11.2 Tiled Resources technology flaunted by Microsoft at BUILD 2013 is pretty exactly that. Panta Rhei Can do it as well"

Now thats a bubble burster for those who kept going crazy over MS. DX11.2 being exclusive to the X1 and Win8.

I hope Sony are just watching for the game to materialize into something worth investing in. Then maybe they publish it for Capcom.

Loved the fire effects.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   926d ago
Sony would be smart to snatch this one up. It looks like a system seller for the graphics alone. Think about it: People are watching TV and see a commercial that says "This game was made using 100% in-game footage" , and they see that scene with the dragon breathing fire at the knight. They're gonna be like 0_0 my eyes! THAT'S NEXT GEN!...But who knows? Capcom's weird these days.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   926d ago
I'm more worried about the use of the engine after "Deep Down". Capcom can open the floodgates if they used the engine for something a bit more recognizable. Seeing a new Dino Crisis running on Panta Rhei would seal a purchase from me.
Cryptcuzz  +   926d ago
A new Dino Crisis for the PS4 running on Panta Rhei would be so nostalgic and awesome that I will wet my pants just at the start screen!
Sevir  +   926d ago
DmC2 and a More refined horror experience Resident Evil with the tension of The Last of Us on the Panta Rhei engine would be awesome...
yewles1  +   926d ago
Well this proves the problems with the PS4 Unreal Engine 4 tech demo being true (not being able to handle Sparse Voxel Octree Based Real-Time Global Illumination)...
stuntman_mike  +   926d ago
you want fries with that lol.
Sevir  +   926d ago
To be fair, the PC bench marks for the Unreal Engine 4 doesn't use SVO-GI either, Both the infiltrator and Elemental tech Demo was confirmed by Epic to just used a Baked Global Illumination solution because the requirements to run SVO-GI was a huge resource hog on the base Graphics card they used as the benchmark for the engine. So it was scaled back to use a less resource costing solution...
yewles1  +   926d ago
Actually, the original Elemental on PC still used SVO-GI, it was Infiltrator that first utilized the alternate solution on PC, then the PS4 Elemental.
slampunk  +   926d ago
This games looks good!!!! very dark souls ish
younglj01  +   926d ago
Deep Down looks amazing running on the PS4 and to find out its not an tech demo but an real title is great...
wishingW3L  +   926d ago
it was running from a PC.
younglj01  +   925d ago
"let us show you an new IP running on the PS4 using the Panta Rhei engine".

Even the developer said it was running on the PS4,so maybe just maybe the PS4 is that powerful to run an game at that level of graphics.I understand Gaming PCs are the Holy Grail of gaming I guess.But if PS4 and Xbox One wasn't released with the hardware it have do you think Watch Dogs would have been an PC exclusive?No because not that many titles would have been sold.Yes,it would have the buzz it have now but do you think people would go out and buy an Gaming PC or PS4 for Watch Dogs?

All I'm saying is 8GB of GDDR5 ram is a lot better then most standard PCs.So I'm really looking forward too see what could happen next-gen.What if BF4 on PC/PS4 look the same even on Ultra?

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="// bed/drGkHlrPuOM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe >
windblowsagain  +   926d ago
PS4 GPU sits in between GTX 570 and slightly higher in some cases.

PS4 CPU is similar in gflops to a I5 2500K which does 94+
PS4 CPU does 102gflops.

There is plenty of power for sweet graphics and excellent anim and physics and with the high bandwidth throughput and all running maxed 1080p.

Very wise choices were made.
Sevir  +   926d ago
1.84 teraflops for the gpu.
windblowsagain  +   925d ago
That's correct gpu is 1.8tf.

CPU is 102gflops

i5 2500k is 94+ gflops, i should know i own one.

But flops on a GPU does not tell the whole story.

A 6870 ati card is 2tflops, but the PS4 is much stronger.
leahcim  +   926d ago
this game is multiplatform, since the first teaser until now there is nothing that tells the contrary
Max-Zorin  +   926d ago
It may be good, but this is Capcom. Looking at the stunt they pulled on SF X T, they are not to be trusted.
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