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Submitted by Prcko 921d ago | news

Matchmaking On Xbox One With Smart Match

How Smart Match will work with Xbox One.
Smart Match finds the perfect players for the perfect game
Smart Match on Xbox One is matchmaking evolved. It’s smarter, faster and optimized to help you play with exactly the people you want, when you want. The advanced party system goes way beyond the beacons of Xbox 360, which was limited to people you already knew. (Xbox One)

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golding89  +   921d ago
Not a bad feature.
malokevi  +   921d ago
Love this. Streamlining the process and getting me on the battlefield in an instant.

XB1 is going to be a ridiculously fluid experience, nobody can deny that.
Kanzes  +   921d ago
The pop-up UI looks good, it seems their main colors is black, white, and green now.
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Septic  +   921d ago
Yeah here's hoping the interface is as smooth and fluid as its looking to be.

I hope Smart Match is more transparent than TrueSkill.
malokevi  +   920d ago
Ah, disagrees. Well, Let me reword that...

Lots of people can deny it, but nobody can argue against it. XD
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gaffyh  +   920d ago
Sounds like they're just match making based on reputation, which is the same as what you see in some FPS games, where you are matched up to people of similar levels to make your gaming experience a little more balanced. Doesn't seem THAT revolutionary, except that it is built into the system, so each game doesn't have to code it. So good in that sense.
The_Con-Sept  +   920d ago
My problem with this is the variance of people you play with. I'd like to mix and match because you need some good players mixed up with some bad players. If you have one team of really good players versus another for more than 2 matches they end up quitting. Imagine trying to find another match only to find yourself amongst the same players every time. After a while you'd get complacent with the players.

Hopefully they don't make it like that. Throw in a newbie once in a while. Doesn't matter which team he is on because it could be a plus or minus depending on his decisions. Seriously sometimes we just want to have some fun instead of getting pissed off.

Then you have your friends that you always play with. Others have friends that they play with. What if you would rather not play against other groups? On the same not what if you were by yourself and didn't want to play against 8 people who always play together?

I'm just saying that this matchmaking system actually worries me. It's a double edged sword.
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malokevi  +   920d ago

"So what about the ppl that agree , they haven't all left reasons as to why they agree , yet you feel the ppl that disagree should leave a reason as to why ?"

Well, it was a pretty simple statement: XB1 is going to be fluid.

If you agree... well, that warrants no explanation. You agree, its going to be fluid, I think everyone knows why.

However, anyone who disagrees... it seems like that deserves an explanation. I haven't seen anything that might suggest it WONT be amazing streamlined. So, I see disagrees pile up, but only people with positive things to say responding... well, that speaks for itself.

For the record, I didn't mention the PS4. Its pretty clear that you are one of those people, who disagreed with me but has no good reason for it other than some infatuation with Sony. Sort of discrediting to your argument.
awi5951  +   921d ago
Matchmaking is stupid if you dont have a server browser. If you cant see the connection quality of the match or other players its stupid.
tokugawa  +   921d ago
i would imagine that region filtering will be part of the set-up.... and about time
malokevi  +   920d ago
One of the ideas of matchmaking is to set you up with the most compatible server.

Since the start of this generation, and even since the introduction of Matchmaking with Halo 2 on the original Xbox, I have noticed minimal lag. Matchmaking seems to work great for me.

now, if my brother is playing PC games, and my sister is watching Netflix, and my dad is hammering away on his laptop... things get a little bit wonky.
slimeybrainboy  +   920d ago
Matchmaking is literally the only time I edit my class.
trafalger  +   920d ago
"Matchmaking is stupid if you dont have a server browser. If you cant see the connection quality of the match or other players its stupid."

this is why they are setting up so many servers around the world. if your connection sucks at home then it sucks.

this could have a lot of potential. i can see m$ employees taking a lot of phone calls from unhappy gamers who like arent fun to play with trying to appeal there case.

fast matchmaking, the ability to match with people of your own age and language, and cue waiting all sounds really good.
awi5951  +   920d ago
It doesnt matter even a dedicated server can lag out if a bunch of people with crap pings or sorry upload speeds jump on it.
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CrimsonStar  +   921d ago
Yes sir that's always one good thing with MS their online services are great .
Gildarts  +   920d ago
Xbox Live will be the superior online service once again.
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sAVAge_bEaST   921d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Ripsta7th  +   921d ago
I think MS will have the upper hand once again in terms of network. Ps4 wnt stay far behind tho but im pretty sure MS is more experienced in this area
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HammadTheBeast  +   920d ago
I don't know, PS3 kept up fine even without mandatory payment for online, so I'd assume with the extra money they could equal, or even surpass it.
MarkusMcNugen  +   920d ago
No way. No doubt they have started creating the infrastructure for PS4s online service, which Im sure will be great, but it will not equal Microsofts Azure network for a good while. I only say this because Microsoft has set up first party server farms all over the world. PS4s online will be great, but without as many server farms as Microsoft has set up, it cant be nearly as efficient with matchmaking localized to provide better connections with others in that area/region.

Both companies obviously know what they are doing. They have both had great networking infrastructure for the last console generation, but more local servers translate into less latency and a better connection for local peers connecting to the dedicated servers. This is a fact.

It would require a large investment on Sonys part to equal the server farms Microsoft has set up already. Thats not to say they couldnt, or that they havent started the process already, but Microsoft does have the advantage in this regard. (And no Sony fanboys, this is unrelated to Gaikai, which has its own infrastructure issues aside from the PS4 network)

So to reiterate, Im sure both companies will have a great network infrastructure in place, but... since Microsoft has had a lead in the networking department they will likely have the better matchmaking and networking at first.

Now... although I have said nothing but facts, which can be proven by simple latency tests, its time to wait for the disagrees. It may be hard for some of you to believe, but some of the people who frequent N4G do know what they are talking about and work in the networking industry...
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Cmk0121  +   921d ago
incentive to buy digital right there, like the feature and is possibilites
Thomper  +   921d ago
Or install the disc version?
mxrider2199  +   920d ago
you have to install every game but you cant play it without the disc
Lwhit6   921d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
tokugawa  +   921d ago
great feature no doubt. now imagine how good it would have been if full installs was an option??

no i aint calling for drm either. although with features like this, i might download more games on my xb1
Gildarts  +   920d ago
Exactly, I expect them to come up with a way to install from the disc and play discless without the DRM.

Gamescom maybe.
NegativeCreepWA  +   920d ago
Buying digital will be the only way I can see.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF   921d ago | Off topic | show
smokeyf   921d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
slazer101  +   921d ago
Question. If match making is so fluid and fast. Why would you need snap mode to watch tv while you are waiting to be put in to a game. That statement kinda contradicts itself.
JBSleek  +   921d ago
What the hell did you just say?
slazer101  +   920d ago
Not trying to troll and maybe I misunderstood the article. But it states that matchmaking is streamlined so can join matches more fluidly and more efficiently but then it says while your waiting to join matches you can watch TV. If its so great why would you have time to watch TV while waiting.
original seed  +   920d ago
Slazer- I understand your your REASONABLE question. The two statements contradict themselves. However, sometimes while waiting for a private or group session to being set up or your buddy needs to talk to his wife, you can instantly jump on Spark and do a little creating (if youre into that) and switch right back once the session is ready. In addition they are making the more obscure matches easier and faster to find.

Thats what I understood and its a neat feature. Not so much that you can squeeze gaming in between gaming but that instant switching between games can allow you to do this, even when there is little time.
Electric-flamingo   921d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(5)
Virus201  +   921d ago
You don't NEED to use snap mode to watch TV while you are waiting. They are just offering a scenario.
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darx  +   921d ago
They are talking about smartmatch feature not your typical match making.
lastofgen  +   921d ago
I'm assuming for older games that, even with fast matchmaking, are hindered by dwindling populations. If the population of a game or a specific mode are so low that there aren't enough available players for full lobbies, then I'd say the snap mode to do something else is a plus.
Thomper  +   921d ago
I guess it would depend on the scenario. You might be waiting for friends to finish their match, or have entered very specific parameters for a match which might take longer to become free.

It's an option, it's a scenario, it looks good to me!!!
Elit3Nick  +   921d ago
that made absolutely no sense...
JBSleek  +   920d ago
So your question is why isn't it instant?

Your expectations are that if you are playing Destiny and you want to be matched up into a Battlefield 4 game why isn't it done in a second? Are you judging it's usefulness on the speed?
slazer101  +   920d ago
No I guess I misinterpreted the article. Sorry not trying to say anything bad about it was just trying to clarifying what they meant. My bad.
MarkusMcNugen  +   920d ago

Bubs for being a resonable person on an unreasonable website. I can definitely understand what you mean by misinterpreting the article. It does seem to have contradicting statements until you read between the lines.
Bigpappy  +   920d ago
Let me help with that question. The people, who match your kill level, may all already be in a game in progress. So you may still need to wait for them to be ready.
ichimaru  +   920d ago
I doubt it. remember there are around 30million love members, if that player matching your sill, langue and matchmaking style(?) is unavailable others are. also most games let you join mid match now anyway, can't think of many that are " locked," when they are launched
HammadTheBeast  +   920d ago
Wow wtf. You asked a reasonable question, and just got jumped for nothing lol. Fan boys so defensive these daysl
Godz Kastro  +   921d ago
MS already has their mp infrastructure in place. Now they are perfecting the experience. I just dont see how it gets any better. Really feels like a next gen experience. Not just a beefed up 360... Bring it on MS!!!!!
Kayant  +   921d ago
The fact you can play one game while waiting for other one to find matches is pretty awesome.... No lobbies is a big win ahh how I hate lobby systems. That is a next-gen experience right there.

Now let's see what Sony can bring to the table even though it will probably not be in the same league as what Microsoft are offering. This is one section I fell Microsoft will always offer the better solution.
Godz Kastro  +   921d ago
Especially for games or modes that arent as popular and take a long time to load. This is a blessing.
NegativeCreepWA  +   920d ago
Endwar is a great example.
shibster88   921d ago | Trolling | show
wordonthestreet   921d ago | Spam
RememberThe357  +   921d ago
This is awesome. MS got this online thing down.
shibster88  +   921d ago
Down......down the pan lol
Izzy408  +   921d ago
So it's like EHarmony but for gaming? Ha. But all jokes aside, it looks like an awesome feature. Cant wait til November.
TheHybrid  +   921d ago
These are the things that make all the difference to me. Convenient, fast, intuitive, smart and fluid system. I HATE how long it takes to pull up the guide, message a friend, invite someone, wait for them to maybe show up.
LogicStomper  +   920d ago
Looks like me and you have the same problems when playing online.
Mikeyy  +   921d ago
I think the skill based matchmaking is great, but I think the other tidbits will separate the community too much, language? Really?? The kids that don't swear won't be able to find matches..

Also the reputation system is iffy, pro players usually get negative feedback if the dominate a match, this feature might be abusable.
Phoenix76  +   920d ago
I heard a rumor that if you get muted by another player, that in turn goes against your rep? if true then anyone who plays in the same room as me is f***ed then, as I cant stand to hear 11-23 other ppl talking nonsense whilst im listening to the sound effects and background news.
ichimaru  +   920d ago
does the in-game mute system ccount, or just muting then through their lives account?
darx   921d ago | Trolling | show
DeathDealer   920d ago | Spam
wordonthestreet   920d ago | Spam
XisThatKid   920d ago | Trolling | show
slampunk  +   920d ago
The main reason to buy an XB1..... the online experience.
#23 (Edited 920d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MarkusMcNugen  +   920d ago
lulz at the comments marked as trolling when they aren't trolling at all. Just another reason for me to lose more trust in my go-to gaming news site. If it's not PS4 fanboys overreacting, it's Xbox fanboys overreacting...
ichimaru  +   920d ago
" This means that less popular multiplayer modes and maps that have traditionally taken a long time to find players suddenly become playable"
Thank You!! anyone with Battlefield knows is good news. looking for a game that is not team death match on metro

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